Golf Ball Review of the RealLine X

How does the RealLine X golf ball compare to its top competitors the Titleist Pro V 1, Callaway Chrome Soft, Taylor Made TP 5 and the Bridgestone Tour B RX? I put this ball to the test to see if it’s really worth the price. 

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By far, Snell golf balls. Dr. Snell was designer of ProV1s and Penta. He holds many golf ball patents. Now he develops and sells own golf balls directly.

You gotta try them.

Joseph Ramirez says:

Mr.Short game. I recommend the Snell MTB. Great price and performance. On Par with Pro v1

MIGEL- NOREEN Valadez says:

Every Spring I buy like 6 dozen Bridgestone e6 balls from Found Balls .com. This balls plays the best for me but can’t tell you why. I have a slow swing speed I guess. I always play with a yellow ball. But I sure as heck not paying $45+ / doz.

aaron farlow says:

Saltwater in a tennis ball container…do this yourself on the cheap. Most balls are balanced already.

Rocco LoBosco says:

I love the vids. Just from watching some of your vids, I have dropped my score about 10-15 strokes.

Kyler Cote says:

I really need help with my chipping my scrambling percentage is very low and I’m probably losing 2-5 strokes a round can you make a video of drills I could do or tips

David Leigh says:

A bit too expensive for me.
Will stay with Mizuno JPX and Snell MTB black.
Good review though.

Bob Doyle says:

Great channel, only be watching for the past week. Helped my game already, cheers Bob uk

S.Y.T reviews says:

Second! Also, can you do a review of the Titleist AVX?

Dylan Patel says:

The real line x seems like a scam because on average 8 out of 12 dozen golf balls from a dozen from an average manufacturer are already perfectly balanced

Norman Jones says:

All ya gotta do is ask yourself if you can afford to donate $40.00 per month into the woods, weeds, and wet. If money is no object or fatally errant shots are not an issue for you, I’m not talking to you.

David Dear says:

Have you reviewed any Vice golf balls yet?

David Matthews says:

Did you test them to see if they actually are marked correctly? I mean, like floating them in a salt water solution.

Jose Cuervo-drinker says:

I think I’d only try a ball like that if it were priced like Snell or Vice balls. They perform like Pro Vs and only cost about $30 per box. I think RealLine X needs to be closer to that price point if they want to really impact the market.

Lukas Richter says:

This ball would be fine without that weird weighting

Collin Baker says:

I’ll probably stick with my chromesofts and pro v1s

Daniel Flores says:

Great videos, and much appreciated content Matt. Do you have any input on the Top Flite Gamers? They are 3 piece, and I think they perform really well. Just wondering what you thought. Keep up the great work sir

Kurt Justin says:

Hey.. I’m finding that Marked line to not always true.. weigh and mark in salt water… dont throw the salted water out save for next time

Trevor Allard says:

Why people don’t just buy used golf balls… You can pay 1.25 for a used Titleist pro v1… Never buy new and find a local who collects balls from courses and sells them cheap… Blows my mind people spend money on brand new balls

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