Titleist ProV1 Titleist NXT Tour Golf Ball Test

Titleist ProV1 Titleist NXT Tour Golf Ball Test with PGA professional Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru. Mark Crossfield puts these two popular golf balls to test in the Titleist ball range. See what the difference is when it comes to golf balls and what they could do for your golf game. Improve your golf with Mark’s simple and easy to follow golf tips, drills and instruction.


Paul Melidosian says:

Started using NXT Tour S (S is for soft) and found them to be lower spinning and consistently longer than Pro V by 3 to 5 yards.. I think the ball matches up well with my swing, driver type and settings (TM M1 set at 8.75 ish degree).

Carl Incledon says:

I use Penfold normally but upgrade to Commando for comps.

haltoi01 says:

Bridgestone b330s, for the price 25 per dozen and the same performance as the pro v1. The same soft feel around the green, compared to cheaper balls in all ranges.

Rodney Bland says:

This was informative but offered little scientific explanation about the ball constuction and why a ProV1 cost much more than an NXT Tour with the only difference being feel. A better comparison would be ProV1 and ProV1x. Thanks for this none the less.

PkGam says:

Generally I’ll play Pro V1s when I’m trying to play my best. But… used ones in good condition, ha ha! They seem to be the most prevalent and thus cheapest premium ball to get, likely because people get so many of them and thus they’re lost/found the most. Though I’m not super picky about my balls as I’ll happily play any premium ball since they all perform very well and feel pretty good. The NXT Tour isn’t too shabby of a ball though. I also heard the NXT Tour S spins higher like the Pro V1. So if you can get a hold of some of those, maybe pit them vs the Pro V1 or Pro V1x again to see.

pickin4you says:

I still have balls from 10 years ago. Back then i tested ProV1’s, Callaway HX Tour, and Srixon tour ball. The Srixons gave me better distance, and I do not know why, but I was able to find the fairway more with the Callaway, plus it was longer for me than the ProV1. Srixon was longer, and the Callaway was more consistent with less side spin. I think everyone should buy a sleeve or two of 3 or 4 top balls and see which one works for them and their swing, and never go by what the pro’s use. I cannot wait for the new Talormade TP5’s to come out. I will test them against the Callaway Chrome Soft and see which work s better for me. I have a feeling it will be the Taylormade. We are all different, have different swings, and need a different ball. I do not know of anyone neart me to do a golfball fitting,. so I have to do my own.

Brandon Butler says:

Pro v1 or callaway chrome soft which is better

Adolfo Zayas says:

I use NXT Tour bc of price…or i by used golf balls for the same reason

Mike B says:

Used Srixon Q Star almost exclusively last season, and had my best rounds ever with them. (Low to mid 80’s) Decided to move ‘up’ to a more premium ball, so I picked up some Z-Star XV’s on sale. While waiting for the snow to melt here in Canada, I got a 2 ball demo pack of Chrome Soft X for testing a Sub-Zero driver.
Holy crap, are these things amazing. Picked up about 7 yards off the tee, and just this morning on an E6 sim machine drilled one of these balls 307 yards! Played the ball for 18 last week and 18 this week on the machine. Both rounds identical 78’s. The thing is I’m a 14 handicap! I’m hitting 50% of GIR, and 60% of fairways.
Yes I know, it’s a nice warm indoor machine with no wind or soft fairways, but the spin numbers these balls generate on wedges and short irons is very impressive. Now, the Z-Stars were $30 a dozen on sale. These Callaways? Well they will be $50 a dozen. The ProV1’s? $63 a dozen! Chrome Soft X vs ProV1 should be the contest.

James Harvey says:

I would be interesting to see what difference the varied outer layers have on interaction with the grass & subsequent effects of spin on ball control. when two ball with different outer layers, both with same spin, land on a green, what are the results. I bet there’s a noticeable difference.

Ken Royal says:

ProV1 here. Consistent ball.

metamurph says:

I use ZStar – same consistency that Titleist has, less expensive and upto this year better performance in Wind. I through in various balls at different times and reality is I play to “spec” with $$$ in mind vs. be “brand loyal” after all they aren’t giving me any break. That is one nice thing with guys like Vice etc. you get “rewarded” for loyalty, buy more, they cost less. While I tend to play tour level ball I often play or am looking at the “level down” because again, why, if it really isn’t going to make a change in my score and it “feels right” then NXT/QStar/Projecta/etc mean more $$ left for more rounds etc. Sometimes, I want a ball with less spin too, when greens get soft I find you get the “looks cool but…” ball on a string effect, ball lands pin high, spins back to 12’….birdie becomes more likely par. In those rounds if I just swap from ZStar to QStar I get the right balance.

TJ Shine says:

Great test Mark, I’ve been using Chrome Soft for years now, #1 Feel around the greens #2 Straightness off the tees which at 95mph swing speed relates to #3 Longer off the tee for me. I’ve tried  Srixon V Star, Prov1 and Prov1X, and of late the new TP5. Still nothing beats the Chrome Softs for me.

Michael Lim says:

Great video mark. Keep up the good work

I know sports says:

Please do more

Anthony Villa says:

ProV1x, ProV1…love the feel (soft), action into greens.

John McCormick says:

Would really like to see a full brand line comparison including a series of shots testing the PRO V1, NXT Tour, Velocity, & DT Tru Soft balls. Do the higher priced “tour balls” really make a difference in on course performance? #OnCourseTesting #HonestReviews

Big Smith says:

A good player can use most decent balls and get good numbers. The type of ball (number of layers, compression, cover material) will effect worse golfers more. Use a ball that complements your game!

