Kirkland Golf Ball Review

Join our new community on Patreon! – Testing the legendary Kirkland golf ball from Costco, see how the new 3-piece design compares with the original 4-piece ball that was so popular!

Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada
Featuring: Ian Fraser & Matt Blois


Raymond Tam says:

Thanks for the shout out, guys! Ian and Matt, the two of you have provided all of us viewers with such great and free content that I thought I should give back to the community by giving you the Kirkland golf balls for the unbiased review.

theFMA_nl says:

how you liking those z765? got them myself and absolutely love them, using it as an step-up to srixon or mizuno blades in a couple of years (depending where my swing and golf is at that time)

Kenny Grinols says:

Cut Blue vs Cut Grey Next! Make sure to post and keep a ‘baseline’ comparison with each video. It would be nice to see you put each test up against 2-3 previously tested balls. Like in this video if you put the results side by side against the ProV1 and 1X results, etc. Keep up the great work!

C. Richard says:

Great Review Ian & Matthew! Keep the awesome reviews coming!

Mase says:

Got my first hole in one with the 3pc. Fantastic ball.

Russell Presley says:

Any way to test these in wind? That’s where I’ve heard that they don’t perform too well.

Keith Finley says:

Old one sounds like AVX

Ian White says:

How does the cover stand up as the original didn’t last and is it available in the uk

invisaman75 says:

Last year someone gave me an original 4 piece Kirkland ball to try and I was impressed. I went online to buy them and they were out of stock. When they came back in stock I decided not to buy them because I felt I was buying a “Unicorn”. I am glad I didn’t because it is not even the same ball.

Jeff Calhoun says:

Good video , as mentioned before, your only limited to 2 doz per membership, that being said, I started looking for a replacement for these, am currently using new Titleist Tour Soft, they seem every bit as soft as the Kirkland’s. Any chance on a review of the Tour Softs?

Ryan Maille says:

Great video. My old man had stocked up on the original Kirkland ball. It was a great ball but the fact of not being able to buy more when needed had turned me off to it. Nothing worse than getting used to something then having to change due to availability.

He also stocked up on the new 3 piece when released.

Overall i preffered the original, but very glad to see this comparison video

NineTo5 Golf says:

Great video, as always. A couple of my buddies swear by the 4-piece. My question is, is there a threshold swing speed where higher compression starts to give more ball speed, or is it sort of across the board that no matter what swing speed, the higher compression ball will be faster with lower spin?

clem fisher says:

Had a quick look at the site and could not find these – pity

Randy Mahony says:

I found a new 3 piece under a pine tree and it had been there for a while so I hit it just to see how it felt. To me it felt like hitting a rock so I hit it again into a hazard , I would never play it.

walter s says:

Did you guys just buy those from Costco Canada?

Keith Finley says:

Why did Matt switch? Face/groove wear? They were almost new… Not to knock the Srixons

Claudio Perfetti says:

Are these only available in the US?

Jim Laidley says:

I managed to get 8 dozen 4-piece balls earlier this year. Have enjoyed them greatly (once I got over the “stigma” of playing a Costco ball). Anyone else who I’ve given balls to play hasn’t noticed a difference from the Pro V1x. Got my first hole-in-one in 41 years with a Kirkland ball so it will be forever in my trophy case. If they go on sale again I’ll stock up again. 3-piece will be too spinny for me.

wharffratt says:

Could you guys please test the volvik s3 and s4 balls. Thank you guys. Loving these killer videos!

Dylan Coo says:

I thought Matt got fit for the muira irons ?

grumpy2159 says:

You guys need to check out Vice golf balls.

Robert Salazar says:

Thank you for your review excellent opinion, liked the 4 piece ball but felt a little hard click on putting. I like the soft feel and higher spin and I wouldn’t have tried the three piece ball but now after your review it looks like the better ball for me thank you!

Rick Bethea says:

Quick question… If I’m a senior with much slower swing speeds ( 7 iron going 135-140 yards), would the new 3 piece Kirkland ball be a good choice because I might realize higher spin rates, too?

