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Stuart Macphee says:

Another great video Mark, I started using the Vice Golf ball last year and found it to perform just as well as any of the premium and more established brands. Have you seen or tried this ball???

moose05focus says:

I’m a fan of the chrome soft Travis. The colors help line the shot up, easier to see in the air and grass, great feel from 150 yards in and you can see the spin and check

singleta says:

I’ve shot my four lowest scores with four different balls, one of which was a budget ball. I still haven’t settled on a final choice. It will probably be Pro v1 though because I find more of them than any other ball!

John Jones says:

would defintely go on price point, cant really justify paying £40 per box of pro V1s when essentially, if you are hitting the ball well other brands (leaser in price) will do the same job and get the same results. ive tried many balls out, and havent noticed much of a difference in results

tigerbalm says:

My left ball sac goes just as far and spins like a ProV…overpriced for muda overpriveledged…

Peter Robinson says:

I used to use Pro V 1 x mainly because of the sound off the putter face. Tried Pro V and kept leaving all my putts short as the sound was duller. I tried the Callaway Chrome Soft and they are now my ball of choice as I am getting the same results as I did with Pro V 1 x not only in distance but also around the green and they sound the same. The fact that they are a lot cheaper than the Pro V’s is also a bonus. At the moment there are a lot of deals available between the 2015 Chrome Soft and the new one. Would I notice a difference, I doubt it so I am currently stocking up on good quality 2015 golf balls………..

Drin King says:

I much prefer red numbers over black ones, weird

Taylor Zalewski says:

I play the srizon z star xv, not only because I love them, but also because like no one else uses them around me so it’s always easy to identify my ball. I feel like they are more durable than the prov1x and have the closest feel to them


I have a question rather than a comment. What is the real difference between a two piece ball and a 3 piece ball? Why would a 13 handicapper like me spend the extra money on a 3 piece ball (which I actually do)?

pickin4you says:

For me and the good balls, which I do buy., the Titleist is the worst one for me. Great around the greens, but I cannot hit the fairway with it. The Callaway Chrome soft is just plain more accurate for me off the tee. I know you mentioned started at the green and working back, but if you miss the fairway completely most of th time with a certain ball, then thats not going to get you to the green in fewer strokes. I hit the Callaways good and Srixons are pretty good, but the Callaways just seem to be more consistent off the tee. Now I still have some of all the balls I have mentioned, and still test them, but the Callaway keeps winning out. One ball I have not tried yet, which I hear is supposed to be more forgiving, is the Taylor Made TP ball.

denmark39 says:

+GolfOnline the sound on your friend is not good at all.

13gopostal says:

I’m not a techie equipment guy. Go on feel and I’m very open minded to any ball. Mark you should try a ball call the MG C4 Tour. Tested on robot against Pro V1 & $19.99. I’ve gamed it for about 54 holes and love it.

jerry chatham says:

I’ve often wondered that as well with the whole (for players with swing speeds above 105).. Does that mean you can only use your driver to hit these balls with. Your 7 iron is only gonna go 85 and wedges even less

Scott Pasiechnyk says:

I pick my golf balls by what I find in the woods. 🙂

Doug Booth says:

I couldn’t get used to the Chromies, still not quite sure why? currently use Vice Pro, they’re a German ball company, very similar to Titleist Pro V1 but < half the price

khure says:

I always look around for a good sale on a premium golf ball at the beginning of the year. For example I got a couple boxes of titleist dt for $15 USD/box and have been happy with those. Knowing I’m playing a quality ball with a good deal makes me not worry if i lose one.

playandteach says:

In a bunch of lake balls, a Calloway chrome soft 1 ball flies off the putter compared to all the others – can’t even feel the contact. It does go in the hole more, but I can often be much further past. Is that a good thing?

liam f says:

I buy 2nd hand Pro V 1’s. I buy them for feel around the greens
No point in buying any new balls, i have lost every golf ball i have every owned

nosoupforyou says:

Prov1 aint shit. Remember Tiger’s chip in at Augusta? It was a Nike. A golf ball is a golf ball. Unless it was disguised to be a Nike and was actually a Prov1 lol

David Lee says:

When I’ve used the last of my Mizuno MPS’s I’m changing to the Dunlop DP1. I started using the Mizuno because they hold greens better than any ProV I’ve ever used. I tried the Dunlop (sceptically) on the recommendation of two other players, both have single figure h’caps & play at different clubs. When the 2nd one recommended this Dunlop, I asked him to give me one to use in a practice round.
Of course, based on one round I’m not going to claim that it controls as good as the MPS but, it is without a doubt as close to the Mizuno & Titleist as any other ‘premium’ ball I’ve ever tried and are half the price.
I’ve got a seasons worth of Mizuno MPS for this year, but if the Dunlop DP1 is still available next year at £20 p/doz I’m in!

viperr007 says:

Nitro’s 5.99 a box

danny collins says:

I play the chrome soft because i was able to get the tru vis for the same price. £25 I think it was. Now that they have gone up though more tempted to get last years taylormade tour preferred as they are on sale at £25 too.

Lee Marples says:

So is it a misconception that manufacturers recommend a certain type of golf ball based on club head speed, find it really confusing.

Bob Pfaff says:

I take the point of growing up with Titleist balls etc. Growing up I played whatever I found as I couldn’t afford premium balls. That is part of the reason I play ProV’s now. That said, TM balls don’t seem to impede Jason Day and Nike don’t seem to impede Rory – if I was paid millions in sponsorship money I would happily play a concrete ball – “concrete soft” has a certain ring to it!

Richard Hannam says:

Being a bit of a saddo, I tracked the adverts of a well known ball over some years. Each successive advert claimed more length, spin & higher flight. After 10 years, I worked out that the ball now carried 1.22 miles at a peak altitude of 481 feet & was travelling, at its peak, faster than the speed of sound. Unfortunately, it was now spinning so much, it ran a real risk of burning up in the atmosphere. You can imagine what it did to a green coming down from that height with all that spin. So being asked to join another club became a very regular occurrence.
Similarly, balls that have increasingly softer feel now don’t go anywhere as they’re stuck to the clubface.
On a more serious note, I play with the same ball all the time so that I can get used to its characteristics, especially inside 100 yards & on the green. Our game is all about consistency after all – isn’t it?

bigegg7170 says:

I chose my ball by whatever I find in the bushes.havent bought a ball in two years..

Justin Amick says:

I’m always looking for sales and then stocking up for the season bogo Nike rzn red or white for $15 a dozen bought 10dzn

Mr33223322 says:

He also sings in the proclaimers & presents top gear.

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