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Todd McKinnon says:

I have used the vivid and vivid xt balls. I like the xt version better(4 piece vs 3 piece ball) – better distance and better spin. The xt does have a firmer feel compared to the callaway chrome soft and other lower compression balls. I like the bright matte colors – they are easy to track in flight and are fun to play. It’s fun vs feel – right now I am having fun!

Cy Maronge says:

Blue would be my color. Looks like you took some of the black off the second ‘v’ in the ‘Volvik’ label for damage.

Daniel Smith says:

They are long golf balls. I hit one thinking I needed 168ys to an elevated green. It ended up hitting the second floor balcony of the club house which was on the hill behind the ninth green. It had to at least flew 195 yds.

chris wolfe says:

blue have used them as a novelty but they are hard to find sometimes.

Paul Brunt says:

My old man loves these cos he can see the ball flight all the way with the orange one. His distance and spin on the green seem to be comparable to any other ball he has used…. I did have a putt with them and I agree I didn’t like the feel

Mike Ferrannini says:


Larry Williams says:

I play with the orange and have ordered the red. My play time has been greatly reduced since I spend so much less time hunting my white ball!

Coldmiser487 says:

I would use the Orange ones it would look like I’m hitting clementines.
Hopefully these would be quite a bit easier to find (I’m slightly color blind).

Mike Eckert says:

The orange ball looks really neat how do they look at night with low lighting is the question im wondering.

Jon11 says:

Hmmm blue, green and red are the colours affected by colour blindness and also the colours Rick couldn’t see…

camelCase says:

Bubba’s on board. Doesn’t surprise me though with that guy.

Josephine Thomsen says:

I’d use pink, but I think the kiddos would be all about the blue.

Connor Thomas says:

I play the pink and red ones. I for some reason like the click sound off of my putter. And i dont have to try to hit them as straight. Since they are a low spinning ball.

Jeremiah Srofe says:

I’m really glad you reviews these balls I played with them and had the sam experience long drives no spin with the irons I used the bright yellow

Tim Garratt says:

Just played three rounds with the same bright green variety! Expensive, no because three rounds one ball… so far! I like that you think young golfers will be the audience, I was forty years ago!

Christopher Miller says:

Rick I’ve been hitting them and agree with the clicky feel but I kinda like em…the green ones are the ones but I would like to try the sherbet orange ones I have read that they are easy to see like u was saying. Great vid keep it rocking !!!
O one other thing u should try teeing off at high noon with no shades on with the green
WOW!!! U will see little spots, blinding!!

Michael Quinn says:

Its hard to tell on video. I would only buy these balls if they are as vivid as Petes teeth in the flesh.

luca francis says:

orange becuase why not

Matt Warren says:

Lime green for sure! Matches my Nike clubs!

L F Tipper says:

I love these balls! I’ve just bought a pack of the blues and the reds!

Its like a game of Overlord, (extra cool points to anyone who gets that reference!)

TJ Shine says:

I would HAVE to play with a pink one, as I outdrive all my buddies!

colinpearson2 says:

if you have trouble following the path of a standard golf ball, these are great for us with poor eyesight. shame they are a bit on the pricey side

Erik Sanchez says:

I’d rock the super GREEN! Cheers Shielsy!!

Roger Sturgeon says:

the whire one

Jiang Kris says:

i have used pink, love the distance, putting feels different

Kabir Chawla says:

I play the green one

darryl mills says:

Played with the orange one last Sunday and had the best round I’ve had for a long time!

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