Matthew Rieger says:

crossy, great test. do more ball head to head tests, we are more likely to switch balls than clubs. how bout it? bridgestone b330 vs b330rx or srixon z star vs q star etc

The Flash says:

Titleist Nxt Golf balls is what I use mainly because I don’t like the feel of the pro v1 my short game is something I take pride in and the Nxt performs great for me around the greens

Max Schantz says:

Golf is a psychosomatic game. Use the ball that makes you feel most confident.

CR Wing says:

I get why most golfers shy away from using the pro-v range given the price point that borders upon obscenity…what I don’t get is why people bother with other balls when they can use the pro-v practice line of balls instead…a blemish here, uneven lettering there…but given that the defect is strictly cosmetic while maintaining, by all accounts, its superior performance across all measures…you’d think that everyone would gobble them up for $30/dozen and not even bother with anything else

Carl Incledon says:

I use Penfold normally but upgrade to Commando for comps.

AllenFoleyGolf says:

Could u test a Dunlop against the pro v

steve dickson says:

When I did my club fitting at St Ives, it was felt that the NXT tour had less dispersion than the pro v1, off the tee. So as a “sprayer” of golf balls, NXT tour deemed to be the ball for me.

golf vids says:

my opinion is that the Taylormade TP5 balls are the best

Andrés Dionis says:

I usually play Wilson Staff DX2 Soft. IMO, the best relation between price and quality. I am 12 handy. They go long and they feel really soft arround and in the green. Specially when putting. I used to play Srixon AD333, but they became really expensive, so I tried those Willson Staff balls and I got really impressed. May be Mark could test them and give his opinion. It would be very interesting.

Mearox M says:

I use the vice pro. I like the feel of it in my short game

jig 82 says:

Love the proVs! A bit pricey for the weekend warrior tho. I also love playing with Taylormade Burner!! Bout $15 here in the US

Brett T says:

I`ve been a golf player for Several years and there are certain lessons that I have got. Right after learning these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it), I shot a 75 after 2 buckets working on the ideas introduced in this book, particularly the grip section, the ball position and most importantly the through swing drills. My previous handicap is Thirteen, but now I`m starting to drop it. It is awesome guide!

Super Troll says:

I’ve played the NXT tour for years. It’s a good performing ball for the price. I can’t justify buying ProV1s because they’re not as durable.

Josh Lewis says:

I use titleist velocity. Purely down to cost. Would love to play pro v1’s but being a 15 handicapper struggle to justify it when I can easily put them in the trees!

Nate Kyle says:

I use TaylorMade Project A balls for feel and spin due to my lower swing speed.

P. Harney says:

11 capper here who usually shoots low to mid 80’s.  Make some putts may break 80.  I play Srixon Soft Feel at $19.99 a dozen.  I’ve tried more expensive balls and see no difference in my scores.  If I lose a ball at $19.99 a dozen I don’t feel anywhere near as bad a losing one that cost $45.00 a dozen.  Easy choice for me.  The new Srixon Soft Feels are a 60 compression where the previous version was 73 compression.  Hope they haven’t screwed up a good ball.

Sjors den Ambtman says:

Pro v1 X I use, very lovely

James Gibson says:

Prov 1 and Prov 1x for me, as a 4 handicapper I feel like I can gain a couple more shots using the softer face ball from 100 yards and in. The main aspect of my game is hitting long from the t and even though the prov 1 and Prov 1x has a softer skin so “shouldn’t” go so far ( bit controversial ) there isn’t any yardage lost. Regarding price being off 4 I don’t tend to loose so many balls as maybe a higher handicapper, don’t mean to sound arrogant, so a dozen balls could last me over half a year if I keep reusing the same ball and then you occasionally find the odd one here and there.

Parker Corrin says:

Am a ProV1 player, but if I found a ball at a lower price point that performed as well I would not be opposed.
I definitely try to time my golf ball buying to coincide with Titleist’s Loyalty rewarded sale on the spring though, that makes the price per dozen more manageable in the $40 range.

Andy Dav says:

For me it depends on the time of year. I prefer an NXT or similar eg. Srixon AD333 in the winter when the greens are much softer. In the summer it would be Pro V1 as it gives better bite on the firmer greens. However, since finding a Chrome Soft and using it for the first time I’ve bought some and there’s no going back.

Jean Ferret says:

Lose the annoying background music.

Mike Nickel says:

I use Titleist Velocity because I like the harder balls. I hate soft balls.

Andy Dav says:

A lot of people are complaining about the expensive price of these balls. I always go for pearl grade lake balls off eBay. Can’t go wrong

MEJS says:

You should do titleist prov1/x vs taylormade tp5/x. See if taylormades claims of increased distance over titleist is true for the average swing speed player

Peter Scuba says:

I’d me more interested in say pro v1 vs a Dunlop ball, probably won’t be a lot in it. I’ve shot gross level par rounds with Dunlops

Casey Kirker says:

i use the taylormade rbz urethane i don’t have any fancy monitor but for the price point and the visual when it hits the green they work awesome with a tone of spin test that ball for me PLS

Ross Ginn says:

using the nxt tour s. I love the feel it has around and on the greens (mainly putting). I would play the pro v1 in more important situations but the MONEY!

Jason Purk says:

Volvik Vivid Ball in Matte Orange

Jim Barber says:

Used to use Chrome Soft but settled on a new putter (Odessey #7) and didn’t like the soft feel off the putter face. Now gone back to TM Project a and for me, it performs very similar to the CS. Seems very stable in the wind too.

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