Golf Balls for Average Swing Speeds | Tour Soft, Project A & Q-Star Tour

Join our new community on Patreon! – Part one of our test of 2018 models of golf balls aimed at average swing speed players. We started by testing the Taylormade Project A, Srixon Q-Star Tour and Titleist Tour Soft to see how the performance varied between the different offerings. See which golf ball might be best for your game in this mid-range golf ball test.

Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada
Featuring: Ian Fraser & Matt Blois


Mike Cook says:

Nice job!!

Shad Struble says:

I would love to see the Callaway Supersoft, Srixon QStar non tour, and the Bridgestone E6 soft.

Billy Commons says:

Gentlemen, great information here. Can you take a look at Callaway Supersoft, along with previous versions of the Chrome Soft and Soft X? In the US, you can find Supersoft at $19.99, while the 2016 Chrome Soft and Soft X may be $26.99 or so. Are the newer versions that much better ($10 to $20 more per dozen)?

PastaPunisher77 says:

The price point of these balls is just right under the price of previous year tour balls… I have found that there’s some really solid offerings in the low 20$ range that being of course like everybody else’s mention the Wilson staff duo! I really like to duo but the titliest trusoft is outstanding ball for 22$ it plays better than the velocity which is 5-8$ more expensive. I feel like the low 20 price range is the sweet spot for the average golfer that like some performance and doesn’t want to play a tour ball because of price and swing speed. PS if you want to feel like you have some real spin on wedges…. They weren’t lying about that Kirkland signature three-piece

Will Held says:

I found Project A a few months ago. Tried it and it quickly became one of my favorites. I can’t tell the difference for me between Project A and the Pro V range. I get great performance from it at a cheaper price.

Allan K says:

Direct to Consumer balls – Snell, Oncore, and Vice balls please

Mitch Y says:

Any chance you can do prov 1/x vs the practice versions.

Gaëtan De Roy says:

Thank you so much guys !!!
I can’t wait to try the project A now !
It would be interesting to test the Bridgestone golf balls too if possible…
I’m curious to know why Tiger chose them…
Thanks again guys !!!

Fred Strauch says:

I’ve just tried some snell mtb red there a four layer ball for around $31 a dozen . Amazing feel. Premium ball at a mid price point. Check them out

Ron Iwankovitsch says:

Bridgestone golf balls!

Mark Kalinowski says:

Good review. Although I an a 7 index, I still have a hard time pumping out $50 for a dozen golf balls. And really, other than ego, if you’re a 15 plus handicap, why would you even consider playing a ProV1? My ball of choice for 2 years has been the Srixon QStar tour. Works for me and I can back up a 5 iron 3 or 4 feet.

Duke K says:

Do a test with Snell, OnCore, Vice, Kirkland and Cut and see what the numbers are.

Mike Reed says:

You need to test Pinnacle, Ultra Mojo, and Callaway Superhot 55 which is sold by Costco.

Christher Lenander says:

I Currently play Taylormade TP5 and Bridgestone B330 RX.

WhiskerRub says:

Looking forward to the rest of the 10 you have currently on the list. But I hope after you do one video explaining the combined results of all balls tested just to piece the data together. Well done again TXG!

Wade Preston says:

Costco CALLAWAY superhot 55

Grigsby Poland says:

If I were a better golfer I would now be giving Titleist Tour Softs a serious look but given I’m not a very good player, I am looking forward to your review of “budget balls”. I would also like to hear your opinions about best balls for high handicap and senior players. As an aside, I’ve watched almost all of your review and fitting videos (and really enjoy them) but I don’t understand how expensive equipment/fittings can benefit high handicap players who most likely have problems with their fundamentals. It’s one thing for an 18 hdcp trying to become a 12 or a 12 hdcp trying to become a 7 to pay up for a bump in performance but how much difference does equipment make for a 27 hdcp who dreams of becoming an 18? Should players at that level really be spending $500 for a driver and $5 a piece for balls?

John Weir says:

Yeah the Bridgestone balls, and their claims around the 105 mph speed for changing ball. Love the RXS myself.

Inovest Pty Ltd says:

Thank you. Can you please review new premium balls v premium balls that have sat in water for a few months (ie, lake balls)?

