GIMMICK OR GENIUS? 2018 Callaway Chromesoft Golf Ball ft GRAPHENE

Rick Shiels tests out the latest Callaway Chromesoft golf ball for 2018 which is infused with the strongest material known to man, Graphene.

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Randy Mahony says:

Anything to sell a golf ball, gimmick.

Shane Purkey says:

Could you compare last years to this year’s crome softs?

Aaron Wiersum says:

I played it today. Shot a lifetime best 76. I’m a believer

Francisco Gonzalez-Camino says:

Hello Rick,

Do you think there’s a difference for a player like me with a 100 miles speed?

Thanks and always like to see your reviews


Tarjei Bruaas says:

You could consider having Rob come in and do the testing as well. since you have a swingspeed closer to where the they say the X should be better, there could perhaps be a greater difference for people with slower or higher swingspeed than you.

paveropes says:

Concur Rick. Would never ask for a clickier ball

supertotoro says:

Im with you on the sound. And I also want it to feel soft. Even if a ball gives alot of spin but feels hard I still wont like it.

Ioankg says:

I find the clickier noise helps me to know how well I’ve hit it :))

Isaac McNutt says:

You should test the on core metal core golf ball. I want to see if that actually works like they say it does.

Justin Raath says:

I dont understand why people dislike this video… Your all potatoes.

Tucker Nixon says:

Did you get to test the difference between the 2016 chrome soft balls and the 2018 chrome soft? If so what was the difference and if not I personally think that would be interesting to find out. Thanks!!

Andy Bridges says:

what was the difference between these and last years models?

flyboiii28 says:

How about a video on recycled golf balls vs their new counterparts?

Danny Henock Henock says:

I’m indifferent about the clicking but I have to say the ball held up and I enjoy playing with it a little more than the pro V1x. I felt like it also gave me a little more distance on my driver even on miss hits. I’m someone who usually uses cheap balls during practice rounds something like used Titleist or Callaway but I definitely notice a difference in forgiveness with the chrome soft x.

Conor Dunne says:

My local golf shop gave me 2 of these to try as part of a Callaway promo. I don’t think I’ll be buying a dozen anytime soon. I did notice good driver distance and good durability. But they just didn’t feel great off the irons and wedges at all. I play 718 AP2s and Vokey SM6 wedges and just didn’t enjoy hitting the Chromesoft into a green. Didn’t feel like I could get any green side control out of them, and I did expect to see some. Perhaps they just aren’t suited to my game, but in the $50-60 AUD range for a dozen I much prefer the feel and flight of the Srixon Z Star and Z Star XV

bloatedman says:

Probably causes cancer.

Lanny Webb says:

Worthless and disappointing. You didn’t compare new chrome soft performance with last model chrome soft . Who cares about the sound? We care about short game performance and driver performance . Compare last years model with this years if you want to know if graphene makes a difference

Johnny Hicks says:

I loved the callaway supersoft golf balls great value for money but no longer sold in Thailand.

Olson Outdoors says:

Hi ive been enjoying your videos.
I want to comment because i like, or up till now liked the “click”. Keep in mind i am new to golfing.
I always felt it was a nice confidence booster to hear that sound like it was a great hit lol.
I also always thought that that the club brand “ping” was named so because of the loud ping or click that is typically heard from a great shot.
I am transitioning from pond balls now, and only wish i had sooner. i discovered for myself the performance difference so i know im ready to go steady (choose a proper golf ball).
I have found your vids very helpful.
Nice to see performance is the same between these two.
I dont know if im ready for tp5 CS or prov1
But i liked the numbers on the project a and kirkland.

andyblue2525 says:

These feel softer then the pro V1

L. Gyger says:

They sound like you’re hitting rocks to be honest.

n3qdz says:

I think Callaway messed this ball up. They should have filled it speed foam and put jailbreak technology in it. That way you could increase ball flight and distance 60 yards. Filled with speed foam it would be sooo soft it would be like hitting filtered oxygen.

My OpenMind says:

A clicker golf ball reminds me of the older style golf ball.

My favorite ball was the old Titleist tour balata 100 with regards to feel and sound.

J Rob says:

Love this ball and the sound

Quaid Oliver says:


Eric Fisher says:

Would never play that hard clicky sounding ball you are exactly right Rick.

Jacob Trimball says:

You should be comparing the difference between last years and this years models if your going to say that the graphene… you are comparing 2 balls with both graphene in it?

Brett Adamkiewicz says:

Quick question… I may have missed this, I noticed you compared the Chromesoft and Chromesoft X with the Graphene… but did you do a distance and numbers comparison to other brands or even the old Chromesoft balls?

andyblue2525 says:

They def are not clicker then the pro V1 off the putter they are way softer

sarah sarah says:

Graphene…pencil led and scotch tape continue folding and every layer is graphene I believe…..but in a golf ball….hmmmm….it’s works well in electronics I hear…..played them and they are ok…..just don’t like the sound……

MegaOpi007 says:

Suck Tits ball said “Hi” to you??? I mean Titleist ball is 70 years old fart!!

Out_of_Right_Field says:

The ones I find when the ponds dry up, bc they’re free.

Derek Shorrock says:

Best I have ever used

G Lav says:

Thanks Rick. I’ve switched to the Chrome Soft from the ProV1 and hitting it about 7-10 yards further than the ProV1. I do prefer the ProV1 sound and feel but for now I’m taking the extra distance and durability.

Reg Boucher says:

Rick thoughts between this vs 2018 project (a)?

Rick Shiels Golf says:

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WesMoran says:

Rick, I just got in 3 dozen Cut Grey balls. And they are incredibly clicky and off putting.

chris b says:

Glad to see honesty when it comes to the latest & greatest offer from OEM’s like Callaway. They blow the hype up for so long only to be honestly shot down by people like yourself. Great video Rick! Thanks

Courtney Kachur says:

I guess I am weird, clickiness isn’t an attribute to a golf ball which I have ever bothered being co corned with. If the ball lands in the right spot, who cares it it makes raspberry sounds on the way there?

Benson Russell says:

I play the news ones and I definitely prefer the clicker sound (I play the X specifically). Especially off wedges, feels much more satisfying to me (but of course that’s personal). I also think I’m getting a little more distance than the 2017 non-graphene versions (but I don’t have actual LM data to back that up, just anecdotal on-course).

But I agree with the comment below, if you wanted to see how much graphene does / does not make a difference, compare them to both the previous model, as well as other premium golf balls. When you say it doesn’t seem to be adding anything in this video, what’s the reference point you’re comparing to?

Eric Schmigiel says:

You couldn’t be more right. Not a single golfer wants a clickier Ball

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