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Simon Hobden says:

Rick, you should try doing an 18 hole round vs Mr Finch, changing balls every 3 holes. Both of you pick 6 different balls and go from there, see who wins. Don’t know why this came into my head, but you should definitely give it a go!

vvh121 says:

Review taylormade project (a) Golf ball!

Blah Blah says:

MOJO had a promotion at one time where they gave away a single colored ball in each dozen. The balls were similar to the white Volvik one in that it sparkled, and the color you got was random. I still have a purple one, but remember white and orange as well.

supremewone says:

Test the Volvik XT

Scott Giles says:

Rick, always performance. They don’t last too long in the desert anyway.

Jacques Swartz says:

Hi Rick. I have tried the S4 about 3 months ago. Amazing ball. Good feel and trajectory. Do agree about the durability. Played the white ball and it did scuff up badly after short iron shots. But then again, if you are a tour pro it doesn’t really matter. They tend to change balls after every hole/ second hole or wedge shot.

starflash08 says:

vivid are way better way more durable, s3 cut up terribly, unless you are a pro and free balls or play rock hard greens, go vivid

Marno De bruin says:

Hi Rick, I played this golf ball this weekend but it seemed to have an extremely clickly sound from the club? Did you experience this when you tested them?

Carlos Flores says:

I will use the V4.

Mike Nickel says:

So basically use the S3 because it went straighter.

Joe Dubiel says:

Gotta say though, great review. Very very through and well thought out. A little work on durability and they have a real winner. They should get on it and quickly. 🙂 Spider Dubiel

Happy gilmore says:

I haven’t bought any but I own 17 or so that I’ve found I’d say there not so hard to lose & long may it last haha my collection is looking awesome .

Tony Rodi says:

Mate, get over the colour thing. You sound like an old man who yearns for the old days! Are the balls fit for purpose? If yes then it might entice younger folk to the game. This must be good.

SEBE says:

This is not related but my IPad went from 10% charge to 25% charge in 1 minute.

dustin stonebraker says:

I feel like the bright colors would be better in low light conditions

David Wilson says:

Can you please review the cheaper 2 piece balls like taylormade burner soft, nxt tour etc etc

Mike Nickel says:

The S3 is for swing speeds of 90 to 105 mph and the S4 is swing speeds of above 105

RinerDC says:

went and picked up the PINK S4, I love the color of the ball. It played very well and i like it a bunch. Only downside was it was coming up short on putting, i thought it was just slow greens but put the TP5X back in play and started getting putts to the hole again(I was coming up 3-4 feet short). So nothing i couldnt get use to, but that is what i found. I played 1 ball a complete round and it looked great i had no problems with durability.

David Rosen says:

Could you test the vividXT. It would be interesting to see how it holds up against S3 and S4

flyingmolamola says:

I’ve been playing golf for over 30 years, and all we had in the beginning was white, or maybe rock hard yellow and orange. So I really like the fact that I can now play a good quality, brightly colored golf ball. And I have purchased the Volvik S4 (pink) Callaway Chromesoft Truvis (yellow), and Titleist Tour Soft (yellow) for that reason!!

So yes, I would and do play a brightly colored golf ball.

RinerDC says:

Can you do a review on the Vivid XT balls they say tour performance and our just as expensive as s3,s4.

Don McKnight says:

I only use colored golf balls.  I have an issue with my eye that for some reason, white anything makes me see double.  So putting was a wreck.  Anyway, I have tried all the colored ones on the market except SNELL and will say these are as good as any.  They do scuff easily though.  I am an 11 handicap guy so not great by any means.  So for me with the price point, the Vivids are good.  My buddies switched to the Vivids and he is bombing it and I can see a difference.  So for the average guy I think the Vivids and S3 are both great.  I tried them and it will be hard to get me off the Bridgestone 330RX but I do love the matte finish in the orange and red.

Brad Gale says:

Just looking at the two reviews Vivid and this one. Your actual pitching was better with the vivid in regards to how close you put them and almost holing out with one

L. Gyger says:

For people who can afford 5$+ golfballs durability shouldn’t really matter… Pro V1’s and V1x’s have a low durability as well. I don’t there think is any difference. You just see the scuffs more on a brightly colored golfballs than on a white one.

asliceofry says:

World long drive competition from last week was sponsored by Volvik and the competitors were using the coloured balls, you called it Rick.

Joe Dubiel says:

Too bad about the durability factor Rick. Maybe the company can make some adjustments to that. Lets hope so because the ball sounds like it has lots of good things going for it but durability is important. Still sticking with the Chrome soft. Spider Dubiel

1976axerhand says:

which one orange or pink is better to see in the air? thx

Random Person says:

Rick, you have to shorten these videos. Just too chatty. Can you just get to the point?

Play Vintage Golf says:

Surprised you didn’t mention Bubba using these last year. I think he’s happy to be done with that contract and back to the ProV1x

Spencer Cooper says:

Thanks to this review I bought a box of the lime green s4… first round with it was a little tough as I was getting a feel for it, but the second round I shot a 79, my first time breaking 80. Repeated the same score on a different course on the next round. Absolute dream of a ball. And I don’t find the green scuffs or wears out quite as quickly as Rick found with the others.

Patrick Names says:

Rick please do the Vivid XT.

karpid182 says:

Would love to see how the Duo Urethane tests out.

Samuel Lloyd says:

performed not preformed rick

Rick Shiels Golf says:

Hey thanks for watching! Quick question for you. Do you pick a golf ball on Performance, price or durability? ⬇️ COMMENT BELOW ⬇️

vince baire says:

Rick test the volvik vivid xt against pro v1

Bradon Wheeler says:

I have developed a problem following a white ball through the air. This has been very frustrating. I have recently tried the Vivid Orange ball and find it much easier to follow. I can get over the color of the ball if it means seeing the ball through the airl

Lewis Smith says:

I started using the volvik balls about a year ago after playing Wilsons tour balls for the past 20 years. I was diagnosed with chf and wanted to make golf fun again (7 hdcp) They out drive the FG tour ball I was playing and no ,they don’t have the feel on putting but they fly I still play from the regular tees (Im 60) while the others in my group play from the seniors and I still outdrive them. The one thing you left out of your review is ,they are fun! All club companies claim every new driver gets 10 extra yrds each year I got 30 just by changing balls

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