I bought some ILLEGAL golf balls!

I bought some ILLGEAL golf balls!


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sunnohh says:

I mean do this in meatspace for fucks sake

12shoc says:

Just goes to prove that just because something is illegal it doesnt mean its good for you.

Dustin Hanson says:

Typical long distance balls are built with the amateur or beginner swing speed in mind. As you increase your swing speed the compression of the ball is exceeded much like being the double bouncer on a trampoline. Instead of springing off the face, the ball compresses and releases with no energy. At a lesser swing speed, the ball will release appropriately and travel much farther than the pro-V1. I’d suggest testing the ball again against the Pro-V1 with someone who has less than 85-ish MPH driver swing speed. That is how all of these long distance balls work.

Jason Zellers says:

344 yds longest drive

Dennis Stillings says:

I did an informal test of a couple of “cheat balls” available 50 years ago. Comparable results.

Danny Cheese says:

“How to beat your friends”

Stevey TeeVee says:

Pro v1’s are actually the cheating balls. I think everyone would play worse without them.

Esteban Silva says:

Trumps club would like to know your location

18tangles says:

give us a test with the Penfolds balls

jbsg01 says:

I know some of the illegal golf balls get their advantage from being slightly smaller and slightly heavier than legal ones and therefore how they fly through the air, something that the foresight software probably can’t account for in it’s algorithms

awesome box lord says:

In telling mom

Kyle Guloy says:

It’s cause you’re on a simulator which is why it doesn’t react the way it’s supposed to

Matthew Millar says:

Thanks for wasting your money so I don’t have to Rick! 🙂

John Grams says:

Buddy put some eye protection on you don’t want that illegal hurting you

Pete B says:

These balls look a little different, but I bought a bunch of nitro ‘distance’ balls at walmart last season thinking I’d just forego spin and feel and hopefully bomb it given the mucky fall conditions I was playing in and the balls were honestly pure garbage. I didn’t even think they were non conforming, and they might have actually been a legal model, but nonetheless, they were definitely no good. I played my worst round of the year with them, though mostly due to some struggles with my swing that day. But when I did hit a few legit bombs off the tee where I definitely caught it all and the ball looked to go a long way, it was easily 15 yards shorter than where I expected it to be. Pretty sure most of these balls that claim great distance are simply too hard to compress properly unless you swung the club like cameron champ. Which may be why on your last hit at 116mph, you almost carried as much as your prov1 with a regular swing, which I assume was probably in the 110-114 range. maybe if you hit it 130mph, it might actually give you a few extra yards

DJ Deckard Cain says:

lol…whats disappointing is the logic behind this. physics…not so common-sense.

18tangles says:

gee I saw Sam Snead hit 300 yds plus in 1956 with the old wound ball and Wood Woods

Darrell Johnson says:

What a load of rubbish! Ha! Ha!

Benjamin Jones says:

Rick you need to test the bandit MD ball. They supposedly have world records for ball speed and they are illegal

Rick Shiels Golf says:

Q.) What’s your *LONGEST* ever drive?



Greg Walker says:

i got some regular nitro balls a couple of years ago and i believe it was this ball that cracked the face of my beloved nickent driver. can’t say for sure but it cracked all the way along the top where the face was atttached to the body. buyer beware…

Tim Jennings says:

what if it is do do with the dimples and wind resistance. simulators dont count for realworld performance why don you hit a few at a driving range and see what happens then

louis lazarus says:

Imagine….cheating and losing worse!! Almost makes a guy want to go “legit”.

Jon Carr says:

Can’t be any worse then topflite

Bob Wilson says:

What a waste of money he says, knowing full well that the clickbait title will no doubt generate bucket loads of views and revenue! Notwithstanding that, thanks for the test Rick, always nice to see someone with integrity testing these products.

Weptbadge65 _ says:

Try it at a real field

Jose Cuervo-drinker says:

I wonder what date those were manufactured?

Michael Ackerman says:

The Nitro golf balls have been around for quite a while. I bought a sleeve and they were horrible then and haven’t gotten any better since then.

Kyan Haydon says:

This man’s really is dressing like he’s outside

Jackson Feld says:

maybe it is longer for somebody with a slower clubhead speed ? could do a high handicapper test

Station 2Station says:

karma for putting Paige Spiranac in your previous video.

PeteC says:

Did you measure its weight? Is it heavier than the Pro V1? You know, when you drop 1 kg of steel and 1 kg of feather in vacuum from the same height at the same time, which one will reach the ground first? 🙂

Joseph Guastella says:

Can you compare the new pro v1 and prov1x please

Matt Thompson says:

Rick, love your videos. I’m curious what brand of artificial turf mat you use. Thanks!!

Jon Kihm says:

Just proves why it’s important to play a good golf ball haha. Justifies the prices

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