The New 2019 Titleist Pro V1… The Best Golf Ball Ever?

The New 2019 Titleist Pro V1… The Best Golf Ball Ever? Titleist have just released the brand new for 2019 Pro V1 and Pro V1x, it’s always a special time when Titleist upgrade the “Number One Ball In Golf”. Is this the best ball ever? Is it the golf ball that will help lower your scores and help you hit longer drives? Titleist claim that the new balls offer increased ball speed resulting in more distance for golfers. Is this really the case? In this video I test the ball around Trump Golf Dubai with Tour Pro Jonathan Thomson. We both put the ball through its paces and see how it feels, how it flys, how it performs and more importantly how it scores. Is this the best ball for you? Let’s find out… and let’s do it now.


Yubin says:

Did I miss it in the video? What happened to the ping putter

Kevin Flynn says:

Depressing vid. with two bloated pro type geeezers…ex-pat land, Trump branded. James, i like you more when you hand out with Liam the golf mate. ‘hope you got paid for flogging titleist and trumpland.

jody mullin says:

Wilson duo

Nedbeaner says:

Pro V1 can’t wait to try the new one

Nate Ross says:

If you compare the same brand of driver and the same brand of ball, head to head but 20 years apart. You will notice that you gain about 1 yard a year collectively. Buy a Mint 5A Grade bucket from the Lost Ball sites for 1/4 of the price from 2016 and you won’t know the difference. I promise, and I can afford the new ones. Great content!

Doug Neary says:

I play with the Callaway turvis balls have done for a year now and love them.

db Golf says:

Pro V 1 all the way – really wish the tour ballata would make its return ….

Robert Salazar says:

What happened to the ping fetch putter?


I have been trying out the Proto version and I think I was sent the X version, I have to say they are great, they are landing and stopping on the greens so much better for me when I am hitting approach shots. I was amazed how much grip they had for my usual low shots.

Tony Gillis says:

I use srixon soft feel most of the time but sometimes when i have some exrra cash i buy a couple of dozen of volvik vivids

lync3012 says:

Taylormade TP5X, feel is exactly what I want, seems to hold well in the wind, and it performs on all shots.

RayLo RayLo says:

Only for the pros, and amateurs with 120 mph swing speed!

pedro gonzales says:

I played Titleist driver and irons, but I play Vice Pro golf balls. For me they perform just as well. I’m sure someone with a faster swing speed will get much more benefit from Titleist ProV1. The price point also turns me off. I can get 2 dozen of Vice Pros to one box of ProV1s.

Billy Graham says:

Golf balls can fly further than they do, fly an illegal distance — in fact the manufacturers have to dope the balls to take away some of their distance. A softer cover ball can be made to fly as far as harder cover “distance” balls, by not doping the cores so much. So it’s all fun and games for the manufacturers, and the USGA is not keeping the game consistent and is not keeping the playing field level. Tiger Woods is on record complaining about how some pros he competes against are getting juiced up equipment. I have no doubts about this juicing of equipment.

sjgraci says:


Michael Holton says:

Kirkland balls… trust me. Great quality at half the cost.

John bomb says:

Volvik so brightly colored I can find it in the woods.

BeachBow says:

That cover reminds me of the old balada balls. Put many a smiley-face on those puppies!! I’d play the TP5s if I had unlimited funds. Just fits my game, but too $$$ unless I find a good deal. Otherwise I’ll play the Noodle. Not as long as the TP5, but still good control, and the distance difference is small, like maybe 10 yards. JM2C


I’ am using the Tour Soft..great ball (for me)

Liang Chaw says:

Great review of those pro v1s

dxdelafu says:

Been playing them (2019 Pro V1) since November 9, 2018. Same white package as shown here. I find them to be tremendous. Have been playing the Titleist tour soft and these new Pro V1s are better. The cost at $50 per dozen though is just too much. I’ll pay $32 for the cheaper cousin.

Dave Hanstein says:

James, trying out a new putter? Stroke Labs are nice putters!

golf007sd2 says:

I play the Kirkland 3-piece Golf Balls….really like them. And the PRICE is AWESOME.

Sodthong says:

At £42 a box, most golfers will never use them….

Ryan Michael says:

Rickie Fowler says go with the TP5x

Nathan Mills says:

Do you not like the tp5 ? As you mainly use taylormade clubs.

Liam Francomb says:

According to Golf Blogs UK.
The difference in balls is down to marketing BS.

I tend to agree with him.

The ball makes no difference to my scores

Mike Perkins says:

Prov 1 always have been, never tried anything else.

Jacob McCain says:

I generally play either Project (a) TaylorMades or ProV1X’s. My local shop has Prov1X practice balls at 15.00 a dozen so I generally play them unless I’m at a tournament/trip. I used to really like the Z-Star but they changed them and they’re a bit too soft for me now. The XV is just a little too hard. Probably gonna try some Vice/Snell balls this year and see if they are any good.

Mungo 1967 says:

Vice pro great ball half the price,however, in winter use Mizuno jpx – cheaper still but in wet conditions makes no difference, everything plugs.

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