Titliest AVX, Golf Vlog with New Ball and REVIEW!!!

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Building Your REACTIONARY Golf swing

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Thanks for watching!


Mr Kipling says:

Good to see you back vlogging B! Good stuff!

normand gravel says:

When you do a review for ball, with out rpm number how can you know if the ball is spinning 200-400-600 spin difference???

Brian McCool says:

Sometimes the line n a putt just jumps out at me. When that happens, feel like I can’t miss

randy underwood says:

thx for the review. i have some physical issues and my speed is under 80 now. the taylormade A is a great ball for me right now or the srixon e5 (can’t find them anymore). btw….i’m one of those guys who would rather have a 20ft par putt than a 8ft. i suck inside 10ft

Paul Scheuneman says:

I play pro v1 in temps below 60 and pro v1x in temps above 60 anything feels either too soft or inconsistent with different clubs in the bag. I know with a pro v I hit an 8 iron 160 – I am not confident with any other ball that it isn’t going to go that distance consistently.

Love the channel – ever get into PGH look me up. We can show you what tight tough hilly and fast look like…

Ian Jones says:

I play Precept Laddies…primarily because they’re 20 bucks for 2 dozen of them. I used to play Pro V1s, but I can’t justify that cost. So, this AVX is a lower compression ball? Never heard of them before tonight.

Derek Gzaskow says:

tm tpx and tp are nice, a bit $ but solid

golfer156 says:

Come out to Los Serranos. I have every other Friday off.

Armando Bolivar says:

What kind of Oakley’s do you wear?

Scott Alexander says:

You’re always long on 12 with that 9i.

Paul K says:

I wouldn’t even bother pulling the pin when putting on greens like that

Matt Logo says:

Could you do a review on your Srixon irons and Cleveland wedges now that you have had them for a few months? What you like/would change??

10541 says:

Callaway Supersoft. Quality and Price. The Callaway Chrome Soft is a good choice but to high on the Price.

Brian Wesson says:

Taylormade project a. I get good reaction around the greens and it seems to be low spinning off the tee. Its also only $35 a dozen. Ive gone through a few dozen of the TP5 but i dont see a difference between TP5 and project a

a2fitness says:

Tp5x ftw!

Choco says:

I can see that you have incorporated the “pro move” in your swing ! Now you just need to make long putts consistently and you can score in the low sixties

Austin Schulze says:

I play the Callaway Chromesoft because I have tested it between pro v and tp5 and my distance and accuracy are just much better

hbyrdut says:

Which Srixon ball are you playing? I’m playing the Z-star XV tour yellow and it’s longer than any other ball I’ve played and backs up on the greens.

Robbie White says:

Your dip right before take away (on the longer clubs) is the most noticeable it’s been since I’ve started following this channel which is over a year now. Is that by design?

Jose Cuervo-drinker says:

Love my Adams 18 degree Pro Mini hybrid.


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DaveSender66 says:

Your swing is looking really good! I think you’re transition could be a little bit slower.
Mike Malaska, his practice swing is extremely deliberate

Griot19 says:

Truvis because it’s fun and I never confuse it with someone else’s ball

fmorgi says:

u didn’t actually do anything that Malaska said in your Vlogs with him. 0. why?

Grant Vegan says:

Srixon Z star XV

Glen Barker says:

I have a old 16 degree adams hybrid head that I don’t use


srixon z stars still my fav

charly yoo says:

Bro you should be playing El Dorado. The greens are there are smooth and rolling very true right now.

hbyrdut says:

Where’s the link for the Smash Factor with Mike?

Calamity Golf says:

Are the AVXs out?????

joseph pattison says:

I play the Srixon Z Star also. Firstly, they’re a good ball, they spin well around the greens and they’re durable. The ProV is not durable, but an excellent ball. Secondly, I’m getting a ZStar for $30 a dozen and the ProV’s are $47 a dozen. Not enough of difference to pay $17 bucks more. Recently, I’ve been playing the Callaway TruVis because they’re on sale. They’re a quality ball, but I’ll return to the Srixon next season. In Orlando at the moment.

Alberto Fernandez-Sanguino says:

Prov V1 from 2006. Got given them many years ago and am now using them Have a stash of 10 doz. They play perfectly. Recently played a Z Star and played very similar.

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