Snell MTB Golf Ball Tested – Load of Balls Episode 6

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martin hastie says:

To me its a no brainer, What you forget to mention is that if you buy a certain amout you get the postage free. And the more that you buy i.e 6 dz then the price comes down even more. Good review, i just dont agree with the hard feel on putting, it is an 80 compression ball and to me it is a soft feel. The durability of the ball which you did not metion is better than all the balls on the market. And this price it is a no brainer, great ball great price great performance.

martin hastie says:

Brilliant Ball !!!!!! Performs as well if not better as PV1 and tp5. I love them, and so much cheaper.

brian blair says:

Bottom line is that it is TERRIBLE name, sounds like snail. The vanity of the man took over it seems. I game a Snell? – er no.I guess no one could stand up to him in the meetings?

Peter Tamburro says:

Just back from Myrtle beach. Played 5 straight days with the snell red. I play prov1X and was presently surprised on its performance

ian campbell says:

Well down on that subscribers btw – well deserved and I’m glad you didn’t pack it in. You have a niche.

Mike Reed says:

Snell Balls are available at golf retailers here in the States. When you review the balls please comment on how the ball cover shows wear from your play. If you have played these balls for several rounds you should have some idea how the cover holds up to being struck by a golf club.

Richard Croft says:

What manufacturer in today’s ball market offers a discount when you buy more. Snell MTB black here in Canada offers a price drop the more you buy and offers free shipping in Canada. $41.99 based on two doz., $38.99 when you purchase five doz. my playing partners and I are putting an order together for next season. Happy, Happy!

Jay McGillicuddy says:

I’ll be playing the MTB Red 4 piece ball produced this past March the next time I play. Dean Snell’s reputation stands on it’s own. I’ll let you know what I think. Haven’t seen the Wilson DX3. Haven’t tried the Vice either. Weather is finally breaking here.

Michael Sullivan says:

MTB is a Great ball, 6dozen 150 in states

popeye says:

Never heard of em! Agree that most golfers would go for a familiar brand.
Is there a reason why you don’t test the balls out with long irons and drivers? Alot of balls advertise themselves as distance balls so seems to me like you aren’t really giving them a fair hearing if you are just testing them out based on their short game performance. You also have players whose strength is in the long game and pick their ball based on that.

Paul White says:

Really enjoyed this series . Great channel.

Glenn Turner says:

Yes I play them. 6 months now. Compares to pro v1 and significantly cheaper than pro v1.

David Haber says:

I’m sorry, but saying the ball is too expensive because of the packaging is missing the point. I’ve never hit a golf ball while it’s still in the packaging. I’m not sure we’re relying on your reviews as it regards to packaging or the company’s marketing prowess. ALL that matters is performance and price point in my opinion. If you want to play a ProV1 and lose them at $5 a pop, that’s your choice. I’d rather lose $2-3 than $5 when I hit a bad shot if the ball performs comparably.

hyperjay712 says:

In the U.S. the Chrome soft is 39.95 and the new one is 45.00. Snell wins all day on price in the U.S. atleast.

Glenn Turner says:

Yep snell way cheaper here in NZ , $65 instead of $99 pro v1

Chad Moller says:

Enjoy your reviews, thanks for all your efforts. I certainly understand this is subjective, but I will say I respectfully disagree on your rating on the Snell ball in terms of value. Here in the States, they’re $32 per dozen, and to me, that is WAY cheaper than the high-caliber balls, as Pro V1 ($47), TP5 ($45) and Chrome Soft ($45) are all much more expensive. I like Snell balls and think they’re very comparable in terms of performance with those higher-priced balls, but to me where they really separate themselves is because of their value. I’d much rather buy a dozen balls for $32 than dang near $50. I just don’t see them as the same category on the price rating, and just am not understanding why you lump this price point in with the others. But to each his own, keep up the great work!

Craig Fletcher says:

They are just as costly as a pro v1 .. so no thank you

coegj says:

Here I am literally a full year later on from this ball video post, but it is still very relevant to me. I believe that this spring I will go ahead and try a dozen of these balls, just because. My usual ball is/was the Taylormade urethane which has been replaced with the Project (A) ball. So these are within the price range I have been paying. Good video post, thanks.

Ian Boots says:

Hi Andy, I haven’t used these balls they seem to perform ok, still waiting for Forte review also in time maybe progect a TaylorMade I really like those balls… Cheers mate

3DGvisuals says:

Snell MTB orginals are awesome so I can’t wait to get hold of some of the newer version.

keith hacker says:

Hi Andy, congratulations on 7k sub’s, thanks very much for the cap, it is very good quality and the flex-fit is really good. I enjoy the unbiased content you put out cheers.

Boyer Family says:

Great review as always. The Snell should be #5 with 4 balls above it (Sorry it’s the math teacher in me). Congrats on 7,000 subs!

Joe Dubiel says:

Never have tried Snell balls before. I like a softer feel myself to this one would not be for me. Spider Dubiel

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