Tom Frederick says:

Since getting back into the game this is a great test and good advice. I recall not losing a ball during a round 18 years ago and maybe using two because one got scuffed or nicked. Last round I lost a dozen balls 🙁 so your review is very timely.

Howie Land says:

Can anyone shed some light on this: Comparing a premium ball at $50/dz. to an “ordinary” ball at $20/dz., what’s the difference in manufacturing costs or profit margins? If you compare *only* manufacturing costs, is it fair to say premium balls are over-priced?

Gary Cumberland says:

I purchased the 4 piece about 6 months ago at a Costco in CA USA, they sold out really quickly and there was a two box price at $29, four box (doz) limit. I have not seen them since so I guess they were old stock. They now have the 3 piece ball at $25 same deal on limit. I find that the 4 piece felt softer but can’t tell if I am imagining it. Pleased you tried them, I still have four doz of each, with my game I just couldn’t refuse the price. Thanks for another great video

Jon Meehan says:

Is there anything in the manufacturing process between a Kirkland golf ball and a Titleist golf ball as an example that could warrant an opinion that the Titleist golf ball is better overall? As Titleist is a golf ball manufacturer first and foremost, I would think that they have more, or tighter, tolerances throughout the manufacturing process that would produce a more consistent golf ball as compared to a Kirkland type of ball? Is it even possible to test that? Like I’m know this ProV1 is manufactured to a stricter tolerance and it is the purest golf ball money can buy, but it soars into the lake at the same launch angle and spin rate as a Kirkland or Vice golf ball. Actually I don’t really know what my point is anymore. Just wanted to leave a comment. Love the vids!

Nate Kyle says:

thank you very much for the video. this is extremely interesting and good to know going forward. much appreciated!

David Lee says:

Can you do a video on the most spinny ball? Kirkland 3 piece, TM project A, Chromesoft, TP5, ProV1x

Julio Rodriguez says:

Very interesting vid guys. I just got back from a golf trip in WA state and kept finding these Kirkland balls in the woods (unfortunately I was in the woods with my own issues)

Anyway very soft covered balls.

Anyone know if Costco here have them available?

David Minchin says:

How well did they last, did the cover cut up?

Matthew Gove says:

Tried the new three piece Kirkland Performance + yesterday…I’m sold! Recently, I’ve been playing top end brands, but not any longer. No loss is distance and surprising “drop and stop” reaction on approach shots…the high spin wasn’t a factor (for me). They feel a bit firm off the driver, but amazingly soft on the irons and putter…almost as good as the old balata feel. And for Costco members you can’t beat the price of $23.99 USD for TWO dozen. The most surprising aspect of my test was the durability. After 18 holes and a few tree encounters the ball still looked virtually brand new…no marks, maintained color, and ready for another round.

Martin Dawson says:

Great video. Thing is what makes Kirkland awesome is price. A high end 3/4 piece ball for the price of a two piece. Whether you buy the 3 or 4 piece it’s a step up in ball performance for no difference in price and that’s what gives it shelf appeal. The test is more picking a ball on the same price point and going head to head. I bet then Kirkland becomes something special

Stein Fonell says:

Cool comment at 6.50 and good for future references when doing this type of tests “got to adjust a little bit” … which is also part of your key selling point (connected to ball fitting). Yeah you may have to adjust your clubs due to playing a particular ball vs. buy another type of ball and no adjustment may not be needed.

Ryan Baker says:

Can you please do a tp5 vs pro v face off with all 5 balls

Brian Hagenbruch says:

Could you guys please do a comparison of “Cut” brand balls vs other premium balls?  They seem to be a good performer, and I would like to see one of your analysis videos to see how well they actually stack up.  Please test the Cut Blue!  Thank you so much guys, love your videos!

mat tisdale says:

If you had to compare the 3pcs to another major ball out there what would you think it would be? Also were you able to get them from Costco here in Canada?

Terry Johnson says:

Matt, you commented that you might use a sleeve of these this weekend. Can you let us know what the result is?

dufferjuice says:

Great review! You guys are my new favorite golf channel. I just wish you had a facility in the Pacific Northwest of the US so I could get a fitting. Keep up the good work

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