Cheapest Golf Ball at Walmart (Nitro Golf Ball Review)

We headed out to America’s favorite local golf store to support local…. Nope we went out to Walmart to find the cheapest golf ball and test it out. In this Nitro golf ball review we test distance, spin and feel. After that we compare the Nitro golf ball against a premium golf ball (Srixon Z Star).

This might be the ultimate cheap vs expensive golf ball challenge. I was curious to see if a cheap golf ball really makes a difference in scoring. Sure the Walmart golf ball is not going to spin or feel as good as the Srixon but will impact the score? To find out we played 3 holes of match play to get some in depth Nitro ball testing.

Based on our golf ball review was the Nitro the best distance golf ball of 2019, the best cheap golf ball of 2019, or was it total p@@p? Find out!

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The Golfing Dad By: Adam Miller says:

Balls are like clubs, a tool. If you spend 35$ on a ball but cant create back spin its kind of a waste almost. If you are a average golfer and just enjoy playing then hitting a cheaper ball is fine especially if you spray it off the tee.

jporter504 says:

I normally game the Titleist NXT Tour golf ball but I try to keep a few of the Nitro yellow balls with me. I play late in the day sometimes and have finished in near dark conditions. That’s when the Nitros come out. I have noticed little difference. I little less spin off short irons. I actually feel I get a little more distance with most irons. About the same with the driver.

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