Do golf balls make a difference?

A comparison on GC2 between a high performance ball and a economy ball. The results may surprise you.


james bower says:

I Like the your vids mate – cheers

coffeatt arabicaut says:

freakish swing!

Phil Mike Hunt says:

How much squid are pro v 1s in England. Not sure what squid means but I’m just wondering

desertsun100 says:

When ISNT the weather in England not crappy?

Tomoe Yukishiro says:

It depends on how hard you swing. Really fast swingers, 125+ mph, will see a huge difference.

Jeff says:

another thing to consider is who wants to hit a rock? hitting a softer premium ball will make your round more fun and remember scoring is done 100 yards in. you will par more holes with a spinny ball.

Captain Ron says:

Interesting video. I’m wondering … if you hit an habitual slice, would the lower performance ball minimize the slice (by spinning less, left-to-right?).

Matt Combs says:

Just like some people obsess over distance, I think some people obsess over spin rates.   On the vast majority of pin placements you can get a ball close no matter what the spin rate is.  You can always play for a ball to release more, and even then, if you hit the ball high the release isn’t even going to be that much. 

Really the only time I see a real advantage in a softer higher spinning ball is if you short side yourself and have to get the ball to stop, and even then it’s going to take a great shot to get it close with a premium ball so more than likely you are looking at a putt you are likely not going to make regardless of the ball. 

With that said, I play a premium ball just because I like the feel of it, which is what I think the most important part of choosing a golf ball is.  If feel doesn’t matter to you than I see no issue with playing a harder cheaper golf ball.

Frankie Oliver says:

Good Video. Thanks for the info

Jay Smooth says:

Do Golf balls make a difference? Yes. Why wouldn’t they?

N L says:

What is your opinion of the nike platinum. I heard it has great control but flies easier thought wind and I want to get some for my girl to try. She is going into the LPGA

E.L.Dorado says:

I have noticed that the golf ball I use makes a big difference with putter.Harder balls putt longer and I use those on slower greens.Softer balls putt shorter so I use those on faster greens.Try it for yourself.
Putt one soft ball and one hard ball with the same stroke multiple times and you will find you will repeatedly putt better with one of them.

Zynthesis says:

This has been done with robots time and time again. They’re all very similar for driver distance by 5 yards. Then some are a bit more grippy around the green.

Mike Bailey says:

This guy is a complete twat, he cant hit balls for shit…the irony

Dtyler171 says:

For me the straightest and furthest balls were Maxfli U6X golf balls (6 piece urethane). I assume it is because the compression is right around 120 (maximum). They also stop on a dime with green side shots.

Jon Don says:

I know the softer ball has a better feel but when you lose 2 or 3 in the rough it also makes me feel sick cos of the price of them

grumpy2159 says:

What about side spin from a driver if you’ve got a slice. Won’t the pro v1 exaggerate it?

TraumaER says:

Where can I buy the golf cage he built here?  I’m new to golf and think I would get better faster if I could put this in my apartment.  Thanks!

C. Adams says:

If you can’t play a decent round without a specific ball/ball type, you should go back to the range and learn to play golf. Real golfers can play any ball as long as they know what the ball will do spin/compression/roll wise.

In other words, it doesn’t matter what ball you give a good golfer, they’ll play well with it.

luke langpap says:

Is a callaway hex control a good ball for a beginner

Fifa12Tips1 says:

Nice video! Just wondering at what sort of handicap would you start noticing a difference? I ask this because today I shot my best 9 holes so far +1. I lost 4 pro v1s during the front 9 so I decided to change to a donnay distance as it was becoming a bit of an expensive round!
From then on the donnay seemed to stop sharply and I actually liked the harder feel for my puts strangly.. I currently play off 17

Thank you

Dan Carey says:

Good comparison between top of the range and a very cheep ball.  I would also be interested in the comparison between the top of the range and a mid range ball.  We can’t all afford to play with Pro V1’s.   

Joseph Greatlife says:

You are awesome!

George Hart says:

thanks for clearing that up,

cgasucks says:

The better player you are, the more you will more likely compress the ball more at impact and you won’t see much of a difference distance wise, but on the short game and putting where spin and feel is at a premium, there will be a difference, especially on a properly struck chip or pitch and a solidly hit putt.

isambo400 says:

As a 1 handicap, I believe the major difference is from shots inside 100 yards.  Knowing exactly what a ball will do in the air AND when it lands is crucial to getting the ball near the hole.

Andrew Ainsworth says:

Good point , potentially a higher spinning ball would exaggerate slice or hook. I think the key is to look at what you want the golf ball to do for you. Give you distance, control , reduce spin etc . Are you suffering with a slice with a driver?

VWRabbit2008 says:

Its not the ball, its the swing

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