Titleist AVX vs Taylormade TP5 – Low Spin Golf Ball Face-Off !!!

Titleist AVX is released in the U.K. in July 2018, it has already made Shockwaves in the USA and Japan. The Taylormade TP5 has also been cooking up a storm both on Tour and in our Pro

Find out exactly what the difference ins between the AVX and one if it’s direct competitors in the premium golf ball market. The TAYLORMADE TP5.

I take both balls into the studio on Flightscope and out on the Golf course around the greens, off the tee and full shots in.

Original AVX vs Pro V1 review – https://youtu.be/4pI0roQ1F_Y

Titleist T-MB review – https://youtu.be/Zp5B1se1ZSo


hbyrdut says:

I would like to see you put Srixon Z Star XV against tp5x.

Simon Hobden says:

Awesome channel glad I stumbled upon it. You should have a lot more subscribers than you do

Paul Bown says:

Would like to see avx up against project a

Tommie Thatcher says:

Another 1st class vlog James and great review on 2 leading brand golf balls,I would choose a softer feeling golf ball all day long

Mike Laycock says:

In future on course ball test/reviews can you show the distance each ball is from its pitch mark?

Simon Hague says:

Hi James,
Selfishly, any chance you can compare the AVX against the Calloway Chrome Soft (which I currently play)

Paul Bown says:

Another awesome video
Loving your work!

Tom Evans says:

Super content James again!

Rob D says:

I really don’t like these type of reviews, unless you are using technology. If you have an Iron Byron we can talk. No human hits exactly the same shot after shot so a comparison is invalid. The human element also invites bias. If you get a machine to hit shot after shot which can also be synchronized with the computer monitoring software, I’ll sit up and listen.

Lamont Thomas says:

Thanks James for your response and the new video

Mark Sheehan says:

James your home course/base looks posh!

Andrew Linch says:

Good video James, it really does come down to personal preference, the one thing I found with the TP5 is that the wind did not effect it as much, so as my course is windy It got the nod lol.

Sananda Radhay says:

can you do a video on the tp5 and tp5x for wind performance ?


Bryan H says:

Avx is nowhere near a provx. Closer to the chrome soft only longer

JustSleepin61 says:

HIya – I was lucky enough to pick up a couple of dozen AVX balls earlier this year. I can say that your findings totally back up what I found too. I currently game the TP5, but will switch to the AVX when it comes on general release here for two reasons. 1, the soft feel around the greens. The TP5 is good, but the AVX shades it and putts really nicely too. 2, Where I play it’s exposed and windy and the higher spinning TP5 can balloon on me sometimes, which I don’t seem to get with the AVX. As you say, they’re both great and sometimes subjective things can be the only reasons to choose one over the other. Good luck with the channel 🙂

_ DEVSTER _ says:

Excellent review

Geordie Sancaster says:

Hi James, I enjoyed the way you do your videos you make them interesting so having just having stumbled across your channel I’ve just subscribed, I’m a 5 handicap player been playing for 45 years now! Yes getting old, swing speed going down with age( horrible feeling against the younger players) normally use Titleist pro v1x but I tried the new Callaway truvis (Black&white) Newcastle Utd fan! Must say the chrome soft is very impressive off the tee and around the green only just played 18 holes in our midweek comp and not a mark on the ball, not sure how it will react in the wind but time will tell.
A couple of my pals just switched to the AVX and definitely they have gained off the tee handicap 2&4 so canny players and no difference around the green so I’m thinking of trying the AVX but I’m reluctant at the moment having just bought 2 dozen chrome soft but I found your video very useful from a information point of view. Good work look forward to more of your videos. Well done.

Jimmy Crowe says:

Great review. Thank you

Troy H. says:

Subscribed and enjoying the content thank you

ahoyahoy booth says:

great stuff from what people tell me the taylormade is the best ball they have played into a wind.

Joe Dubiel says:

Nice review James. I have been playing the AVX for about a month now. I really like it quite a bit. Soft feel, goes very far as well. I don’t mind spending my cash on such a good ball. I also enjoy the Titleist Tour Soft but I think the AVX goes further. I love the control you have with these. Spider Dubiel

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