Titleist ProV1 VS Taylormade TP5 | Golf Ball Testing

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http://txg.ca – We gathered comprehensive data with both balls using the GC Quad launch monitor to help you decide which model could be right for your game! See which golf ball has more spin, better driver distance, softer feel and more in this video!

Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada
Featuring: Ian Fraser & Matt Blois



NineTo5 Golf says:

When doing the mid priced test, can you be sure to throw in the Q Star Tour, not just the normal Q Star? As far as name brand balls go, so far that has been the best “bang for your buck” ball as far as what you’re paying, and the amount of performance from 80 yards and in that you get, which is really where the benefits/drawbacks of a ball really show themselves.

Pratt Sandhu says:

Great video! What happened to why in the bag?

TXchadTX says:

Is there every any difference in weight from model to model? TP5 feels heavier to me. It also seems to make a louder sound off the driver

Cory Lancaster says:

It’s all physics!

Graeme Hancock says:

Another interesting video guys – would be great to see a mid-range vs premium ball test with a mid-handicapper! Appreciate that brings in a level of uncertainty vs Matt’s unbelievably consistent swing (wish I could swing like that guy!) but equally would show if there is any point an average golfer paying for premium balls.

Jeffrey Lin says:

Doesn’t 6-7 yds (18-21ft) of rollout seem too much for a 7 iron?

doug holtz says:

I’ve noticed that I like and play a ProV1 with red numbers better than the black numbered balls. It *used* to be that red numbers meant 90 compression and black numbers meant 100 compression, but I don’t think that’s the case any more. What does the color of numbers mean today? (Seems a Red lettered/red numbered is out there also.) Thanks for a great channel

shane omac says:

Never really cared about the ball I play till I played the tp5 and honestly it’s my go to ball now I do find it longer off the tee then others. I shoot my best round 78 with it. The only other ball I play is Wilson staff urethane.

J Taylor says:

I would love to see the bridgestone b xs vs pro v1.

Graham Watkins says:

Can we see pro v1 vs Srixon z star

jasper dizon says:

What do you think about the Bridgestone B XS? I wonder how does it compare with these two.

Ryan Baker says:

Can you please test both these balls on the course

Earnest Farley says:

RE: Matt’s comment about “Feature activation”. From your testing, it appears that ball speeds at 130mph or lower tend to generate fairly similar launch conditions and ball flights across these balls. However, higher Driver ball speeds really show larger variance in distance (thinking about the Snell MTB vs. Pro V1 video from some weeks ago). My question, at what ball speed does would the distance features ‘activate’? For example, my 6 iron (TaylorMade P790 Modus 130 shaft) has a ball speed of 142 mph, would I expect to see distance variances activate? I probably have to test these balls with each club to find the answer.

Anthony Catalano says:

Love these vids! Maybe next pro v vs. the Bridgestone x or xs (tiger ball)?

fergytheprop says:

In relation to swing speed at what point does it become more preferable for the ball to spin more with the driver?

Rene Forgues says:

Thks for these informations. You’ve recently talked about Srixon balls. Next time, would be nice if you cuold put it against ProV and TP 5

scott ferguson says:

watch out ladies, Ian has the top button open

clem fisher says:

Having been given a sleeve of TP5 balls, the thing I noticed was that the printing came off quite quickly. As high handicap senior, couldn’t really see or feel any performance changes compared to cheap balls

Chris Richardson says:

great video as usual. I bounce back and forth between both these balls and found exactly what you have found. mark crossfield put out a video where he was at titlist in which they do an amazing job of explaining the aerodynamics of the ball and why they design the dimple patterns the way they do.

michandcat says:

Well done guys! Feels like apples to apples. By now we know what we get at $48 a dozen. We cant all afford that unfortunately. Lets see Chrome soft vs Supersoft. Pro V1 vs Velocity. TP5 vs Burner. Keep up the good work. Mich

Ryan Andrews says:

Another great video, thank you. At the end you reference the various golf balls slated for the mid price ball test and mentioned the NXT. My understanding is that Titleist no longer makes the NXT, that it was replaced by Tour Soft.

Shanedmcq Shanedmcq says:

Great video again lads ..have question for you two.just watch a challenge tour event for four days and I noticed prob 70 per cent were playing kbs shafts in there irons…why would this be …keep up the great videos

Joe Doaks says:

Thanks for another smart video. Please include Project A in your mid price test.

Bill Weiss says:

Any chance of adding Volvik Vivids into the mix?

lan Murgatroyd says:

Loosely backs up what I’ve been saying for years. There’s so little to choose between the premium balls. I use all of them and they all do the same for me……Fore right!!

Ian Shepherd says:

you told me to check back in with prov1 and prov1x…x is going a couple yards further but i just dont like the feel compared to prov1 which bleeds into confidence regardless of if it performs the same or not. but good video boys thanks!

Dallas Dash Cam Guy says:

Can you guys do a wet vs. dry groove/face video and also include a driver along with irons?

Maybe even dry vs. wet golf ball.

Mark Kirk says:

Ian, can you comment on the effect of the wind on these ball tests?

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