Titleist Prov1 VS Budget Golf Balls

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http://txg.ca – We tested the Titleist Prov1 against popular “off-brand” balls to see how they stack up in performance. Can you get similar performance from a golf ball that’s less expensive?

Titleist Prov1: $49.99
Snell MTB: $31.99
Oncor Elixr: $35.00
Vice Pro+: $34.95

Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada
Featuring: Ian Fraser & Matt Blois


Ross Danaher says:

I bought a test pack of the Snell MTBs and finally tried them out today on my home course (Deerwood). Y’all will know the 4th hole as the 18th hole of the US Open in the movie Tin Cup lol. Both of these balls were fantastic compared to my gamer (Pro V1X)….tons of zip with wedges and chip shots, soft feel off the putter, and cut through the wind like butter off the tee!!

Marc Tebo says:

Am I the only one who thinks their videos are WAY too long? They could cut some of this and make it under 12mins. Love their vids, but sometimes people will skip a 20min clip…

Trent Williams says:

You guys need to do a review of the AVX. I’m sure a lot of people would love to see that compared to other balls including the ProV1 and ProV1x.

Ritter Lott says:

Snell is by far the best ball for the money! I play with it all the time and love it!

Steve Dobson says:

The Vice Pro Plus is supposed to be equivalent of Pro V1X, would have been nice to see Vice Pro Vs Pro V1.

Gaëtan De Roy says:

Very interesting ! I’m curious…which model of Srixon balls are you using for your regular fittings, like you said ?
Can you do the same test with mid range balls like NXT tour balls and others ? Thank you !

Nathan Kavars says:

Great video! It would be cool if you guys could run a long term database with this kind of ball testing data. This was entertaining, but it’s hard justify results with only 5 data points.

Sébastien Crettaz says:

The production of your video si good. Good setups, light, camera, good graphics, interesting subject… But way, way toooo long ! Cut the talking by 2 and you will start to have something watchable. Less is more, keep on the good work. Cheers.

Grace Whorton says:

Snell is a Great ball, Titleist sucks!!!

C Man says:

I buy Pro V1X balls in the spring when they are buy 3 dz. get 1 dz. free with personalization. Brings the price per dozen down quite a bit.

mattew smith says:

The small black is a 3 piece ball they should have tested the smell red. It’s a 4 piece ball and has higher spin with low irons.

Glenn Turner says:

Just played the snell MTB red today. Great stopping power in my short game

craig macguinness says:

Guys 8 minutes in and still on the intro too much talking

Kyle M says:

Effortless power beautiful swing

Ian Nicol says:

Hey guys. Was that the Snell black or red. Thanks.
I have a friend going over the states and will ask him to get me some.

Gabriel Guess says:

I just ordered the Snell and the variety pack of the Vice. I really liked the feel of the Vice, I can’t wait to try the Snell. Thanks guys.

Steve Mcblain says:

Hi love your videos Steve uk

Peter Choma says:

Snell red is 4 piece the black is 3. The Vice, 34.99, actually costs more than ProV1 if you get it with initials, $7 and vice charged shipping, $7. So in the US the ProV1 with free personalizations and free shipping is $1-2 cheaper. The snell are 31.99 with free shipping. The snell red is more similar to the ProV1. I personally won’t buy the Vice since it’s too close in price to the ProV1 after shipping.

Jak says:

If I am not mistaken, Titleist has reversed the characteristic of the ProV1 and ProV1X – so the ProV1X(red) is similar to the Snell MTB Red. The ProV1(black) matches the Snell MTB Black.

Frank B says:

I used to play ProV1, but tried 5 dozen Vice Pro+ last season and a couple dozen Snell Black and Red over the past few weeks. I’ve got a 100mph swing speed, and my index is 11 (down from 12 last year when I was using ProV1)… Overall, the balls are very similar – it’s hard to say which are best. Although I think I’m leaning towards the Snell Red since they seem to spin more into the greens and really hold well. I’ll probably just buy 6 dozen at the discounted price of US$27/doz, which is much better than the US$48/doz ProV1 price. Titliest is just not worth the extra money, and since nobody else at my club uses Snell (for now), I don’t have to waste time marking my balls

L. Gyger says:

That’s probably the most effortless looking 300+ yards swing I’ve ever seen.

TXG Tour Experience Golf says:

Ball testing starts at 7:48

Rick Bethea says:

Is there a “better” ball for seniors? Slower swing speed? 12 handicap?

Y U says:

Your videos are very informative and provide valuable insight.

Please keep the videos coming. Always looking forward to the next one.

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