TaylorMade TP5x 2019 Golf Ball Review

The new 2019 TaylorMade TP5x offers improved durability and performance thanks to an updated cover and stiffer internal speed layers.

TaylorMade TP5 2019 Golf Balls – https://www.golfbox.com.au/balls/taylormade-tp5-19-1-dozen-golf-balls/

TaylorMade TP5x 2019 Golf Balls – https://www.golfbox.com.au/balls/taylormade-tp5x-19-1-dozen-golf-balls/

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hall401 says:

Love the videos haha any chance of reviewing the new pro v1x vs last years model?

Loco Benno says:

coincidentally I was talking to my opponent at this morning’s Pennant match and he was talking about the ball speed claims with the new TP5, I took it with a pinch but it’s interesting to actually see they’re more true than not, nice one Al, thanks

SuperYoda7 says:

I loved the original TP5X with its high launch low spin characteristics! Longest ball for me!

Nixon Gill says:

Nice one. And yes. 3 balls may have been snap hooked on the first OOB with on course testing.

Micky Doppo says:

For the love of god change to yardssssszzzzz!!!!!!11

Nick Millar says:

Great video. What driver was you using in this video or tm 5 or f9 ??

Desmond _ says:

Would like to see a comparison of this up against the new TP5

okitoki1973 says:

Al, please fix the lighting…. any brighter your face would blend into the screen 😀

Fore to Four Golf says:

so now you have the old tp5x’s on sale? 🙂


I like the tp5 just because it feels softer. I dont like clicky golf balls when i am putting.

hbyrdut says:

Since you mentioned strike location and you have a GC Quad it would have been cool if you would have shown strike location.

Brandon Jones says:

Great review! I played tp5x last year also! You just sold a few dozen to me!

ROBO PTI says:

What is your driver combo in this video ?? FYI – 4 of the guys I sponsor ALL ! see the exact same thing you are seeing here, TP-5X is just a great ball period. 18 or 19

GTFAN 99 says:

Sp700 shampoo mofo

frank pipolo says:

For 10 bucks less a dozen, old is beautiful

Christopher LaFreniere says:

How many times a year do you replace that screen. Not sure how it hold up to your beast swing.

Leo Rangel says:

You should test old tp5 vs new tp5

Mike Cerniglia says:

Best ball out on the market by far. Haven’t tried the new one yet but this definitely intrigues me. Great review as always Alex!

Michael Pasvantis says:

I can’t wait for the TP6x, I heard they’ve signed Nack Jiklaus!

buckolocke says:

Sorry to say but this is pointless when your dispersion is all over the place buddy. Good chance 2 of the shots with new TP5x are 40+ left on another fairway or even golf course and not great with the old TP5x either. Anyhow enjoyed watching. Thanks

Jason Moyle says:

Haha how on earth do they make that claim? i mean no one on earth is going to hit a ball exactly the same way each time and then say one ball went further than the other one.

PeteC says:

When you test balls, do you really only do 5 shots or you just show the 5 best shots? I would be interested in a video showing 5 shots first, then show the average numbers, then another 5 shots and show the average of 10 shots and then five more and show the average of 15 shots. Would be good to see how does it change the numbers, if it does change it at all. Just saying because I saw one shorter shot (264) with your old TP5 ball, which reduced the overall average distance. If that shot would have been in the 280s, your average distance for the old TP5 ball would have been around 283+, which is not that far from 285 with the new ball. 🙂

Adam Flynn says:

You Gaming the cobra driver?

Okorie Ogba says:

Great data alex and fantastic presentation. The fact you did it a few times before and then did a live run for verification does you credit and legitimizes your findings, kodos

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