How To Pick Your Golf Ball

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How To Pick Your Golf Ball with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru PGA professional. Mark talks about distance golf balls compared with premium golf balls and how they might affect your golf game. Does a distance golf ball give you more distance or have we all got it wrong.


Alex Johnstone says:

I’m a 5 handicap and have found i prefer the feel of a firmer cover golf ball, whilst i have found i don’t get much spin, spin doesn’t suit my game at this point in time. I play golf by factoring in run out and playing alot of bump and runs. I found using a more spinny golf ball actually made my shots less consistent because i didnt know when i was going to get a ripper that checked up quickly.

Oli377 says:

Great Video Mark, Just what i needed

Cody Spurgeon says:

It has been my impression that the harder “distance” balls will actually come off the club a lot straighter because they do not compress in the grooves as much…maybe that’s not the correct science, but it certainly appears that way.

Gino L says:

Pro V1’s are not even a consideration due to price.  They’re far too expensive.

bubbacrabb says:

I love golf, I’m not gonna lie though I am never gonna be great. 35 years old been playing 20 years I just now broke into the 80s and I play 3 times a week. I lose pro v1s like I do pinnacle golds. I save my money for the beer wench. as long as you have fun that’s all that matters. I play cause every round I hit a few awesome shots, I hit a lot more awful shots. it’s those good ones I live for;)

jasonstewart6969 says:

I was told the softer balls eg pro v1 are ok if you have good control but if you are amateur and prone to fade or slice this will be amplified so if you are good use a soft ball if not use a harder ball ?

Grant Mortimer says:

I found the clip very interesting. I have recently switched from the Pro V1x to a NXT Tour S. Have found, like you say, very little difference in distance, thankfully with the new cover on the NXT, it performs much the same as the Pro V1x, plus its cheaper. 

Jason Marks says:

A few years ago there was a survey given to Titleist ball players.
Q: If you were forced to pay for your golf balls from Titleist or could get them free from another manufacturer, Would you pay or switch .?
A: Almost 75% of the players said they would stay and pay for the Titleist balls.
Now considering this was a blind survey I say that does speak highly for the Titleist PRO V1 Line of balls.
For the record I have been playing Callaway and Srixon.

Peter Breen says:

anyone remember playing the Titleist Tour Balata or the Maxfli HT, I actually think golf was more fun back in the day as the ball spun more and a ball worker had more of an advantage now with the modern golf balls, the fly further, straighter and spin less

DE4DSHOT says:

When I’ve watched Titleist ball fittings, they say the yardage difference (in their 2016 range) between their longest ball (Prov1x) and their shortest ball is only 7 yards with a driver. As you said Mark, all about feel and spin on the shorter stuff and sound off the putter etc

Charles Willcock says:

Premium golf balls do play better than cheaper ones. What is best depends upon where you start from. If you lose 3 balls per round buy balls which are cheap. In the UK you can get 48 for £17 so about 30p each. If you lose 10 that’s £3 one pint of beer. No big deal. It is not going to get you fretting about your loses. Once you start to play 18 holes with the same ball. I think it is worth playing with better balls. Titleist is clearly the market leader but there are other balls on the market with similar numbers some of which are much less expensive. My goal in 2017 is to try out those with similar numbers but much lower price tags.

Supra_X_Gixxer says:

Mark – on your 7 iron shots the DT solo ha an average peak height of 34 degrees while the pro v1 only had 31 degrees.
For a player like myself looking for more height and less spin with wedges (currently game srixon z-star) would u say a ball like the DT solo or Bridgestone e5+ would be a good option?

