PGA GOLF PRO RICK SHIELS puts the new TITLEIST PRO V1 & PRO V1X GOLF BALL through a vigorous testing process. Taking them from the green all the way back to hitting full drivers. Rick also carries out a durability test with the golf balls


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RoughGolf says:

looks like the TP5 out performs the Pro V 1 by miles!


Rick Thank you thats was great loved the box throwing bit (what was the Spin on the Box LoL). At the end of all the testing of Balls can you compare all data ie Titleist/Srixon/Bridgestone/Taylormade and so on as i am going for a new ball .

Helmutsmit says:

Great comprehensive test rick, well done

Jytrox says:

I pick a ball based on how much I dont care if I lose it

Sten torian says:

could you compare the Callaway Chrome vs TP5x/TP5

Brian Chowaniec says:

Any chance on a srixon z star/XV review?

Me says:

5:43 with just 5 shots (down to 3) i dont think that is scientific enough to make conclusions. You should do, I would say, 10 hits and then eliminate any mishits. To be scientific you need to eliminate as many variables as possible and with just 3 shots on each its likely that other variables caused the differences (such as swing power, launch angle, etc).

Albany Fx says:

How much carry distance difference between a prov1 vs a hard or long distance ball? Like a Callaway superlong 55

Mike Grupp says:

Rick, I really like the golf ball comparison and it got me to try new balls. can you do a comparison with Bridgestone B330 tour. I also think it would to compare companies.

Nicholas Johnson says:

Got to admire the depth Rick has done into. But I am willing to bet that for the vast majority of amateurs they will see no real life difference between all the top end balls. Just buy the cheapest one.. 😉

Jake Bishop says:

gee maybe the higher dynamic loft on the seven iron shot made the pro v 1 go higher.

CrushOfSiel says:

I swear you can feel a ball on a driver. For the longest time when I started playing I gamed top flite. After a few months I bought some new ball Nike came out with. The first time I hit it it felt like the ball was a piece of play dough in comparison to my usual ball. I couldn’t believe the difference. I know I must have found different balls here and there and hit them, but for sure between those two balls there was an enormous difference.

Jonathan Gordon says:

Why do you say testing with a driver is not as important when comparing balls? Surely there is a need to investigate ‘exceptional distance’ claims by manufacturers. Do you not find much difference in how far the ball carries and rolls out between models/brands with same launch conditions?

Peter '03 says:

can you do a bridgestone test

Thomas says:

50 fps is so freaking good on a 144hz monitor… YESSSSSSSS

MRphoenix 721 says:

Did anyone see the roller coaster in the background

Luke Teal says:

Very good review

David Labbe says:

Did you say new Ping eye 2 7 iron? around the 6:26 mark.

Jared Gulaga says:


Martin Moore says:

Thanks Rick. Very thorough. Some differences as you mentioned but virtually no difference in performance. ie carry distance and total difference. Thanks. Looking forward tot he tp5.

MrCadfish says:

Well done on the video editing

matsgurkgunnarsson says:

Great review as always Rick 🙂 Is Vice Pro and Vice Pro Soft among the 22 balls you’ve tested? Would be interesting to hear your view on those. Thanks.

John Lawlor says:

How do these balls compare into and down wind? as I hear Rory has gone with the Taylormade because its better in the wind.

George Petrou says:

loved the video – waiting for tp5x review and bridgestone 330 reviews 🙂
I currently play Tour Preferred x and they say it is a long ball with low flight and high spin (due to thick urethane cover)
whilst all of that is true.. how is it now the tp5x is meant to have “best spin” with now one of the thinnest Urethane covers EVER ive seen on a golf ball. it doesn’t make sence. i understand the science, however im more concerned with not having my ball stopping for clubs that 7-pw where you take a full swing on a par3 but want that stopping power of spin since the ball is mean to have spin taken off.

also on this review is it possible that yur flight heights could be due to each time you have 1-2° extra dynamic loft on pro V1 causing the 1-2° launch/peak height differences. it would make sence, considering Pro V1 2017 is advertised to be lower flighted thab pro v1x and you got opposite results?

Thanks Rick

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