Kirkland Signature Golf Ball

Kirkland Signature Golf Ball reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark talks launch monitor numbers and gets out on the golf course to see what the Kirkland Signature golf ball has to offer. Reviewed up against his gaming golf ball, the Callaway Chrome Soft.

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pschilleru says:

The one factor that was not mentioned was the cost. You are comparing a $40/dozen ball with $15/dozen ball. While a golf pro, golf instructor, or avid amateur might be able to discern those differences you listed, the average player is getting a near pro tour quality ball for less than TopFlites.

I for one will be very saddened if Costco does not bring them back.

Maybe we can create a conspiracy theory about the Tier 1 ball manufacturers ganging up against Costco!! LOL

redlinejcw says:

Great review Mark. Love the “feels” compilation at the end.

darryl richardson says:


TJ Shine says:

But how did it feeeeeeel??? 🙂

Nick Hough says:

Nice vid Mark, I’m a Pro V man bruh and have a dog that finds LOTS for me, so even at the Kirkland price, I’ll be playing Pro Vs. But they seem to be a REAL option for people in the 10-24 h’cap range who maybe lose 2 or more balls per round. Lower than 10 people can be a bit more picky and if they keep a ball ‘in play’ for 10 or more holes, the durability issue will probably sway them. I know you’re a Callaway/FJ man now, but I’ve always found the 2015 Pro V to out last ANY other manufacturer in terms of scuffs and durability. New wedges can really cut up those Truviz babies, and Lockie’s driver!
BTW one other thing – you have a shed load of Gopro’s etc, any chance of putting one ‘out there’ when your testing and giving us some ‘greenside’ (or fairway) landing shots for these on course tests?? It would fit nicely with the DJI footage! Cheers bruh! 🙂

Tony Westwell says:

Very interesting price point for these golf balls, but no good if you can’t get hold of them. Durability not an issue with me, loose a few during the season. Good review Mark thanks.

Jay Shoff says:

Heard Costco is stopping manufacturing

Paul Richards says:

That was a another really interseting video. I instantly looked online to see if you could buy these and was amazed at the price people want for them on the auction sites! I think they’ve missed the point that its supposed to be a low cost ball. How about a test with some of the classic ‘bad balls’. The Donnay’s, top flight and Slazenger etc…It would be nice to see the numbers in comparison to the usual suspects.

Richard Drew says:

The Wilson SL9000 “GREEN” balls were great, cheap balls as well. I would imagine it will be a similar experience and eventually the Kirkland balls will either be discontinued or unable to buy.

Colin Campbell says:

So what are you saying?? Ha Good review, as a high handicapper (16) it all comes down to feel then cost! I lost 10 cromies in one round! Took me a week to mentally get over it! Will try the kirklands if I can get hold of any.

PkGam says:

Update to my earlier comment, kind of. It looks like I or anyone for that matter will be able to get a hold of them as production of them has been suspended, at least for now. MyGolfSpy suspects they won’t be coming back, but I sure hope they do.

Hacker golf says:

So I should probably clean the grooves on my wedges

BF golf says:

they suspended production of this ball

Mark Scott says:

At last a sensible and meaningful review of a new golf ball. Far better than someone else just smacking them down a range with a launch monitor.

Louis Cunningham says:

Why were the spin rates so low with a 56 degree wedge?

g bb says:

But how does it feel?

Taius Yoo says:

Mark: can’t believe that Costco ball made it to the UK. I’ve found it feels like a Pro V. These suckers are flying off the shelves in North America and very difficult to find.

Dustin Birrell says:

I started gaming these mid summer when I people first started talking about them on Reddit and ended up buying 4 dozen to last me through the fall. I really enjoy how they played, I did notice they can get squirrley around the greens due to the lack of spin you also found. Mark had me cracking up “ooooo I holed it” casual 25 footer. Keep up the great vids!

Nicholas Engelhardt says:

Odyssey O-works putter sighting!

LCA2007triglobal says:

Now that it is out that these were simply rebranded Quattros what you think?

John Lawlor says:

Have you ever compared a beaten up or worn ball compared to a brand new one? I’ve a ProV1 in my bag, i’ve had him in the bag for about 3 months now and he comes out for minor competitions. I call him lucky Jim now. I even lost him one week and found him 2 weeks later. But am i losing much distance compared to a new ProV1? I’d say if I hit him into the water he’d bounce off a rock, come back and hit me in the face.

james Jackson says:

What about the snell golf ball ?

Rich Griffiths says:

there is a 3 piece, urethane cover ball in the UK, that you can buy for £19.99/a dozen…… I’ve been using them for 18months….. the Dunlop DP1 V3….. a fantastic ball! (I play off 3.8, i ditched the Pro V1)

Adam Schenkelberg says:

Love the editing in this video.

Ken B says:

thanks Mark – like the test(s)

Ed says:

Ahh some famous Guru chipping

PeteC says:

Phil will be happy…

Jpgundarun says:

Hey Mark, ever get the feeling that no matter what premium ball you hit the results will be very similar?

edwin lambley says:

Nice review. Can you test your C.S & Vice pro?

Jacob Streiff says:

so much talk about Phil

alo13gm says:


Mathew Ruybal says:

it’s a Quattro. a sham. out of production. never produced in the first place to my understanding. my golf spy is the source.

Andrés Dionis says:

A couple of things, Crossfield: first, I like very much the way you are able to lough at yourself (this is the main reason why I see your vlogs instead of other’s); second, In my case durability is not a factor to take into account, cause I lose at least two or three balls per round…

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