Editor’s Note: The chart at 8:57 (7-Iron @ 85mph) shows incorrect information, the proper chart can be seen here: https://i.imgur.com/B9SLasU.jpg

Someone at Srixon sent MyGolfSpy a few sleeves of their prototype Z Stars for next year. The only logical conclusion? Put them to the test, of course!

Today we look at the numbers from the new Z Star and Z Star XV while also comparing their stats to the renowned Titleist Pro-V1.

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Shane McNeill says:

Love the Z Star XV!! Excited for the new edition!!

John Foundas says:

Gotta take the camera onto the course and show some green side video. Show us the hop, stop and roll outs of this (and future) ball test.

James Jr says:

Great Test…I’m a Snell MTB Black player. Like these golf balls. I’d try something different to see if it works but has to be priced similar to Snell MTB Black.

Alex Hunter says:

Great review – cant wait for the official ball test to come out! I game the Z-Star XV for the same reasons as Sam (price, feel, performance in windy conditions, performance for price) and love it, excited to try the new model (hopefully the price is not going up).

Paul Nordin says:

Guys, really great content, and thanks for that. But, could you please check your focus before you start rolling in the studio? Both of your shots were focused on the background and your faces were blurry…very distracting.
– from a friendly DP

mygolfspy says:

Make sure to SUBSCRIBE & COMMENT to be entered to WIN a sleeve of the prototype Srixon golf balls!

Have you ever tried a Srixon golf ball? What are your thoughts?

Randy Mahony says:

Did you have the club data mixed up. 307 with a 7 iron at 85mph ?

1johnnysteve says:

I love this test- more, please! Like others, though, I would like to see a comparison to last year’s models, in clubs too- maybe you could work that in to the Most Wanted testing…

Bryan Begley says:

why would 100mph swing speed guy hit 7 iron further with xv then regular z star hmmmmmm

Robert Salazar says:

Thanks for the review. I play the Srixon ZSTAR because its not as pricey as the others and still get great performance. and it looks like the 2019s are no different.

Steven Tulley says:

311 yard 7-iron is a smocking long! I gotta hit the gym!

Chris Kennedy says:

it’s surprising the wedge distances on both the 115-mph and 100-mph were so low. Perhaps that was a lob wedge or a 56 degree or somesuch? With so many people hitting so many different wedge lofts (i carry 4 myself), that would be some useful info.

bkirkwd52 says:

Guys, I applaud you for you dedication and professionalism! You have followed your passion and are providing a valuable service to the golf community. Keep it up!

MyGolfSpy Korea says:

Great video! For the 85mph data for the 7-iron, I think the wrong one was included (for 115mph swing data).

strokerAce21 says:

wait a minute…they won’t tell you what they did to improve/change the ball from the current version? why would I switch to the new version? I play the current Srixon balls but I’m just not sure if paying for ’19 version would be worth it…


more on camera practice … MUCH MORE

Jeff says:

“Take it with a grain of salt.” Sooo…this video is worthless…

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