I put the Titleist Pro V1 head-to-head with a ball you can get for £17 per dozen…

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Zeke Stanis says:

can you please work on the volume control. the music is way to loud..

Jeff Diekemper says:

Vice balls are half the price when you buy 5 dozen and they play as good as ProV

Jpgundarun says:

Acushnet will have you in court quicker than Costco (Kirkland), LOL.

Lafawnduh 1 says:

I’m glad I play in AZ. I loose 1 or 2 per round in the desert and when I actually go after one I come out with 8 extra and most are ProV’s and Callaways. I haven’t bought a gold ball in 3 years!

chris boulton says:

Also try the fg tour ball, really nice feel and even the dx3 urethane

Keith M says:

Just seen bulk deal on these Nike’s (is 300 though !!) which combined with a discount voucher meant just over £300 at golfonline.co.uk or £12 per dozen. Bought them for my lad who plays almost every day of the week, keep him quiet for a year if I am lucky.

Plopracer says:

Good test, useful info thanks. Subed.

Jpgundarun says:

You will find fuck all difference from all the good ball manufacturers premium balls. Most of it is personal preference and price.

Kevin Queen says:

There are only two producers of golf balls? BF Goodrich and Goodyear? I think that’s right, Remember when Goodyear use to make golf equipment? Yeah. The good ol days. Its all the same.

neil O says:

What Nike ball is the same as the Pro V1 x ? Love the videos, I sub’d after watching just one of them. keep up the good work.

Paul Houghton says:

I never generate the swing speed to get the best out of Pro V ones, last year used Bridgestone 330’s I got them under £20. This year I’ve gone for Callaway Chrome Softs and Super Softs for Summer mainly because I won three boxes! Thanks for the heads up on the Nike’s!

Nick Diaz says:

Jason day never played Nike he just wears the clothes

Phillip James Gallegos says:

After using prov1s/xs I played the Nike blacks for years and also tried the platinums. The biggest difference I found was how the balls performed in the wind. The Nike balls were not nearly as stable in shitty conditions w the platinums being nearly unplayable. And I noticed as I started hitting the ball over 300 yrds/190yd 7i, again, the flight just wasn’t as strong or consistent as the pro v1.

Dick Lam says:

Not sure the difference is as small as suggested. The spin numbers are quite significantly different. Nike is more durable and harder cover so less spin = cheaper ball. The pros generally want the softer higher spin balls. Eg. Old Balata wound balls which went a club shorter but were a lot more expensive and cover was very soft.

94jettameowpsst says:

I can’t speak on v1/xs however I can say that different brands absolutely have a different feel. For example it could be in my head, but I can’t play Nike balls, they’re spinny and I just don’t hit them confidently.
Other brands feel like you’re hitting a rock and have NO spin around the greens, others feel like they don’t compress at all and my driver swing is 118-121mph.

10CCLO says:

Good video but what is that bloody awful music…….??

Way2sublime says:

No talk of Vice Golf (Vice Pro and Pro+) in the comments. Best ball I’ve found to compete with the ProV1x for half the price. Check it out

Donal Mooney says:

Have you got a twin Brother? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWFYq39HqnQ

Mil Sneler says:

You want professional quality ball mid price range, try TM Project (a). Excellent balls.

James Evans says:

“Music” is awful.

William Fisher says:

there is a reason the prov s are more expensive….better ball by a mile

Izmo Gizmo says:

Good video… do you make music you self? pretty nice music you have videos… =)

Matt Knowles says:


Ryan Wood says:

I’ve heard that pretty much every Pro plays a Pro V1/1x but they just have different logos printed on them depending on the sponsor. Don’t know how true that is but heard it from a mate who knows a guy off the European Tour

Jake Riley says:

Jason day didn’t use them he only wears Nike apparel

Blane Butler says:

TaylorGang all the way.

Tod Pharis says:

What are your thoughts on second hand balls. I generally get 5 dozen Prov’s for $75. And they are barely scuffed.

Konrad Bidwell says:

Haha some dick complained about the music. Good comparison test mate.

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