TGW’S Blind Golf Ball Test – Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade, Bridgestone and Srixon Tour Balls
When it comes to Tour-level golf balls, there is no shortage of choices on the market. All of the biggest names in golf, including Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade, Bridgestone, and Srixon, all have golf ball offerings aimed at a premium level of performance. But is there a significant difference between them? Which ball is right for your game? To help answer those questions, TGW blind-tested 11 popular tour-level balls to see how they performed next to each other.


TheXanUser says:

now take the top 4 and compare those to cheaper balls

Patrick Renzi says:

Marvin is my spirit animal, I use whatever golf ball comes in the used bag from walmart. 48 balls for 11 bucks baby!

Kevin Lu WX says:

Pro V1 is overrated

ted brown says:

Doesn’t mean a damn thing, it shows that every shot can be different depending on how it contacts the face of the club which was omitted in this study. Ball speed is directly related to club head speed. You’re not going to hit a distance of 200 yards with a club head speed 30 mph, just not going to happen. In order to hit 300 yards the club head speed needs to be over 100 mph.

Michael Pope says:

Good test, but I wished you would have used the Wilson Fifty golf ball in this test. The Wilson Fifty is a real good ball for a 1/4 of the price. We gave them the nickname ProVwilson.

whogg0521 says:

Great vid

touristguy87 says:

4 doofuses vs a robot and trackman hm

cwugrad396 says:

Good concept except it’s pretty obvious which ball is the Callaway bc of the hexagon dimples

Sean M says:

Your conclusion: “…don’t get tied up in the stats that the golf ball is doing.” That should be your EXACT concern.

TheXanUser says:

as for ken. yes you can easily be a 12 with 160 carry drives. longer driving “12’s” get in WAY more trouble. try it sometime, take all your clubs out of the bag that go more than 170, then go play smart, like someone with YEARS of experience can.

JR says:

Trying to sell the most expensive balls again, eh? If you put a Top Flite in there it would have been nice. Maybe a Noodle? But no, all $40 a dozen balls.

Melted Butter says:

You didn’t remove the brand name?!

Matt Parsons says:

If Ken is playing off the forward tees, I could see a 12. His short game is likely killer.

Also, look at how much he enjoys the game. I’d play with Ken any day of the week.

Antony Oz says:

This the worst review I’ve ever seen for every possible reason.

Paul Chisholm says:

this looks like it was conducted in a decidedly unscientific way and had a small sample size. It seems perception was collected more than anything else.

Jay Bee says:

really interesting test – unfortunately it doesn’t show a darn thing nor would it be helpful for fitting. The takeaway is, hit a bunch of different balls and pick the one you like. lol and 50 yard variances between shots for a good player? uhm no. FAIL – cant believe TGW expended resources for this.

golfbuddy1969 says:

Marvin is “self proclaimed 25”…made me smile. Marvin must be a classic sandbagger.

konstantinethegr8 says:

This test was an absolute waste of time…

happygilmore06 says:

Did they only hit 1 shot per ball? I find it hard to believe Austin is consistently 30 yards shorter with the chrome soft on driver.

EWG29526 says:

25 hdcp crushed his driver 128 yards. Must play a lot of par 3 courses to get down to a 25 or is that for 9 holes?

Bill Ryan says:

Great test guys but snell mtd black and red should have been in test much cheaper as good as any ball ever made just do not waste cost paying tour pros which is outrageous in the costs Thank you Dean Snell

cgarrity says:

Shocked that the ChromeSoft distances seem to be so short.

Derek Schroeder says:

Im 63 and I don’t want balls tested by the Dawn of the Dead.. I was a golf professional in my 20s and these guys couldn’t break a window. Not representative of most players

foxtrot789 says:

Why would you tell them what they’re numbers are? Of course they’ll say the like the furthest traveling drives the best.

touristguy87 says:

So much talk…so little data.

What was the relative range of performance in each category?

Bob A Booey says:

Theres no way Ken is a 12 handicap with that swing and hitting his driver only 160 yards.

Jean Ferret says:

What a stupid test. Any player worth his salt can spot the different dimple patterns. And what use is a tour level ball to a 25 hcp?

Chuck Taylor says:

You need to do a test with 18 handicappers who don’t have the skills to take advantage of a top quality ball.

F Lew says:

Interesting test results. I think you should have included a mid handicapper who can drive the ball around 200 yds. Your testers’ driving distances are too much on the extremes comparing to the average men driving distance.

Joseph Voll says:

I have 20/20 vision and can’t get the damn ball to go where I want it to go half the time. Blind! I’d probably miss the damn ball completely!

TADDs101 says:

where’s the Nitro

Sebastian Nachilly says:

calvin being +4 is a little sus

detonatorjd says:

Callaway and Bridgestone dimples are a dead giveaway but cool test.

Chad Michael Mobile says:

No way theres a 30 yard gap between the avx and chrome soft with those numbers. Hes obviously not a plus 4 with such inconsistency. His ball speed has to be all over the place which, assuming his swing speed is relatively consistent, means hes not hitting the ball in the middle of the face very often.

Chad Ostby says:

That was so awesome

Madskillzpb says:

If Ken is a 12, I’m a tour pro.

Bcfc26 says:

What a joke test,12 and 25 handicappers my arse, neither of them two had a swing speed anywhere near average, completely pointless test, hitting a 7 iron 60 yards and a driver 120,do me a fucking favour you c!owns

Snake Doc says:

Would’ve been nice to have the Wilson Staff Duo in there. I’ve hit some recently and been VERY impressed

BMWg84 says:

A lot of people just buy Pro-V1s because they think they are the best, Unless you are a Tour Pro and know how to control the ball, it’s not right for your game. The Bridgestone is an EXCELLENT option. I’ve been playing Bridgestone for years, as a 0-5 handicap player and it’s performed great

beaney56 says:

I loved those two 30 footers going in at the same time. That’s a one in a million shot right there.

Bill Malec says:

You can tell most of them by their dimple pattern.

RM O says:

Meanwhile I’m happy to hit ANY ball straight. lol

Snake Doc says:

12 hdcp and hits driver 165yds max. Sure he is

Payton Miller says:

This is a good try at a test but all of the data only represents random strikes and deliveries. The options and feelings are the only things tested here

Jum Broni says:

I love how they have no mid of the line Titleist golf balls

James says:

its not blind when callaway has hex dimples and Bridgestone has in dimple dimples. very easy to pick those out even from address

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