Pick The Best Golf Ball For Your Game

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Pick The Best Golf Ball For Your Game with Mark Crossfield at the Titleist National Fitting Centre in St Ives UK. Mark talks golf balls with the help of Titleist RnD see why many of the worlds best golfers choose the golf ball they do and for what reason. So many golfers try to by golf balls on distance from the tee when you only hit around 14 drives in a round of golf with many more approach shots why would you not buy a ball that gives you more control around the greens. Play your best golf with the help of Mark Crossfield’s easy to understand golf videos for all golfers.


Grant Hilditch says:

Numbers, numbers, numbers. I want to see real data I can understand and relate to in the real world. What does that 1000+ rpm mean in actual reduced roll on a green or spin back. Out of 10 identical shots with each ball to the same pin would the PV1X actually be measurably closer? having said that, great videos Mark, Thanks

Beanione says:

Was using ProV1.  Very good around the greens but durability was shocking.  NXT Tour S is what I use now and it works very well for me.  

Paul Harrington says:

Now that I think about it, maybe it’s because most golfers don’t practice 20-50 yard pitch shots at the “driving” range

rogerthat says:

The spin is higher, but the launch is lower with the Pro V1x.  Does that mean it’ll have similar roll on the green?

No Here Kruger says:

“I prefer the Pro V1”

– Every 10+ handicapper ever.

So many yahoos on here talking about Pro V1, Callaway Tour, BS330 – give me a break. If you’re over a 10 handicap, you’re no where NEAR any of these type of balls. Most of the people on here would benefit just the same from Srixon range balls.

Nightfly Nick says:

I found it interesting that the pro v1 with all its spin rolled out 6 yards. The tour s with its surprisingly low spin rolled out 7 yards. 50 yard pitch and the difference was 3 feet. To me the overwhelming evidence is that if you aren’t really solid of the tee you’re silly to spend the extra money… I prefer the pro v but going forward that might change?

Ace Golfman says:

Usually the grooves of my irons still have dirt in them from the prior round. So, just gimme the straight ones, and keep it in play. Avoid the penalty shots.

Mark Hedetniemi says:

Mark, I preferred the sound of the NXT Tour S off of the club face better. How about one of these videos comparing the TaylorMade Tour Preferred X vs. Titleist ProV1X?

mpbyrne says:

Yep, golf ball for me is a cost decision, rather than performance. Obviously all the top end manufacturers make top balls which everyone should use. But agree with the comment below, save the money for the beer if you’re losing more than a couple of balls a round. I found the Srixon Soft Feel / AD333 are pretty good value balls for the performance and feel.

Alfie Boy says:

Just wondering if the guy Jonathon could’ve mentioned the words ProV and ProVx just one more time for us all?

Craig Fletcher says:

pro v1 is a good ball but some how i play better  .. putting and chipping with the( nike one ) ball and i play off a 12 handicap and that.s all what matters i think is what u are comfy with … and whats that below with i play off round about 10 -15 handicap .. play a tournement and find out what u play young man instead of guessing 

Stephen Masters says:

As mentioned by one other post, the roll after carry was essentially the same. The data showed the NXT landed softer which offset the higher spin of the Pro V. Am I missing something?

MotorcrossRacer1 says:

i cant wait till they put a gps tracking devide in balls, and u can track them on your phone while your at the course.  lol  im just saying

Richard Edwards says:

Hi Mark, I have a swing speed of 85-90 mph, does that mean that a pro v1 won’t suit my game?…my club pro advised using the Srixon AD333 or Titleist DT Solo

robert medlicott says:

the spin on the ball helps alot around and on the green but if your adding a bit of a slice when you use woods/driver, would the more spin on that particular ball make the woods and driver go more wayward when you hit them? 
im still a ‘learner’ golfer and if i used balls that add more spin, would it actually help me or hinder my game?

Jason Wayne says:

I have tried most brands and I always come back to the Pro V1x, It just fits my swing better and gives me the confidence I need when I play tournaments

P-M Meiners says:

Hi Mark, can you do a performance test with tour what ever it is named machine between a new ball and some balls that already have been hit for a couple of rounds. I’m wondering when you have to dish your ball.


