This golf ball blows my mind!!

Today The Average Golfer tests the NEW Seed SD02 Golf ball, can this budget golf ball compete with the Premium price tag Titleist Pro V1, Callaway Chromesoft, TaylorMade TP5 golf balls??

Is this the best value golf ball on the market for Average Golfers?

Just an Average Golfer giving unbiased opinions on all things golf, product tests, Golf travel vlogs and golf news!

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Richard Croft says:

Just received an email from Seed in Ireland and he tells me that they plan to have a shipping point in Canada in 2019 otherwise 3 dozen Pro soft shipped to me will tun $160.00 Cdn currency plus I will be hit with duties / taxes on top of that. I can buy just about any high end ball locally for that or less. Not worth trying at this time for me.

alan hunter says:

Started using seed golf balls this year, they have given me so much more confidence round the greens. My short game and putting has improved and my handicap has dropped down accordingly. If your not at least trying these balls your not trying at all. Can’t recommend highly enough.

Charles Harrison says:

Another great video. When they are one sale I will certainly buy a dozen of them. I always like and look forward to your videos as they offer an unbiased opinion. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Gary Bewers says:

Another great video Andy. I’ve been caught between TP5 and Pro V1 this year but will give these ago. Keep up the good work mate.

jesse bongo says:

It dont matter what balls the average golfer uses..take it from an average golfer !.

John Donnelly says:

These seed balls are going to change golf for club golfers

Mark Coyle says:

Seed golf balls are quality , great ball for half the price of the bigger names

Doug Nielsen says:

Looking at a low cost high performance ball that spins a TON, review the Kirkland 3 piece ball.

Mick Lingard says:

Looks quality for the money , defo giving them a try 🙂 .

Wayne Dewey Golf Vlogs says:

These sound great. Very tempted

TimS says:

Vice premium balls are just as cheap when you buy 5 dozen at a time. Pro, Pro soft and plus. They’re great – I’ve been using vice all year

Nic Ted says:

Great review Andy wow, after using Pro V 1 golf balls for some years I decided to change to Wilson Staff soft spin as they give me what I want and are half the price. I now feel I will have to give these balls a test as they looked very good around the greens and a great price.

Ian H says:

Great review Andy, do you know if they will be available in Germany or are they just a uk company?

Christopher Franklin says:

SD-02 are £25 per dozen + £5 delivery on Seed website and are ordered by subscription,not quite the straight £22.50 as suggested.

Ternoy Alexis says:

Not enough people test these balls ! Gorila golf balls, the SD-01 i use is quite close to the Titliest Prov1
The Average Golfer, what did you thought of the coating resistance? I found the only issue with the Seed is they don’t last that long … Thoughts?

40yearoldgolfer says:

I bought the seed 15 (Country mile 2 piece) I spin the ball a lot anyway so with the wind and the soft winter greens who needs a high spinning ball. At 10eu a dozen its a no brainer.

David todd says:

Played there premium ball which I payed $33 aus loved the feel as it was very similar to a pro v1 . The only thing that stopped me buying more was the durability of the cover looked like it was ready for the practice ball bag after 13 holes

Gazza Gee says:

Great video. Very interesting. Any chance you can review LYNX golf clubs. There’s a few reviews on Golfwrx and they really rate them. English company. Cheers

hawkey100 says:

Are they USGA and R&A approved ?

Julian Igoe says:

You can get them at golf clearance outlet here in Australia about $40 per dozen they have multibuy options as well.

Derek Whyle says:

You have the integrity to go into politics

Duffy Moon says:

Your short game is very good Andy.

David Adams says:

Enjoyed the video on the Seed ball. Any idea of the compression? Thanks Griz

kev Barclay says:

Hi Andy I’m looking for a ball to use what would u recommend. Kevin. I’m 20 handicap. Like ur channel.

David O'Sullivan says:

I use these and found them just as good as a ProV1. It does get a bit beaten up but for the price well worth it. Feel is excellent and checks up great, 9HC

Col Br says:

Thanks for continuing to share your findings of products many of us might not get to test. Nice job and will certainly give these a try.

George Thompson says:

Used Seed balls an Irish company and going to order new ball as predecessor was great

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