FAF Silva says:

Your videos are simply amazing. Thank you from this American golfer.

sean craig says:

DTsolo feels pretty good off the driver. For me, ProV1 doesn’t feel good putting

Otto Vandieren says:

I play in very windy conditions. By using the ProV1 against Bridgestone E6 I realised that The V1 was less sensitive to side winds as the E6. Another plus was that the V1 was longer and better around the greens.My swing speed is 90MPH. I’m now a V1 fan.

burns83 says:

Dont talk so much and invest on graphs on the screen or some markers. Tight up

Michael Smith says:

Surprising stats Mark, I have used other balls, but 99% titleist pro v or vx. I think using the same ball all the time also gets your touch on the short game. Also may I add, being in my 40s, I remember the transition from balata to the newer covers, I remember watching majors and the pros hitting it stiff to the flag, only for the ball to spin back yards and yards, even off the green, it became very detrimental to their score.

Jean-Paul Ouellette says:

Thanks for the video! For the past year or so, I’ve been experimenting with different golf balls. I’ve noticed that off the tee, the distance, shape, feel, and sound of the ball doesn’t differ. When I’m under about 150 yards in and on the green is where I notice the difference in feel and sound. If it’s quiet on the course, I’ll hit three or four shots with different balls to test. It didn’t take me long to come to similar conclusions you had. Thanks for the data. I didn’t have that.

Vincent Sandford says:

Fab video Mark.  I use Pinnacle Gold – yellow balls so I can follow them in the air.  I believe you need to ascertain which clubs are leaking shots before you decide on a golf ball.  It might be the putter – you’re 3 putting a lot or it might be your approach shots – chipping and pitching.  My choice of ball is based upon cost and the fact I see the markings roll on the putt better against a yellow background. I’m a 19 hcp working on my putting and I ‘m practicing the tips given by Glen Billington’s great videos on your channel.  Great videos kept them coming I’m learning a lot.

Budi Mardiono says:

I am 10 hcap and like the ball that goes slightly longer and spin slightly more and off course slightly cheaper. And i have found srixon soft feel…

Sean Siegman says:

can you have a video on the best balls around the green

HSab21 says:

Why don’t you use the trackman anymore?

Dhruv S. says:

Volvik Vivids are fine golf balls.. Easy to spot on green and great for greens with faster speeds.

Dtyler171 says:

Titleist always has ridiculous claims. Compression makes a huge difference, which is why certain companies sell balls for “high swing speeds” and “low swing speeds”, as well as why some low SS players lose distance with some distance balls!

Jason Owen says:

Really great video i play of 5 and one thing that was not mentioned in your video Mark is ball striking, I have found you only really get the benefit of a top end ball price wise, if you are consistently striking the ball the correct way. I have played with people who play of 18-28 handicaps and they think that bye using a better ball there handicap will come down, so they buy the pro v1 or prov1x and all that happens is they get more frustrated because nothing changes, and it becomes very expensive with lost balls that are brand new. you could compare it to Lewis Hamilton driving his Merc formula 1 car, and me having the same car, and expecting to get the same results. So what i am saying is, that it is not the car, it is the person driving the car, same as its not the ball its the person hitting the ball.

yousaidwinglikeabirdswing says:

the harder softer myth, really goes back to the top flite/pinnacle via the old balata balls… I pull a ball out of my bag last year and instantly lost yardage despite hitting it well… on closer inspection it was a balata… definitely flew less and definitely felt better

browerart says:

Mark thanks for the info. Wish you would compare a few of the SOFT balls only. Just played the Callaway Super soft. INCREDIBLE BALL! Used to play Pro V1, no more.
Waiting for my friend John out in California to try them., get his impression.

bobby emery says:

Hey Mark, new subscriber here. I was just wondering if you believe recycled golf balls work just as well as new golf balls? Thanks

Chris Greco says:

Here’s a bit of a contrarian view:

Ball manufacturers market their balls on the erroneous, and totally misleading confabulation that their ball will give you more distance. Complete and total BS. Distance without control is useless. And, as his stats in the video show, the distance gains/losses from one brand to another are negligible.

There is only one real path to more distance and that is the hard, time consuming work of building a more efficient swing. That’s not for sale at any price, certainly not the price of a golf ball.