TheOgieone says:

Great vid! For a high swing speed player(117 avg) that cant control the driver the Q star is fantastic with GAPR low off the tee.

MarK D says:

Love to see Snell vs Vice

Ian Nicol says:

I was using the Taylormade tour preferred ball because it flies lower and I play a windy course , Lanark. Now I have been playing the project a and love them. Got them as a freebie at the tgi pro am in Turkey every march. So much so I even bought 40 yellow ones to practice with around the greens etc at our practice area so I am using the same ball as I’m playing. Swing seed for driver is about 105_108 and find these brilliant.

Slice2Scratch Golf says:

Great review, though odd hearing a Scotsman say ‘zee’ star

G Man says:

Do the do ball for below avrage swing??…i need several packs for a round…lol

Christopher LaFreniere says:

Vice Pro, Vice Pro Soft, Snell MTB Black, MTB Red, Maxfli U/6.

C L Lim says:

I believe it is also very important for ball to hold flight in the wind.
Most social golfers will lose their ball before it got really damaged. The 2 best “value” golf balls I have tried are Callaway Supersoft, Srixon Tour Special and AD333. Apparently there is a AD333 Tour now.
I prefer that Urethane putting feel and the value buys are Project (a), Q-Star Tour and Kirkland Signature 3-piece.
To me I rate them by price as some brands has big promotional prices. Titleist for obvious reasons are very stringent on pricing. For premium balls I will buy the TP-5 here over the Pro V1 because it is over 10% cheaper at times; Pro V1 never have sale.
Most golf balls are pretty much the same off the driver but huge differences when it is windy. Fortunately, social golfers can change ball between holes. 🙂

Bill Weiss says:

I can’t wait to have to worry about how durable a ball is!

Right now if I get through a round on three balls – I am WINNING!


TheMajortom75 says:

Looking forward to seeing how the Vice Tour stacks up.

John Lawlor says:

Can you line these balls up with swing speeds? my clubhead speed with a driver is about 95mph and i play the lower spinning Pro v1. Would i be better off with a lower compression ball?

Brad Maxwell says:

Thanks again guys, always appreciate your input on all the equipment! Can your test the Titleist Velocity too please.

kate mark says:

I’m confused, you are comparing two 3-piece balls with a ureathane cover ( think; expensive ) with a 2-piece ball with a ionomer cover ( think; cheaper ). What actually makes this ball so high priced? Shouldn’t this be well under $30? In my market these sell for $35.

Kevin Friesen says:

Hey guys! Awesome vid. Would love to see how the TaylorMade BurnerSoft stacks up against the rest. I got some on sale for a really good price and loved them. Thanks!

Founty Tron says:

Even more cheaper balls tested; Top Flight D2 Feel, Gamer, Gamer Tour (Urethane model), Wilson Ultra 500 Distance, Pinnacle, and other budget balls. Would be neat to see their specs compared to mid-range and top-range balls. Great work as always. Thanks.

Matt Parr says:

Try the Top Flite Gamer Tour for the budget test.

Mike Moore says:

At what swing speed would a player lose distance using these softer balls. My average drive is about 250 but get a few longer than that. Would a Z Star be better than a Q Star Tour for that speed?

LordSchnober says:

Would be great to add some mid price ball from VICE – not neceressaily the “Pro” itself but maybe “Tour” or “Pro Soft” ? Cheers!

DB George says:

Love this, I currently have both the Project(a) and Tour Soft in my bag and like them both. You confirmed exactly what I thought I felt….i get better distance from the Tour Soft but like the project(a) on and around the green. My other choice early in the season is the Callaway Supersoft!

walter says:

Are those the newest Q star tour balls?

Robert Salazar says:

Love to see the vice drive vs other distance balls and soft feel vs superset

walter says:

Most of the players on the LPGA have slower swing speeds, do you know what ball some of them are using?

Victor Rodriguez Sr says:

Project (A) and Q-Star Tour are awesome values which make the came consistent and more enjoyable for us mid-handicappers. I loved this videos and head to head, I asked for this and in usual fashion you more than delivered. Thanks guys really appreciate your efforts!

matthew critchley says:

Interesting video. I’d like to see the srixon ad 333 titleist next and the Bridgestone b330s

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