Titleist AVX Ball Review

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http://txg.ca – Find out how the AVX fits into the Titleist line of golf balls. Marketed as a low spin ball with soft feel, we set out to test it thoroughly on GC Quad and find out what type of golfer it may benefit.

Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada
Featuring: Ian Fraser & Matt Blois


Aaron___ says:

Txg I hit my driver to high and my irons to low so should I try the avx or would that just make my irons flight worse ?

Peter Crocitto says:

Do you see the AVX being played on any of the Tours – maybe the LPGA?!

Scott Dreyfus says:

Ian are you playing srixon xv? I still think it’s the longest ball off the driver, especially when there is wind. I was surprised to see such a difference in Matt because his club delivery is so neutral. This ball looks to be a diggers dream.

Robbie White says:

I currently game the AVX. I’m a +1.8 handicap. 109 to 112 swing speed. I play a lot in Louisiana. Conditions are usually soft and the wind off the Gulf of Mexico can be blistering sometimes. This ball is perfect for me.

Thunder says:

Sergio wants less spin on the 15th at the Masters. Nothing stopping a player from switching balls between holes, right? Seriously, that might be smart on occasion.

Jared G says:

Sometimes green conditions dictate wanting a lower spin ball, I played a tournament 2 weeks ago that had greens that were soft and hard back to front. During the practice round on the front 9 was having an issue spinning my Srixon XV off the fronts. Played the back 9 with a Bridgestone E6 and the ball was stopping next to its pitchmark :).

O. G. says:

Was this Titleist’s weak response to the Kirkland Signature? #RIPKSigs

Craig Berry says:

This sounds petty but i just don’t like the dimple pattern

Toochy says:

Hey guys, great work. Just wondering what kinda of scores do you both shoot around?

Steve Wolfington says:

So, matt seems more accurate with this ball than the ProVx, correct? He still spun back his full lob wedge swing. 6 iron didn’t roll at as much but went further. If you put him in a 12 degree driver instead of the 10.5, he would hit it straighter and be hitting 350 yards.

Robert Salazar says:

great review thank you!

Cam Gilbert Golf says:

Great test guys! Our South Texas Titleist Rep stated that once you get up around 165-170 ballspeed you dont start to see the distance gains that the AVX is supposed to bring. What youre saying around 8:04 is conducive to exactly what titleist had seen during their robot testing.

On another note, man i have to get out that way for a fitting

David Cullen says:

Simple question – isn’t the characteristics of the AVX not going to be equal to their DTS ball or Velocity? I quality low spinning ball. Am I way wrong?

WhiskerRub says:

Numbers aside thanks for including what you as individual found in how you interpreted the feel, always interesting adding the human numbers to the results. I tried the AVX for shits and giggles and to me it felt firmer or more solid then the ProV1 or ProV1X, just my interpretation of the feel though. Thanks for the video, appreciated.

justin dabbs says:

Awesome review guys. Thanks!

Pranav R says:

I’ve used Pro V1 of and on, I used to moonball it, so this is a great alternative

sduke39 says:

I can see the AVX being a heck of a windy West Texas day ball. Especially in the winter. Titleist has really put a different ball out there.

DedMar0z says:

Hi, great videos guys. Learned so much. Could you explain thing about matching ball compression to swing speed. How much difference can it make, when somebody shouldn’t use certain compression ball?

Anthony Todd says:

one of these days, Oh Matty is gonna hole one

Mark Kirk says:

Great video, interesting to see the AVX vs NXT

Hershel Snider says:

Rick Shiels is the answer you’re looking for. He’s been taking them outside and in bunkers for years

chris neilsen says:

excellent informative review thanks for the entertainment–keep it up-

Alan The Golfer says:

As the AVX spins so much less than the Pro V1X isn’t just performing just like a DT Tru Soft?

Barry Mills says:

I play at Lanark golf club in Scotland which is always windy and these balls will certainly be given a try. Brilliant video and who keeps giving you guys a thumbs down. I can’t fathom that.

Ernie Mangus says:

I always wonder if one person randomly dislikes every video because…. just because.

David Ciccoritti says:

That AVX scares me 🙂

ken mack says:

I think Bubba put it in play today at the Greenbriar

Nicholas Kowalczyk says:

how about you guys try out U groove vs. V groove clubs. you had mentioned trying out balata balls again. i know we are talking years of seperation in technology but i am sure plenty of people are still gaming U groove clubs. speaking to that i still have TP MBs lying around.

Stan Thomas says:

It’s very similar in performance to the Callaway Supersoft……….but twice the price

Christopher LaFreniere says:

How does this ball compare to the Srixon Q Star Tour or TM Project (a) which in theory have a similar design philosophy but at a more desirable price?

Thomas Ennis says:

Y’all should do this same test with the Z-Star and Q-Star Tour, especially since the Q-Star Tour is such a great ball for the price.

Stefan Persson says:

Wouldn’t a pure distance ball like Pinnacle Gold give you the same drop in all around spin but for a third of the price?

Jelena Jurkovic says:

Don’t forget us amateurs, we like to play 2 piece golf ball, can you test Srixon Z-Star VS Soft feel 🙂

Andrew Allan says:

I’ve played a few rounds with AVX, and being from Scotland, the lower launch and spin from the driver has really impressed me. However, the lower spin from every other club scares me a little and I certainly noticed the odd ‘knuckleball’ iron and less grab on chip shots. Windy days I feel the AVX is a superb option, but to be comfortable using it all the time I would prefer to see the iron and wedge spin get a little closer to ProV1x. Maybe, depending on sales, future versions will see this happen or even a 2nd AVX model? Insightful review as always

Isaiah Bergemann says:

When is matt getting his tour card?

James Collis says:

Hi Ian/Matt, I tested the AVX yesterday more for my driver but wanted to see how it was with the wedge as well. Compared it to a Vice pro plus, using a 56 degree wedge was getting around 12500 with the Vice and 11500 with the AVX. I did notice that even very slight pulls dropped the spin about another 1000+ rpm, saw Matt was a little more right with the AVX, could explain the larger gap more than swing speed (my ball speed is similar to Matt).

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