Titleist AVX Golf Ball Review

Who should be using the AVX golf balls? Equipment editor James Savage gives his verdict on the new premium golf ball from Titleist…

Review: Titleist AVX golf balls
Our Titleist AVX golf ball review took place at Rudding Park in Yorkshire.

I went through a full tour-level ball fitting with product specialist Joe Smith before testing the ball thoroughly out on the course and comparing it with the Pro V1.

Titleist AVX golf ball review: First impressions
So let’s start with why the Titleist AVX has been introduced.

Titleist AVX golf balls

They still feel like the Pro V1 is going to be the best golf ball for most golfers but the AVX will offer something a little bit different.

Many people thought that the Titleist AVX was going to replace the Pro V1 and Pro V1x but that is definitely not the case.

The AVX actually stands for ‘alternative’ to ProV1 and Pro V1x – so that really clears up some of the thinking behind it.

The Titleist AVX was introduced on a trial basis in the US earlier last year and after an overwhelmingly positive response, it’s being rolled out for golfers everywhere.

Titleist AVX golf balls

“Golfers have spoken loud and clear about the performance of AVX,” said Michael Mahoney, VP of golf ball marketing.

“While our R&D team is constantly exploring new golf ball technologies, only a limited number of prototypes ever make it past the initial machine and player testing phases. AVX stood out from the beginning.

Titleist AVX golf balls

Another interesting thing about the Titleist AVX is it will be offered in yellow as well as white.

We were never able to get Pro V1 in yellow so Titleist are making sure there is a premium ball out there for those who really want to play with a yellow ball.

Titleist AVX golf ball review: The technology
Titleist AVX golf balls

When I asked what the difference was between the Pro V1 and the AVX Titleist told me to think of it like baking a cake.

The AVX goes through exactly the same processes, checks and controls at the Pro V1.

Titleist AVX golf balls

So we’ve got a new softer, low compression core in the AVX and we have noticeably different dimples.

The core helps to add a bit more distance and aids a softer feel.

There’s also a casing layer which helps to control the spin and add more distance.

Titleist AVX golf balls

There’s a new aerodynamic design which Titleist say delivers a piercing, low trajectory while providing a consistent ball flight on all shots.

The dimples themselves are clearly more pronounced than on Pro V1.

Titleist AXV golf ball review: The fitting process
My ball fitting started by hitting 50-yard wedge shot so the fitter could get a good idea of how high I hit the ball and how much spin I put on the ball.

Titleist AVX golf balls

With the AVX I was spinning the ball less than with the Pro V1 and hitting the ball a little bit lower.

Titleist AVX golf balls

But the spin and descent angle were still very playable with the AVX.

On average I was hitting the AVX about six or yards further too which was interesting.

This was where we saw quite a big difference between the AVX, Pro V1 and Pro V1x.

Titleist AVX golf balls

With the AVX we had a couple of yards more roll out than with the Pro V1 but it was still grabbing to the putting surface nicely.

We also hit a few Pro V1x’s and saw a higher flight with a bit more spin which resulted in more even greater stopping power.

So it was clear to me that there was a tiny bit of control being lost when switching out of the Pro V1 and Pro V1x.

Titleist AVX golf balls

However, playing into the wind I would feel like I had a bit more control with the AVX due to the lower flight and lower spin.

But if I’m driving the ball a bit further and hitting my irons a bit further with the AVX then I’m going to have a shorter iron in my hand more often than not.

I’ll need to play a few more round to see which is having the most impact on my scores.

The real acid test will be to play a couple of competition rounds with the AVX.

What was clear from my fitting was the fact that I’m definitely a prime candidate for the AVX – it’s ticking a lot of boxes for me.

So if you struggle with a high, spinny miss then the AVX might be right up your street.

It’s just a question of whether the better driver and iron flight helps me shoot better scores than the added spin and control with the Pro V1 might…

Titleist AVX golf balls details

SRP: £52 a dozen

Colours: White and Yellow

Available: July 2, 2018

More information can be found on the Titleist website.

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Michael Pasvantis says:

Nice review James, I was randomly selected by Titleist to test these as a prototype and submit a review before they were released. Before I knew the name of the ball I told Titleist this ball felt like a combination of a pro v1 and a pro v1x. Almost like the AP3 irons are meant to fit in between the ap1s and ap2s. The ball performed well for me overall. My only issue was where it fits in the line up as it seems to be a bit of a niche ball. Again much like the AP3 irons that aren’t as long or forgiving as AP1 but are longer and more forgiving than AP2. This ball is a combination of a V and an X basically it’s “a VX” so appropriately named but again where does it fit? Review was spot on.

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