Tom Donnelly says:

Interesting video, Mark! I’ve been through the Bridgestone ball fitting experience twice now. They use nothing but driver shots to produce their conclusions. Titleist, as documented by your video, bases their claims on short-game numbers. Is it possible that Bridgestone (and other low compression ball makers) are better off the tee and Titleist (and other “pro” ball makers, including Bridgestone with their tour ball) are better on the green? Could it be they are both right? Shame the rules of golf won’t let you play one ball off the tee and another around the green. Of course, casual players can do this since we “bend” many of the other golf rules already (like lost ball).

arty4358 says:

Hi Mark,
Have you been hitting the gym with the gorilla, I notice your club head speed has gone up quite a bit in the last year, maybe 10 mph. Any tips on how you achieved this increase? Thanks

Ian Simcox says:

Great video and very interesting to see the difference. Would love to see you do this test with some of the other companies’ premium balls to see if the Mizuno MP-S, Nike 20Xi or Srixon Z Star get anywhere near the RPM of the Pro V1.

dazzo67 says:

Im a 18 handicapper and could loose 4or more balls on a bad day… turns into a pretty expensive hobby if using pro v.also ive wondered how much ball choice matters at my level..

Brabre Borbisia says:

Hi Mark, I was wondering what dynamic loft is (last column of the data sheet) ? Also, why is the launch angle so different from one ball to the other ?
Also, if you calculate total distance minus carry distance you end up with 6.5 yards and 6.4 yards …. why is the difference so little ? … Because of the nature of the shot being played ?


GENO Dboy says:

Hi mark great video, can you compare pro v1x vs hex Crome +

JWalk says:

I love the prov1x but due to cost i tend to go to the nxt tour s…the main difference i find is in the way you get the ball to stop…the tour s can be controllable if you know how much the ball reacts on the green

Rory Wightley says:

I use taylormade lethal balls as I cannot tell the difference between prov1x and them. Also price is half of the prov1x!

Gino L says:

I can’t even consider pro v1(x)’s because of cost.  They cost far too much.

Will Charter says:

I have just noticed this video! Any plans to head to St Ives again? (Assuming Cambs looking at the suite)

doublet91 says:

Wilson Staff DUO!!!

Søren Eriksen says:

cost is too hight for ProV1. I’d like to see a video on what to choose as a mid to high handicap golfer, which isn’t too expensive.

KB94GT says:

I play the noodle s2f ball. For me it performs just as well as pro v1 at a third of the price.

flowerplate says:

Since the spin rate of the Pro-v Family is higher, does that mean if you do put a little bit too much fade or draw on the ball off the tee or with a long-mid iron you’re going to be punished more? 

aharonace bastian says:

I’m a junior golfer about a ten handicap I use prov1X but the prov1 I use for practing green shots

GrandmasterN says:

Question: The difference in rollout was 0.1 yard. Dispite all that spinn (stopping power) of the ProV1X. How come? What happened, that I’m not seeing?

GolfGod 1738 says:

Srixon z star. Green side spin and driving performance is superb. Far exceeds any other ball I’ve tried.

Paul Harrington says:

Hey Mark, You are right on the money!! The ball is what you use on every shot. It should fit your game. I don’t understand why golfers can’t get it.

Shanon Cuskelly says:

Mark, we love you but seriously, what is this crap? We want to hear your great independent opinions, not some idiot from Titleist chirping on in the background about how great his product is. Stick to your great comparison vids and scrap the product endorsement bullshit!

Danny Gomez says:

I completely agree that your reason for purchasing a ball should be because of the performance around the green! I am looking for a ball that would give me the little extra help with spin to stop on the green. I’m aware that my strike on the ball will determine how much spin the ball will have and would like that extra confidence of knowing that the ball is helping. I was hoping that you can show the spin rate on other brands: Nike RZN, Bridgestone 330RS, Callaway Chrome, Taylormade Project A… Thanks!

Eduardo Saldaña says:

Srixon Q star

Branden N says:

buying a fitted golf ball now, huh, ill just stick to finding them in the fescue 😀

johnathan smith says:

What are you using to get all the stats?

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