Realistically, given the limitations of time and talent all of us amateurs most make do with the shortest, fastest way to lower scores is the short game. Mastering the art of getting up and down, and saving pars from becoming bogey’s and worse is the path forward.

If that’s true, then the feel of any given golf ball off the wedges around the green is the most important characteristic imo. A great deal of touch and feel has been lost from the days of the balata cover, wound, liquid center balls. Virtually no one under the age of 65 has any idea what I’m talking about, because most have never experienced the vastly different, and to me superior feel of the balata balls on touch shots around the green. Virtually all modern balls feel like rocks in comparison.

The Pro V1’s are the closest modern balls I’ve found to the old balata cover balls. There may be other brands I have not tried that come close. The Pro V’s have a substantial advantage in how they feel off the wedges and the putter. Drive for show, putt for doe. Truer words were never spoken.

Go to the short game, oh sluggard, and learn to make clean, crisp, consistent contact. The effort will improve your full swing in the process. You’ll be smiling from the green to the next tee box.

Bob Jackson says:

good simple explanation…thanku…bob j

L. Gyger says:

I buy cheap golf balls with a soft feel, because my driving distance goes up to 320 yards, but I’m losing way to many balls, because when I mishit it, it sometimes lands in the hazard, the lake or the forest. I lose 3 balls per round on average. That’s 15 Euros if I’d use Pro V1’s and I just can’t afford that. I only use the Pro V1’s that I find on PAR 3 holes 😀 BUT: I hate the feeling of hard covered balls. Those Pinnacle Gold’s f. ex. are terrible. It feels like your hitting a rock.

darkhorse2reign says:

My golf ball test is dropping them onto a hard floor from the same height together.  Pro V1 loses every time.  It’s very soft and spins a bunch which isn’t all that helpful to me to tell you the truth.  When I’m trying to hole a chip the extra spin is actually a hinderance and often gets my ball off-line.  I use Pro V1’s on Par 3’s with water… on purpose 😉

M Kennedy says:

Great review!!

David Morgan says:

Mark, based on your results, what about the Wilson Duo Spin 3 piece ball? A 3 piece ball advertising distance and spin at 1/2 the price of the Pro V1

Mike Nickel says:

Is 400 revs really a big difference.

Mike Boatright says:

hmmm well I will say I can hit a pinnacle 12 yards farther will all my clubs vs a pro vi x. Dt solo is a crap ball without a lot of pop comparable to a range ball really. Think long drive type balls with titanium cores if you need extra power or carry. This isn’t a fair test because I have hit Nike rzn tour balls and they feel like a marshmallow and go about the same as balata. In fact I hit them 245 with my driver then went to say a callaway chrome soft or nxt tour s and hit it 275 that’s 30 yards!!

Neil Carthy says:

@Aspennut34 I played in a monthly medal in July with a 10 year old who played off 10. He shot an 81.

Shanon Cuskelly says:

Mark great as always. Your efforts to cut through all the corporate marketing and present honest opinions based on best available evidence is appreciated so much by so many. Keep up the great work!

Stephen says:

I use  DT Solo a good ball nice feel

Shaw Law says:


Leroy Bray says:

Very nice presentation, makes sense when you have data to compare the balls.  One would think an expensive ball would go further than a cheap ball, but I’m surprised to see that even the premium ball manufactures admit their balls are about the same in distance. After all is said, it’s really the spin rate that separates manufactures and gives players better control to score with.

John Lawson says:

Why would anyone in their right mind pay 3 times the price for a ball that performs, ( relatively ) no better than a cheap one ?. As Mark rightly says in most of his videos, “Strike is King”. Take Lockey for example, (Is He really a Pro ?… Seems a good guy tho), He has access to the best of equipment, golf balls included, & sometimes He’s all over the place !. That’s got nowt to do with the bloody rpm, or how many cores the golf ball has !. Anyhoo, I live in Scotland & it disnae’ really matter how low spinning the ball is, if it lands on the green, it stops ! ( Thanks to the “Puddles”)…

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