Should You Change Your Golf Ball?

Should You Change Your Golf Ball? Titleist Golf Balls, Taylormade Golf Balls, Pro V1s, TP5s, Callaway Golf Balls, Bridgestone Golf Balls, Chrome Soft, Tour BXS, Pro V1x, TP5x, Premium Golf Balls for Low handicaps, Budget Golf Balls for High Handicaps, Golf Balls for beginners, longest distance golf balls, soft feel around then greens? which golf balls do you use? Do you change often? Would you consider changing? Why would you change golf balls? In this video I ask all the questions and give you the answers!


Mias Van Heerden says:

I played the Callaway chrome soft but just recently switched over to the TP5. Enjoying the feel and response.

milena deltorto says:

Why didnt u just hit the various balls and do the stats?

ar halimi says:

hi James.. nice video. for me, it must be yellow balls n most of the time recon balls. i have always an anti-establishment guy, so i avoid established things line the Pro V1’s hehe.
i use yellow Tour Specials most of the time. Bridgestone e6 is nice too but yellow ones are hard to come by, mainly i play medium hardness balls, nothing fancy.

Clark Neish says:

I couldn’t believe the difference a ball could make until
I tried different balls on a launch monitor. I compared my usual ProV1X against Chrome Softs, then the new Titleist AVX. The difference in spin is crazy. I’ll stick to the ProV1X for now, however I did get a box of TP5x with my new driver so will give them a go too.

Liam Francomb says:

The only ball worth using is 2nd hand Pro V 1. i have lost every golf ball i have ever owned. If you want the ball to stop on the green get a Pro V 1. I recently bought 100 used pro V 1’s for 10 Baht each ball. I reckon that is 1 years worth of balls

Philip Bleasdale says:

Srixon AD333 Tour but thinking of changing. Don’t know why just feel like it

John Circeo says:

Titleist prov1 and v1x

yu jonathan says:

i use taylormade project a

Petter emberson says:

Srixon soft feel, tried Srixon z stars but stopped to quick for me so left a longer putt. maybe if I stuck with them and went for the flag more they would be good.

John Pulido says:

Callaway chrome super soft. I am a seven handicap her and to my surprise this fall is a good deal and a good price

My Golf Quest says:

I have been using the Srixon Q star tour or Taylormade Project A. I usually by 4 to 5 dozen at a time.

Colin Woodgate says:

I use calloway chrome soft truvis balls. And I get loads of stick about it as l am a 28 handicap golfer. In winter I will use srixon

Tye Eggleston says:

I just currently switched from Bridgestone to Vice golf balls. I feel the Vice have a softer feel off the club and seem to hold pretty well on greens, providing they’re not hard and burnt. I don’t really go for the hype on TV of the pros hitting a certain ball, my feelings are that they could probably hit a rock with dimples 300yds. The Vice golf balls were fairly inexpensive if you buy so many dozen. I’m not exactly going to quit my day job to go out on tour, so I like a ball that works and feels good for ME.

Ryan Tout says:


Alan Waterworth says:

I basically use whatever ones I buy cheapest. I love Titleist ProV1, but they are very expensive and the course I play here in Norway is pretty tight, (slope rate 144) with very unforgiving rough, so it´s very easy to lose balls. I also really like Callaway Supersoft, which are alot cheaper, and really like Srixon too. BUT, I get surprisingly good results from Wilson Deep Red balls, which I can buy new for about £10 for a box of 15 (yes even here in megabucks Norway) which are a little harder in feel than the previously mentioned top brands, but yet still check up pretty well on greens. And at that price, there´s less tears if I duff one into the water 😉 (I too am from “Gods county” and don´t like seeing money disappearing into the trees! 😉 )

999montyman Montgomery says:

I’m not a loyal user, I tend to switch between callaway chrome soft, Srixon or any brand that’s on special when I’m buying.

paul cromie says:

Project a for the summer season and then Arizona ad333’s for the winter just based on the winter will have softer greens. Price means a lot to me so I won’t pay for the top of the range ball but a good solid priced ball.

