Premium Golf Ball vs Budget Golf Ball (Titleist Pro V1 vs TopFlight)

Does what golf ball you use really make a difference? And is it worth spending nearly £4 a ball on something like a Titleist Pro V1? why not just use a £1 Topflight? LETS FIND OUT….


Derek Schroeder says:

As flat and open as the club face is on your take away how do you stop big pushes or the whoopie hooks. If you were my student we would fix that quickly. Tough to get back on plane

Calamity says:

Greatttt videos!!! Would love it if you could have a look at my channel I have lots of videos ready to upload. I subbed to you so maybe a sub back?

Michael Fogel says:

Helpful video. I subscribed. Thanks.

Glenn Watson says:

I shoot mostly in the low 80s. I tend hit whatever ball I have. I sometimes play with range balls. Do you think picking one brand and sticking with it for the sake of consistency would make any real difference?

matt green says:

are you sponsored by Titleist? you’re wearing the hat, and who knows if the ball placements in the fairways were honest?

i know TF are rocks, but from my understanding, the Pro V1 are better for wedge shots and ‘feel’ shots.

would like to hear from you

Cheezburger 61 says:

Ever try Top Flite Gamer or Gamer Tour? It is totally different than what you are testing here?

Peter Ryan says:

Wow you need to get some more control and consistency bud

Joshua McClellan says:

I hit top flite and Taylormade like them both.

Rishi Ailani says:

Hey James. Love the content. Keep it up. Stumbled on this one. Loving the sunglasses. Do you remember the make and model?

Samuel Mitchell says:

Thanks, I need to get better golf balls.

Strad 4321 says:

I can assure you the Top Flites of today are nowhere near the ball that they were in the 80’s. I shot my first even par round in ’85 with a Top Flite XL, Wilson Sam Snead Blue Ridge irons and laminated woods, MacGregor Great Scot sand iron, and my brand new Ping Anser putter. Even after I got better clubs, I continued to use the Top Flite well into the 90’s until the consistency went down. I just preferred it. The best similar ball of today IMO is the Callaway Supersoft. Feels even more amazing coming off that old Ping Anser.

Matt Aamold says:

ProV1 holds the spin better and it stays in the air a bit more.

Joshua McClellan says:

With the top flite just hit a club higher and your good

Jack Flash says:

Could have done without all of the drone shots.

Peter Watt says:

Another good video James…and i guess its a lesson learned for yourself when you are editing otherwise you will get some stick! I was using Penta but they were getting too expensive (obviously i was losing them) so switched to a Srixon AD333? For sure the feel was not there but i could knock it around. When i had my club fitting the guy in American Golf suggested the Pro V1…is this just part of upselling?

David Brown says:

So… a guy wearing a “Titlest” hat, is going to do an honest review on the balls? Gotcha.

Larry Proffer says:

On the 150 yard shot I think you had a good swing on the prov1 and you had a crap swing on the top flight.

Hometown Powersports says:

Good video, I have experienced some of the same results as you have described here. I did some testing last summer with various “cost effective” golf balls vs various “premium golf balls”. It’s really quite astonishing to find the differences when you break them down into specific performance categories. Needless to say, I did not switch from the Pro v1x to a cost effective golf ball!

Chuck Taylor says:

If you don’t break 85 then you don’t have the skill set to take advantage of any premium ball. You’re just duck hooking or slicing your expensive Pro V-1s into the woods or lakes.

