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Chris Roman says:

Hi I used the CS for the front nine and then the Srixon z star on the back nine last week and noticed I scored better with the CS than the zstar. In saying that I found the z star going further off the driver but other than that there was little separating the two golf balls.

ken ee says:

Rick, ive noticed if i bounce different make of balls on a solid hard floor they bounce at different levels, also some bounce for longer periods, is there any useful information to be gained in a bounce test, that would relate to performance when hit with a club.

Ken B says:

great review Rick – thanks for answering so many questions I had. I use Chrome Soft now and was wondering about the other two – might try the supersoft just to see.

Kyle Davenport says:

Big chrome soft fan.. but could you do a Wilson staff ball test? Always great and informative Rick. .

James Gibson says:

Supersoft big winner especially when price is factored and you can pick them up at close to a pound a ball

Michael Hake says:

in-possible.. haha love it great review as always mate

Bigslick904 says:

Long time pro v player. Switched last year to the chromies. I love the muted sound and the softer feel. I tried the new super soft for two rounds and could not get them to sit when I was chipping. I’ll be sticking with the chromies

Javelle Kimmons says:

awesome video. plenty of food info !

MrKyle513 says:

Geting a case of supersofts tonight!

Andrew Parry says:

Does higher spin mean it is also less forgiving on off-centre hits? What do the numbers below in each entry mean? e.g. under the wedge backspin number for supersoft it says 270.

Geep1778 says:

I’ve played my best rounds w super soft and I like them a lot. However I sometimes play a pro v if I find one and I can def. drive that farther but it’s less controlled. Idk what that means to yall but I’ll take more controlled over distance anytime… Trying to hit max distance shots just kills my scorecard.

Rob Mc says:

Switched to the Supersoft last year and they’ve been great. I wonder though, this is a very fair test but the swing and ball speeds react based on Rick’s swing i.e. a pro. What are the differences in the balls if an average amateur player performed the tests? Personally, I have quite a low swing speed and medium distance so is it worth me shelling out an extra £10 per box on Chrome Soft?

Joe Perez says:

Great test! My previous playing partner (77 years old) back in NYC bought the Super Soft and *he* said he’d never felt a softer ball. It’s all he plays with now. If you test the B330s, include the RX models. Not everyone who subscribes to your channel is a millennial. P.S. I can’t believe someone out there actually went through the trouble of inventing a tool specifically to cut a golf ball in half, but I guess the industry folks need it, at least to check quality control.

Dave Reid says:

Hello Rick just wondered if you could help me with a very simple question. as a beginner golfer from everything ive read or heard or watched. I think I need a Soft Low Spin Low compression ball to start of with. Would the calloway supersoft fit this bill. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Dave

Graham W says:

Could you do a comparison of the AD333, AD333 Tour and the Z Star? All very popular balls!

Chewy V says:

I play the Super Soft I think they’re are just amazing for the price you can’t beat a very premium super soft feeling quality ball for under $20 a box on Amazon. Period.

Michael Pope says:

Mr. Shiels, can you do a review on the Wilson Fifty Elite golf ball? I believe this golf balls is a hidden secret. We call them Pro V Wilsons, because they are good around the greens and you get good distance off the tee. Plus the price is great. You will be surprised….Thank you

Bob Smith says:

I’d love to see a test between a low low low level top flite vs a tour ball (prov1, tp5, etc)

Joe Dubiel says:

I usee both the supersoft and the Chrome soft. Like them both. Chrome soft holds the green better. However I believe the supersoft has been improved for 2017 and now holds the green better than it did before. I guess some changes to the outside jacket of the ball. I still believe though for holding the green the Chrome soft is best as that. The Supersoft is longer.

AKnarian says:

Outer core. Love it.

Ren May says:

Loved playing the SuperSoft when it first came out. Not a high spin player, so I don’t miss the backspin. But it gave me great distance off the driver and fairway woods, nice high launch with low spin. But I got 6 dozen ChromeSoft Truvis for free and have been using them for the last couple of years. Now I really want to try the new 2017 version of the SuperSoft, but they are hard to get here in the Philippines, unless you don’t mind paying the shipping fees. Maybe I can find some when I go to Taiwan in October.

Paul Houghton says:

Great review Rick!

Scotty doesn'tKNOW says:

I love taylormade clubs and balls. It the super soft ball is my favorite ball ever.

Luis Ramirez says:

I was using the Chrome Soft Truvis. But got a few dozens of Nike Rzn for very low price during their liquidation. Wow those were amazing golf balls! Thinking of picking up a few more on ebay.

Julian Roberts says:

Cheers Rick another top review

chillywilly3610 says:

Did I miss the Volvik comparison ??

Chad Allon says:

Rick , please do a video on Irons / clubs to buy on a budget even second hand .Not all of us can afford a brand new M1 or M2 set 😛 Thanks bud

Grandpa says:

I am a high handicap (19), as was recommended the supersoft. I like it, but have noticed it does not stop on the greens like the Srixon that I previously used.
Can you recommend a ball that would suit me as a senior player but I don’t want to spend a fortune on golf balls!

Terry Young says:

Great long awaited and needed test Rick. Been watching you for years this just made me subscribe…

Wisconsin Golf says:

I played with the super soft, i could not spin a chip for me life.

Tonald Drump says:

I use chrome soft and I get my 7 iron to stop after 1 or 2 yards

Mac 503 says:

Hey Rick can you do a review on the Bridgestone golf ball series?

Gary Weiss says:

Fantastic Review, expertly done, justifies the SuperSoft as a very good value ball; I still need to try the Soft and X

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