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SRIXON AD333 GOLF BALL reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the Srixon AD333 gofl ball and talks about who it might help and how good it is around the golf course. Play your best golf with simple honest and easy to follow golf ideas, lessons and product reviews from Mark Crossfield.


gazthebass1 says:

Ive been using AD333 for a couple of years now and they suit my game , also the AD333 ‘Tour’ , slightly more expensive but worth it if you’re not losing too many , better short game control in my opinion..

Ian Wallace says:

Have you tested the Taylor Made Prodject A yet

Emby Duncan Golfings says:

AD 333 is the best! I’m a Srixon ball guy. AD333 is a great value.

Elite 33 says:

Never used the ad333 I use Q star and love them

Andy GolfFather Phillips says:

I have used these all winter but have noticed, particularly with the yellow balls, after about 12 holes in winter conditions the “spin skin” starts peeling off!! Very weird and a bit distracting. Will switch to the non-skinned soft feel for the summer.

Deen Graul says:

Could you review other not so well known cheaper alternatives to the ProV1 like the Vice Pro?

Pay it Forward says:

Mark, sorry I keep saying this but I have to say it again, I love the honesty you give your viewers! In a world where everyone is just marketing golf product to there viewers, you absolutely stand out! Thank you. – Bob_James2600

Richard Woolley says:

I really like the ad333, it performs pretty well across all areas and doesn’t hurt the wallet.

PkGam says:

A cheap ball that’s really solid? :O What is this craziness? In my searches the best ones I have found in the under $25USD range is the Callaway Supersoft and Bridgestone E6 as they hold greens pretty well. The rest have been iffy, even for the “soft” budget balls such as the Wilson Staff Duo and Titleist DTSoLo which didn’t seem to hold greens quite as well as those two. But this one looks like it would be up top with them in the budget category.

aluntom88 says:

Can you compare titleist pro v1 v taylormade project a golf ball please mark brush?

Thom Bendtsen says:

“…and they’re still very white!”

Robert Daugherty says:

Is that a coffee maker?

Brad Neil says:

Srixon Z65 irons Mark… come on mate… did they forget to send you some??

Andy Glynn says:

Any chance of comparing these balls with the Wilson Staff DX2

Andrew Libby says:

absolutely loving these golf ball reviews, their my fav types of vids from you! keep it up mark!!!

jaydee514 says:

Ipay the srixon z star they always go on special for 29.99canadian dollar a dozen at the end of the year…

Gav Xample says:

I like these ball because they are reasonably cheap

Ant says:

This is the ball I game at the moment. Love the sound, results and price. Great review Mark.

Jeff Smith says:

I like Srixon soft feel balls , think they feel nice round the green chipping and putting .

Norm Cummins says:

I use it because that’s the ball they give us for balls down the line at the Iron Pot Golf Club. I no complain.

baseballsux says:

1649 spin with a fucking 7 iron???

Antoine Steeghs says:

What About testing snell ball , Andrew. Rice is endorsing

Sanj D says:

good ball, used to use it when i was learning as it wasn’t going to break the bank

spud_.308 says:

Started playing them (AD333) when Graeme McDowell won 2010 U.S. Open playing Srixons. Still have a few with the shark teeth logo. “the ball with bite'”

Stu C says:

Hi Mark, fantastic review as always, I see in the video your wearing the new Footjoy SL’s, could you also do a review on them. I want to buy some spikeless shoes for Sommer and would love your view on these and other options in the market. Many thanks in advance.

Joe Collier says:

Hi Mark, have you ever reviewed budget soft feel balls, like the Srixon soft feel?

Jon Gee says:

enough product testing already, let’s have some course vlogs!!!

Harrry Brown says:

I use Srixon soft feel which I prefer to the 3333. The feel around the greens for me is better and the price is the same. Best ball pro v1 but price is prohibitive for a mid handicapper.
Question of the day ” why do the Scandinavians not repair pitch marks?”. I’m is Spain at the moment and there are loads of Scandinavians and I have found every time I follow them or play with them that pitch marks are always left unrepaired. love your work.

Jesse Hayes says:

Can we get a review and personal opinion on Vice Golf Balls ?

Bob Pfaff says:

Is the AD333 the same as the Q Star?

Adam Shewry says:

i used these for a while but found the spin skin came off pretty quickly so switched to the soft feels which i prefer.

Donny Wilcox says:

not sure about this years 333 but last years was a great ball at its price point …which is half of what pro v’s cost per dozen …but I too seem to loose 10 to 15 yrds off tee …and if they get cold (weather under 50 degrees ) the performance (in my opinion) really suffers dramatically….but warm weather all and all pretty great ball …same goes with the q star ….but when its cold Z star , pro v’s , chrome soft those type balls etc. just way out preform anything else ….must be the urethane cover not sure but would be my guess….because I love the titlest nxt and nxt s myslef as long as temperature is above 60 degrees …if no urethane cover ball all the way (chrome soft or pro v 1 for me) AND THIS IS JUST MY OPINION …from what I have gathered from playing in colder temps…What do you think on the subject of ball vs. temp mark?

jon ruxton says:

Great value ball and I do love the whiteness Mark

amadan34 says:

you judge it by comparing it to another model?

Frazer Bell says:

I am a high handycaper and game this ball as its softer off the club which helps around and on the greens and a good price.

NWP4440 says:

Whats with the medium format film frame at the beginning? I like it! Used to shoot a lot of that stuff back in the film days.

Logan Kelch says:

I like the srixon ball. It may not be the softest ball but I do get it to stop on the greens and the extreme white color of it is very nice.

Nigel Hooper says:

I think that this is a great winter ball when you don,t need the extra spin on firm summer greens.I have used them for the last 3 or 4 winters

James Gibson says:

I play this ball and like that it’s a good all rounder and can get it for close to pound a ball and not four for your pro v market

Adrian Pearson says:

Chose this ball on price but I really like it.

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