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SNELL GOLF BALLS reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark tests the Snell Golf ball and its high end qualities on and off the golf course to show you what you are paying for when it comes to high end golf balls. Play your best golf from the tee and around the greens with simple and easy to follow advice from Mark Crossfield.


Alan Waterworth says:

My Pro V1 definitely comes off the driver and disappears into the lake on the 18th at my club faster than the average Top Flite pebble..

Adam Flynn says:

if it says it on the box IT MUST BE TRUE….mustn’t it? i mean if it says it….they wouldnt tell porkies would they?

Michael Quinn says:

Snell my balls.

Niall Graham says:

Cheers for the info bruh

Brian Holle says:

I switched to volvik because of the feel and mainly the color. Lol at the ball and equipment matching.

Ryan La Salle says:

For all of you stating the price is the same…its not, well at least not here in the States. Snell retails for $31.95, Chromesoft is $39.95 and the Pro V1X is $47.95-4$2.95. If you buy six dozen Snells you can get them at a price of $157.99…or $26.33 per dozen. The price difference is pretty big for a ball that performs pretty much the same. So yes Mark is correct.

Jed West says:

Because we are vain! We need to be accepted and if we show up with Wilson clubs & balls wearing our Walmart golf close, maybe other golfers won’t accept us. If only we were good enough to not care. Sad really.

Stu Dunn says:

I like watching these videos at 0.75 speed, makes it sound like Mark is super hammered.

Matthew Dougherty says:

Best deal in golf. In the US, this is a $40-$45 dollar quality golf ball for $32 dollars. If you buy them in bulk (6-dozen) the price drops to $26.33 per dozen. Read up on owner of the company, he has over 25 years in the R&D field of golf balls. He was the co-designer of the original Pro-V that took the PGA Tour by storm. These are a high quality golf ball that match up toe to toe with the best premium golf balls out there.

BixbyConsequence says:

And for extra ball speed: Max Snell(tm)

Ken Royal says:

Could you do it without knowing which ball–sort of a blind test–so-to-speak? Tried it with Slazenger “Money” ball, Chrome Soft, and Wilson Duo. I hit them all well with driver, irons, chips, and putter. In my mind, I felt the Chromie overall more consistent–reliable for “my” expected outcome. Wilson was always in play, but a bit shorter. “Money” was long with irons and shorter with driver, so inconsistent, and Chrome Soft was, well …if I had three different balls in my pocket, I’d hit the Chromie first, Wilson Duo second, and “Money” last. They all putted well, which just means my putting was pretty good. Like bread choices at the grocery, there are so many, so reaching for something you like gets more difficult–so when you find something, you tend to stick with its comfortableness. ;>) Really enjoy the on-course work Mark and Coach!

Jeff Collins says:

Mark, any thoughts on higher/ lower compression balls rolling further on greens than others?

Graham Streek says:

Although the second snell checked up on the second bounce the chromesofts definitely bit better on first bounce.

Gavin Raveney says:

dont get the whole price thing, misleading if you ask me, here in australia they cost 48 dollars but then its 7.50 postage, so 55.50 a dozen, i can walk in to a golf shop and buy 2017 z stars and chrome softs for the same price, pro v’s and taylormade tp5’s are 10 dollars more but i can buy 2016 pro v’s and tour preferred balls cheaper and as mark says with the minimal difference why go for them unless you want to be different, same goes for vice and forte. i’m sure they are all good balls but i don’t see how they get a foothold in the market.

Adam Vlassis says:

too bad its not as cheap overseas as they are in the states… its a no-brainer over here. shipped right to your house was $32 or the 6 dozen deal is ~$26. It would be cool to see some reviews of off brand clubs because I think that will be the next change in the golf world. Good work Mr. Parfield.

Nicholas Fiola says:

Hey Mark- can you do a Cut Golf Co ball review? 4 piece urethane ball $19.95 dz

They are a great ball!

Mark Cook says:

I don’t know why I keep watching these ball reviews when I know what the end result is going to be

Jim Rohnstock says:

Glad you looked at these Snell balls. I’ve played them for about a year now and have been very happy with the results. Coming from the Chrome Soft they are less expensive and perform just as well or better especially into the wind. Their durability is very good and I’ve had no problem playing the same ball the whole round. Their Get Sum ball is a good lower end ball choice as well and I played that over the winter months. As Snell was one of the designers of the ProV and TP Project A, among others, it feels as though he brought alot to the design of these MTB balls. Again I’ve been pretty happy with the results.

jeffrey barr says:

ive just found the snell doesnt handle the wind as well

Moo Chops says:

I like the reviews Mark – well done. I personally pick my golf balls out of hedges, ditches and cabbage. I haven’t purchased a ball (or a tee) for 3 years as my game is stable with the odd bandit win. I don’t quite understand why people buy them – I’d lay money on it not making a difference if they didn’t know.

Joseph Garcia says:

Please do Vice balls

jungfraujoch11333 says:

Nice wren song at 3.90

Gavin and Jack Tucker says:

I was so happy when I found a Snell MTB, and the one shot I hit into the water felt amazing.

andy h says:

Hi mark watched you for some time now and remembered your pot v fitting any chance you could look at Wilson dx2 soft as it seems to follow your theory cheers

Andrew Parry says:

30 quid for a dozen is still in the premium bracket. Decent quality budget balls are Srixon AD333, which can be bought for about £15.

Chris Mitchell says:

Hey bruh, have you used Vice Golf balls before? They have a nice range of selections.

PkGam says:

These are very good balls! Definitely as good as anything else out there. Given the price point, they have the potential to be very competitive.

Craig Walton says:

You can get chromesoft for circa £50 for 24 so Snell is more expensive. Don’t see why I would choose Snell balls unless they were below £20 for 12.

Tom Boyle says:

You should do a 3 Club Challenge round Dawlish with lockey – would be a good few videos from there!

Vincent Sandford says:

The only true and meaningful test of golf balls to eliminate strike and spin variability is on a robot But i admit feel is the most overwheling characteristic.

Kim Nathan Inwon says:

That’s why I play Costco ball. Thanks for the review brah!!

Bradley Smith says:

In US…current year balls: Pro V1, V1x $48; TaylorMade TP5, 5x $45; Srixon Z Star, Z Star XV $40; Chrome Soft $40;

jungfraujoch11333 says:


Drupacabra 7 says:

I buy recycled prov1s and they are the same price as the brand new bottom shelf balls what should I buy mark?

Tony Rock says:

Awesome review Mark!

Digby Howis says:

Durability. How many strikes or rounds could you get? Kirkland didn’t last long iirc

C - MAC says:

I currently game a Top Flite D2+ Straight and have for the past 2 years. You’d be surprised;)

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