Sean Edwards says:

Pro v1 seems to be the best ball for me but then my opinion can change, just I’ve had more success from it then any other balls with ball fliggts/trajectory. And good spin area chipping on greens. I’m not nailed to them but I’m not gonna spend 50 on balls I’m unsure about. Anyone else agree?

Joe Simmons says:

I went to a softer compression ball [Srixon to Callaway] when I changed my putter. From Odyssey [soft insert] to Ping [metal head].

Grady Newby says:

I’ll generally use whatever ball that’s not scuffed up or extremely discolored but I seem to keep Bridgestone balls the longest. I tried all of the vice line when I ordered a sample package and the pros or tours seem to be best. I do like the feel of the Callaway chrome soft. Btw, I have managed to hit even the “best” balls badly.

Stiaan Heymans says:

I use the pro v1x

GinoTerzano says:

I still play with Titleist DT 90’s, just because my grandpa still has a ton of those from back in the day (1990’s)

Colin Gooch says:

Just got some mizuno jpx900 forged and always shyed away from Pro v 1 balls and played a softer feeling ball, Having just played a pro v and the feel is very different and the stopping on the greens is really noticeable so ime converted

TopRouder says:

I use ProV1x also.. I’ve recently tried the TP5, but they felt hard to me. Interested in trying Tigers Bridgestone ball..

Matthew cunliffe says:

Srixon z star or titleist avx

Gavin Davis says:

My handicap has come down from 26 to 18 over the last year, and I’ll play with anything half decent I find on the course ( I haven’t bought any new balls in the last 8 months or so because I am a tight arse), now that I am getting a bit more consistent I have noticed the difference in length of up to 20 yds between balls which is throwing off my short game so now I am considering shelling out that bit extra and consistently using the same ball.

dougmael says:

I personally use the TaylorMade TP5x ball, and used the TPx ball for a couple of years prior to this one. However, I find that the Titleist ProV1x, Srixon Z-Star XV, Snell MTB Black and a few others work about equally as well for me. In cooler (or colder) weather, I prefer to use a softer, lower-compression ball, mainly teh Srixon Q-Star Tour. This is not because of the lower cost, although teh Q-Star Tour ball is at least 1/3 cheaper, and often can be found for about 1/2 the price of the premium balls that I listed above. The reason that I go to the Q-Star Tour in teh winter is because the lower-compression balls feel better in the cold weather when high-compression balls tend to feel like rocks. Since I play in two winter travel leagues here in the States, I always have a couple dozen Q-Star Tour balls on hand.

Terry Lee says:

Pro V1…Most “found” ball on the golf course!

Daniel Landry says:

Srixon z star in the winter I switch to a lower compression ball to try and get a little distance back with the cold temps

Tommy H says:

I have fond memories of the Slazenger B52 balls back in the 80ies when I played a lot of golf. I think they had some unique aerodynamic features like dimples of various deepness (and sizes?), but above all they had this incredible cool name. Objectively, the Titleist’s of the era were the best balls. There were two of them: the pro ball which was incredible soft, ridiculously expensive and had a lifetime of about 3 holes at best as it cut very easily. And the more durable DT (I think) which was an excellent allround ball. I remember when the first Pinnacle’s came out which flew like rockets but were hard as stone.

slange2scott says:

Currently using Callaway chrome soft 2018 good feel around the green and good length, previously tp5 good length but didn’t like shots around the greens,

BeachBow says:

I was playing a Noodle until a friend of mine found a practically new Taylormade Tour Preferred ball. I was just kicking around, so I gave it a try. Really liked the feel and the performance. Then had the opportunity to buy a dozen TP5 balls for cheap, so I thought I’d give them a whirl. Even better than the original TP. As long as I can find them for cheap, I’ll be playing them!

jay rode says:

Srixon Z Star…$20 a dozen while they last until the new model is introduced. This is a great ball for me and I can’t be the price point.

Robert Salazar says:

Excellent discussion. I use the Srixon ZSTAR I love the feel but in the winter I Use the Srixon QSTAR Tour. I can compress it in the cold and it still performs great!

Matt Pickering says:

After reading reviews for best ball for beginner/high handicap player I went with Callaway super softs… shoud really try something to compare to

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