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Joe Dubiel says:

I think if you don’t lose golf balls Rick the durability is a big factor. Long lasting balls are great. However many do in fact lose golf balls. I do like the durability of this one though. Thats good news. Sounds like it holds the green okay and the spin numbers are okay. I think feel is a big factor too though especially when putting and chipping on. So I would have to try them and see. As I mentioned earlier though I do like the Callaway Chrome soft. I am going to try some of these DT TRUESOFT and see what I think. Great review Rick. Thanks. Spider Dubiel

Ben Foust says:

Rick, what does Titliest say the compression rating is for this ball?

Just your average golfer says:

I’ve just started playing these and love them. Good price and good performance. Thats what I’m looking for. I lose to many to pay more for a ball. Great review Rick

mervyn bucksey says:

just started using them i like the results good price

James Gregg says:

Use this ball a lot and absolutely love it

Mike Ferrannini says:

I like the durability part of this review….if I see them on sale I might buy some.

Erland Lestander says:

Is it fair to test feel outside in cold weather?
This could be a completely different ball in the summer.

Mark Devlin says:

Get Rob to test it against a proV to see the numbers of an avg swing speed.

stingraynz says:

Anyone heard any rumblings from Santa Shiels yet?

David Oh says:

You actually thought the Pro v1 felt softer on the greens? I’m putting with both balls right now. There is no possible way.

martin hastie says:

Very imformative review. Please do a Snell ball review. It is my gamer. I am a PGA Pro . Amazing ball.

Matthew Montague says:

How’s a ball speed of 158 mph flying 288 and rolling out 307 yards? I think you need to recalibrate your GC2.

Joe Dubiel says:

Rick, I just tested these Titleist dt truesoft balls. I bought the bright yellow ones. Playing conditions are low 40s here in New England today. I noticed the compression on these is similar to the Callaway Chrome soft which is my regular ball that I play with. I was hoping for a more reasonably priced ball as the Chrome softs are about 40 bucks a dozen. I am honestly shocked! This Titleist true softs played extremely well for me. They carried well on the driver shots. I was wondering how they would play hitting the green. They held the green very well. Much better than the Callaway Supersoft. They chipped on well and also putted extremely well. I was afraid they would be too jumpy but they were perfect. They remind me of the Chromesoft except they have a much more durable cover than either the chromesoft or supersoft. This is a very very impressive ball. The bright yellow stands out well here in New England among the many leaves that are out there. I am glad I saw your review and wanted to put my own review out there as well. 5 Stars for this one. I am so impressed by these that I will be playing them from now on. 17 of the 18 holes I played today with them were either a par or bogey. Spider Dubiel

oliverfreakout says:

Would love to se you test a brand new ball compared to lake balls.. A lot of us use those.

Niklas Höglund says:

The spin with the 7 Iron is about the same with the PRO v1 when you reviewed The i200?

Tigersmundo says:


ian campbell says:

Just use one of these and a seven iron an tell me we should be buying £35-40 a dozen golf balls

Kellen M says:

Too firm. Spin is too low on shots that are less than full swings. Pairing these with game improvement irons would be ultra low spin.

fergytheprop says:

I would like to see a head to head vs the Vice Pro Soft which is about half the price of Titleist offerings.

William Howard says:

The trusoft is not as soft as a pro v1, but soft enough.

Steve Smith says:

Titleist sent me a sleeve around 4 months ago, and agree with all you said about it. The durability has been exceptional as I’ve played the same ball off and on for the 4 months and not a mark on it yet.

Lee c says:

interesting very interesting

Leon Neab says:

** Please do Callaway super soft review **

halloween Dolbeau says:

Interesting comments. I’m glad Titleist introduced a golf ball that fits weekend golfers. ‘Caus most of us don’t earn a living playing golf, right?

randy underwood says:

did i miss a review of the wilson duo line? perhaps a head to head of several “ultra soft” is in order. and now we have the snell ball. from the guy who designed the prov1

dj johnson says:

Hey Rick could you do a test on some vice golf balls?

Luis Ramirez says:

Please test the Wilson Staff Duo. Becoming a very popular ball.

Gary Coughlan says:

this is the ball I use. its a DTsolo by a different name. Plays the exact same. There are loads of reasons why I like this ball. suits my game and ability to the ground. think you’re doing it a slight disservice by expecting more softness in control an putting. do you putt that down to Titleists marketing?

Lamarcus Brown says:

Good golf ball for the price

Ty wilkinson 13 says:

Cool vid, please do a face off between titelist sm6 vokey wedges and the tm milled grind wedges, having a hard time choosing between those two… thanks

Ulrich Bohmer says:

Thanks for the awesome videos. Quick question. Most club manufacturers put tungsten in the toe of their long irons for forgiveness as well as for the added weight in the toe which they say theoretically will speed up the toe trough the swing to help you square the face up at impact. But then in adjustable drivers they put the weight in the toe to make it more fade biased, because they say it slows the toe down through the swing. Can you please explain this in a next video as according to the club manufacturers the same technology gives the opposite results in different clubs. This does not make sense. Thanks Rick.

60DegreeLobWedge says:

I really like the trusoft. I get enough spin for a 50-100yd shot to end up really close to its pitch mark vs a pro v that will occasionally back up off the green (it looks really cool but not ideal). And durability matters to me as I end up in the sand and bounce them off cart paths more than I should.

Stephen Smith says:

Nice review! I was looking for a link to the product in the description but found nothing! A lot of youtubers earn some extra by putting affiliate links in the description with links to products, but I’m no 100% sure how it works. Anyways, since you do so many reviews, maybe worth checking it out? Also for the standard what’s in my bag etc… (even putting links to what camera you use, apparel etc…)

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