Titleist Tour Soft vs Titleist Velocity | Ball Test | Golf Monthly

► Watch Golf Monthly Digital Editor Neil Tappin test the new Titleist Tour Soft and the 2018 Titleist Velocity golf balls head-to-head on the golf course and on a ForeSight Sports GCQuad launch monitor to discover the differences between these two performance golf balls

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Dave Reid says:

Not sure between the two balls. Probably the Tour Soft. Higher spin in short game. And softer feel. Low enough spin of the longer shots.

Jonathan Cassidy says:

I want it all in a cost effective package. I’ve tried pro v’s and the X, chromesoft X and this season (if it stops raining) I’m trying TP5 and the seed balls. Time will tell what I keep

Cody Rausch says:

what i take into consideration when deciding what golf ball i like to use is the flight and how it reacts when i hit it. Also i would try that type and brand out to see if it is a reliable ball and if it is that is what i go with. But i like to use a softer ball because i think it is easier to control when i hit them right now i use Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x’s but i have used Titleist NXT Tour Softs and those were also good golf balls that i used but i have seen previews on the new Titleist Tour Softs and i would like to try them out to see if they are the new kind of golf ball that i would be using

stepyourgameup playa says:

please compare the DT Trusoft to the Tour Soft.

Peter Carter-Brown says:

Still amazed that Titleist can’t/won’t produce a urethane cover ball to compete with the Chromesoft/Projecta offerings from Callaway/TM. They ask you to pay the same price point for a ball that doesn’t feel as soft and doesn’t have the spin control. I don’t get get it. Why would I pay the better part of £50 per dozen for the Pro V/x when I can pay £35 for a rival ball that does the same job?

Darren Knight says:

HATE the rock-like Velocity. DT TruSoft is a good ball for the money…

Howie Land says:

Can someone explain, with the Foresight launch monitors, the difference between “carry” and “range”? Thx.

Darren Knight says:

HATE the rock-like Velocity. DT TruSoft is a good ball for the money…

Urs Sonderegger says:

For me it is the feel in putting which lets me choose golfballs.

Gaz golf says:

This is too little to late from titeist! Chromesoft and project a have beaten them to the punch and personally i feel both are better than these titleist! I currently play tm project a at £28 per dozen.

Michael Pasvantis says:

Love the thoroughness and presentation of your videos, keep up the good work!

matthew orge says:

Release day?

Chris Ecky says:

I bought some tour Soft the other day an went out an gave them a go,, loved em, I shot a 77 (par 70) and my handicap is 15 Needless to say this is my new golf ball of choice

Dave Reid says:

Okay. I want a ball that feels soft on all shots. Low spin on longer shots for straighter flights. And only enough spin only to shorten the roll out.

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