PGA GOLF PRO RICK SHIELS tests the new TITLEIST AVX GOLF BALL Vs PRO V1 & PRO V1X on the course at Worsley Marriott and in the Quest Golf Studio on Foresight GCQuad launch monitor


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Youtube David.R.Mills Vlogs says:

but i dont like the yellow

phishphan70 says:

Totally agree this should have a ProV name of some kind. Great vid, Rick!

Brian Coleman says:

I think I’d like this ball.

Christopher Vasquez says:

Keep the videos coming, i really enjoy the various product reviews and your honesty. Being in Texas, i can appreciate the AVX’s penetrating ball flight. I may be in the minority, but i like plating a yellow ball. It’s great to see a premium option from Titleist in yellow…maybe they can bring that option to the Prov1 and ProV1X.

Scott Sember says:

Look into Maxfli and Snell balls for a video vs the pro series

Evan Farrow says:

I want some AVX’s

chile moore says:

I’ve tried the avx’s and I loved them!!

mark hinde says:

Great video as usual

Rick Shiels Golf says:

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Q: What golf ball do you use? Would you try the Titleist AVX?

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Ludwig Sahlin says:

I want to win the balls

Mjsilva4282 says:

AVX golf balls are the best ball right now

Uriah Lee says:

Free ballin

matthew dibenedetto says:

I don’t like the putter feel on these

Matt S says:

Nice and thorough review. Thanks.

F Faw says:

Love your videos, help me a lot with my game and what products I should try. But do struggle to keep up with the costs of golf.

Jim Clifton says:

Love it

Mark Lawson says:

Hey Rick, how does the feel of the compare to the 2015 release of the Pro V1. I’ve found that a better feeling ball then the 2017 Pro V1 so interesting to see how the AVX compares..

Nick Floris says:

Found that l will play Titliest VIX from now on . Thank you. I might play it in windy conditions. The AVX that is. It would be a mixture in a box.

Kurt Riddell says:

I bought a sleeve of the yellows and enjoyed the ball. I found similar results that it spun less.

chris gio says:

Can’t wait to try them

Jerome Farrow says:

Interesting – totally agree about the naming- surely PROv1L, or PROv1 anything would have been better! Great video.

Steven Formsma says:

I love your videos and I love the AVX

Randy Levenson says:

Great info – thx

Chris Roberson says:

Rick, this is how I found your channel and why I subscribe. You have the ability, time, and cool toys to make quality reviews.

Isaac McNutt says:

Great work! Love the reviews. I would love to see you do more lesser known brands? Like the first Monday of the month do one reviewing a lesser known ball or club maker?

Mandy Rutzel says:

Great test Rick , thank you..

Tim Hart says:

Great review

Henrik Hedman says:

Really nice review Rick! I am going to try the new ball for sure!

Ryan Crosswhite says:

Expensive but all 3 are great forost handicapped golfers

Dennis Kvamme says:

Ive tried it… I will continue to use Snell MTB’s

Kevin O'Brien says:

Great video Rick. Keep em coming!

Jason Wayne says:

The Dimple pattern reminds me of some of the Wilson products, Namely the 50 Elite and the Zip as they have the Phd or Pan Head Dimple.
I have said for MANY years that the most perfect golf ball in the world would be the Inside of the Pro V1X with the cover of the Pro V1.
No doubt Titleist attempted to do this .
However I think Titleist ended up giving us the Answer to a Question that was never truly asked. To me both the Pro V1 and the X both do Great things for particular types of Golfers.
However in my opinion the AVX does some good things but doesn’t cross the GREAT Threshold in any particular area and I honestly think this ball may last 2 cycles on the market at best and then will disappear like the 907 driver with Titleist hoping nobody remembers it ever came out.
But hey, What do I know.?

Kyle Jeffery says:

This is a really good review Rick! Good, honest facts and relevant tests.

Is this a response to TP5 or Chrome Soft? Seems a bit like what Colgate do! More products=more shelf coverage in the store=more sales of the brand.

MrBlakers25 says:

Great Video!

golf vids says:

Great video Rick

Andrew Pansch says:

Looks like a good wind ball on a hard course. Can’t wait to try it out in the prairie winds of west central mn and north dakota.

Florian Pichler says:

Nice video Rick

Matt J says:

Have you ever reviewed Vice balls, Rick? Would be happy to ship you a sleeve of the Vice Pros, if you’re interested.

santte34 says:

AVX balls are sick!!

Siddharth Kaul says:

I use the Taylormade TP5x but would love to try out something new

Youtube David.R.Mills Vlogs says:

avx sound good

Nick Lorusso says:

alternative to the pro or prov1. I never new that

docjoe1 says:

I may have to try these!

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