How To Choose The Correct Golf Ball

iPhone app Mark Crossfield hits some of the world best golf balls and asked if they do anything different that might help your golf. If it’s Titleist, Taylormade, Srixon, Callaway, Bridgestone or Penfold see which golf ball might help you shot lower scores.


mollyandcarl says:

To be honest, I try to play with a srixon but that said today I played with a calla way 1 and it played lovely till I lost it on my drive on the 18th gutted lol.

pedro sanches says:

OK…as an ex 2 marker I always went for the “popular ball” and thats(of course) the Titleist Pro V. Now an 8 marker Im still using it (had a 10yr lay off) however I was having a shocker one day and lost my ball in a hazard. Pulled out a brand new Srixon Soft Feel for the last 7 holes and was truly surprised at the difference. Srixon says it gives a higher ball flight with less spin, and I’m here to tell you its true.
Not only higher flight but a stable flight. In fact I began to get a “feel” again for my game because my flight was much better.
On top of that Im quite good from 60m in and around the greens and found the “feel” of this ball was excellent AND the stopping power with wedges etc was just as good as the Titleist.Ive now switched over…you Pros can have the Pro V….
Thats my take…

John Sheely says:

Could you do a video on how to select the proper shaft for your game. I do not mean the flex I am talking about how to select a graphite shaft that will help me. There are so many different shafts out there I have no idea where to even start. I use regular flex….what should I look for or should I even be concerned with it?

moreme40 says:

Which club were you hitting ?

joseph pattison says:

I believe the Pro V are the best for feel like driving a Cadillac. But I play the Z star. I can find them $15 cheaper a dozen at Golfsmith, I can spin my chips shots like the Pro V and the Z’s cover is much more durable. I don’t notice a difference in distance. I love both balls, but being a 13 handicap I can’t justify paying that much more for a ball that I’ll have to change more often because of scuffing without the noticeable difference of performance. Bridgestone =Brickstone.

Ron Bencangey says:

Mark, I enjoy your videos but you took balls that are really similar.  You should test a two piece ball and three piece non urethane vs higher end balls. Show the different compression for different clubhead speeds.  This video wasn’t useful. 

Jay Smooth says:

The problem with your review here is the real world is varied. I have accurate gps and have seen huge differences in distance (especially with driver and 3w) depending on the ball. I have also experienced huge differences in check around greens depending on the ball. Mark you are a big Mizuno fan so you should know that “feel” is actually sound, but result is another ball game. It is about result and X ball will in fact perform better than X ball depending on the swing. This vid is from 2011 but as of right now the ball market is full of advancements and choices and there is merit to most of them to make a difference in an individuals game. The bigger problem is at the cost they should offer an ability to buy a sleeve to test instead of us having to pay for a full dozen and maybe not like it or it is not advantageous. I currently play the Nike PD Soft and can say for the price it is a great ball. I can guarantee the Pro V doesn’t go a drop further or “feel” any better around the greens for me so the difference in price is unjustified. I can also say that the Wilson Duo is a bad ass ball as well. There is marketing and then there is reality. 
         Shouldn’t we know this by now after the Taylormade debacle? Where a company deliberately strengthened loft and put in longer shafts and convinced people they would hit it further when in reality they made a 7i with a 6i spec and called it a 7i? Oh what tangled web we weave. This shit is what holds many back from improving.

streamleazefishhouse says:

The balls which a rake out the lake…..  With a preference of shiny over mat…

george brumfield says:

Are you looking for Bigfoot or something

Nerdy Golfer says:

Hi Mark, great review, precisely the right point. Last week while golfing with some friends, one gent who is not a long hitter, seemed to have increased distanced through out the bag. He said his club pro had him change from the proV1x to the Wilson Duo (the club pro actually gave him a sleeve and has been telling him for a while that the proV1 was not a ball for a 28 hdcp). Which I think is true, because he swings so slow there is very little compression on the ball… Any way, I’m wondering if you could do one of your “legitimate” ball tests between these two, and see what the numbers show. Thanks 🙂

jeff youngblood says:

people make too big a deal out of which ball to use. They really are not all that different-cheaper, top of the line- it all comes down to confidence over the ball based on personal preference. In the end, it’s all about HOW you strike the ball. The ball you choose isn’t going to affect your game that much from a technical standpoint. 

Justin Yorks says:

I try to avoid your golf videos but no matter what I stumble upon them.

Deleza Luis says:

I have always used the Topflite XL,but I am going to try out the Titleist and see what it does. Thanks Mark, for the tip!

Andre Amorim says:

hang on a minute you’re on facebook or on YOUTUBE ?

Alex Burns says:

This video did nothing for me…I find my balls in the woods and every one is different than the last one.
Is that English? Can you add subtitles please?

Daniel Jacques says:

Whichever my dad finds for me 😉

james eadie says:

Over the past few weeks I visited a company who manufacture golf balls for two or three large golf ball companies, who brand these under different names. . you would be surprised at the results that expensive golf balls are similair to mid priced balls.
The only difference is the urethane finishing and lacqures, but the cores are the exact same..
If you buy a Wilson, DX3, your getting the same as some of the best balls on the market ..


Stephen Wright says:

Rather surprised at some of the negative comments your getting.
Another great video mark and keep up the good work. As a beginner, I’m watching and learning allot from your videos

elroraps says:

This reminds me of a time when Mark and I were younger. His dad used to run a burger van in Swindon that did sort of slap up hot dogs and chips etc. Place used to be filthy, mouse droppings all over the place and Mark’s job used to be to clean them all up. But he never used to just sweep them away, he would pick them up individually by hand and put them into a jar with vinegar. He reckoned the smell after a year of fermenting was enough to fell a horse. He then used to sniff it after 6 months or so and apparently it made him high. Was a weird kid but a nice fella.

Humberto Lopez says:

Does wearing a glove really help?

ABshookme says:

Anyone who knows a similar ball to the Taylormade Penta?

Jim Hoffman says:

Would have liked to hear about best ball for various swing speeds. I’m 66 and my swing has slowed from 20 years ago. Seems low compression outside, hard inside now works for me
My latest and best ball is now the Srixon QStar, also like the Titleist Velocity & NXT Tour, Bridgestone B330RX

Theo De Kooker says:

Thank you, you helped me a lot, and i wll keep on looking all your tips, Keep them coming…..Kind regards (cokestp@gmail.bon)

Steven Murata says:

It’s ‘iron’ crossfield, your swing is so consistent, just like the hitting machine!

Julian Hughes says:

Great video, I use the. Callaway diablo tour , good 3 piece ball decent price and I like the feel off the putter ……

SmithyTheHobbit says:

I use what ever is in my bag because I loose a lot because of I alwaystend draw the ball out when I drive at the start of the round lol

Ricky Parent says:

please try the nike mojo balls they are my favorite and inexpensive. im not going to say my age but as a younger person i must say i used to drive 180 now im driving 220 they are awesome

justpar2012 says:

Try the Bridgestone e6. See if there’s more distance.

kanmaxxfilms says:

Your editor needs to be shot. Boring. Get on with it man! Should have been a 2 min. clip.

anon says:

if i wanted to llok at your fb page i would have looked at your fb page

Marc Meeks says:

You’re the best golf teacher on the internet, bar none.

Wade Patton says:

Well, since wound balata is gone…I buy used Titleist V1 and Vx1’s at 6 USD per doz.  Makes it much easier to walk away from a lost ball and get on with the game.

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