A Geary says:

Id say Rick Shiels is craping himself with this channel……………

Daniel Loosley says:

Hi James, been watching quite a bit of your videos recently, your enthusiasm is infectious!! (good thing!) I’m a single figure hcp, been playing for over 30-yrs and a bit of a amateur club maker etc. I love the techie side of the game. In my opinion, It is just as important to get fit for your golf ball as anything else, understanding how YOU spin the ball and how that effects your ball flight is as important as how the ball feels. Too much spin robs you of distance, too little and you’ll struggle to get the thing airborne, balls like the top-flite are designed to get the ball airborne with high launch for high handicappers who struggle with club head speed, I bet if you’d used a bit of science and had the trackman on those shots that you smashed the spin rates and launch angles would have been massively different compared to the ball speeds (you could see a bit of that on the app that you had running). Ball choice is a personal thing, comes more to the fore front the lower your handicap and what you want from your game. Same test using a 28 handicapper with lower clubhead speed than you would have probably yielded very different results. Bring some science to the party and show the figures!! Keep up the good work.

Keith Finley says:

Neat course.. . Not typical

Malcolm Hales says:

great videos as always, BUT, the background music is getting really loud and annoying. please turn it down

Jimtoledo says:

hahahaaa…love your content – Comparing Top flite and Pro V1 while wearing a Titelist hat…outcome predetermined? 🙂

ian campbell says:

Interesting. Can’t beat brand new Nike rzn platinum practice balls at £25 for 2 dozen. £12.50 a dozen for a ball Rory and Tiger both have used. £20a dozen for the non practice – they come in a box!

Pat Walzak says:

If the top flite is from the driving range, it is a “driving range ball”, they are built for durability not performance. If you’re a pro, you should know this.

Jack Tate says:

This was an unfair test.
There are low spinning cheap balls that will match for distance
If you play a cheap ball, then you are used to it’s flight and stopping power.
Therefore had you then switched to pro v you would come up short as they are stopping quicker than your usual ball and you would curse the better ball.
Unless you are getting maximum spin from your Pro v then I can match your stopping power with a high flighted shot from a cheap ball.

Simon Sutcliffe says:

It’s all down to putting. Putting a Top Flight is nothing like putting a Pro V1. Softer feel offers more consistency in distance control. IMHO.

matt raikes says:

Maybe it’s worth buying these expensive golf balls after all. Yeah right nice advert for titleist. Other manufacturers offer balls just as good as pro v 1 for a lot less especially if you buy in bulk.

Jamie Dick says:

get rid of the shit music.

Arturo Pena says:

top flite balls sound and feel like hitting a glass marble, although i prefer callaway balls, the difference is massive

MrGiraffics says:

This is just a waste of time, a player of your calibre (swing speed/consistency) is never gonna be a fair test for a budget ball. You need a mid/high handicapper, swinging about 85/90 to test a premium ball, a mid range ball and a budget ball. That would be far more interesting for the vast majority of Club golfers.

Andreas Malle says:

Great content James. Really like your channel. I do however have questions if you see this post. 1. Can´t you argue that distance is more a matter of knowing your ball? Did you play top flight for a month I would guess you knew you distance should be a 7 and not an 8 on the par 3. 2. Confidence is a big thing in golf. Do you have more confidence that the Pro V1 is just better ball when hitting?

I completely agree with you on the sound of the cheap balls they are horrible, and distance of the tee is sad to lose.


Kind of a no brainer that the pro v1 was going to out perform a range ball. Why not do a comparison between a middle of the road ball like a noodle long and soft and a pro v1. That would be more interesting

Craig Lundy says:

I play chrome soft true viz like 2c spin & how it reacts

Somsak Phisith says:

All I can say. It joked $10 a dozen and $50 a dozen. Get lost man.

joseph rob says:

Interesting videos, but god youre fucking annoying as hell. Stop acting like youre so fucking cool. Jesus we know you couldnt get on tour and you do this to try and fix youre ego. Your swing sucks for someone this involved in golf. And you think people are dumb enough to take advice on golf balls from a guy wearing a titleist hat? The whole theme was top flight “short short short”. Youre getting some sort of kick back aren’t ya. Can you please just keep doing the same content but stop acting like some kind of hard ass. Id love to sub but everytime i watch i just want to smack you like a little girl

Mark Foell says:

You need a robot to hit the balls in a lab environment.

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