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CALLAWAY SUPER SOFT GOLF BALLS reviewed and tested by PGA professional AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield. Mark hits the Callaway Super Soft golf ball and talks about its feel, how soft if feels and who might get the most from such a golf ball.


Lxium says:

How do you enjoy Dawlish Warren Mark? Played it once and it’s a very difficult links from my impression

Steve Smith says:

I have used this ball and like the softness of it. As a player who generates lots of spin, I wouldn’t game it because I can’t control the spin and I find myself chipping back onto greens even though the pitch mark is on the green. Have spun a ball 12 feet back with a 6 iron.

john Raine says:

Be really good to know how quickly the covers scuffed on all your ball tests

Mark Kirk says:

I game supersoft as a winter ball, it’s a good ball, during the better months back onto gaming the chrome soft

Charlie Flexo says:

I really like the supersoft. Price/feel is a good match for me. Do I prefer the proV1, yes but that’s just too expensive for me.Cheers Bro

40Rouge says:

if any ball should be compared to this, it’s Wilson Staff’s DUO line. Wilson have been doing low compression balls for a longggg time, with the 50 Elite, Zip, and so on.

Karl Wood says:

As a high handicapper (who doesn’t tend to lose TOO many balls), is it worth investing? Is it going to make enough difference at that level?

P. Harney says:

Nice ball if you like a low compression (was originally 38) soft feeling ball which I like.  I play the Srixon Soft Feel (now 60 compression down from 73).  The Srixon is slightly less money than the Super Soft.

Donny Wilcox says:

my opinion is that the premium balls on the market are more consistent purely based on a gaming environment they seem to have same feel shot after shot …but there are some great lower price point balls on market ….I play pro v 1 or nxt tour most of the time but with the chrome soft being about same price as my beloved nxt tour …I have been playing few holes with it and it is a great ball….

Miguel Dabu says:

I accidentally used these when I found one in the rough. Never looked back since. Very nice golf balls and very cheap.

cwugrad396 says:

Great ball when it’s cold out and I got great distance numbers. Plus it was a good feeling ball. In Summer when it’s warm I seemed to lose distance though so I ended up gaming something else

Vincent Sandford says:

What testing equipment are you using to get these ststatistics?

fullwerkes says:

Mark, question. There was 40% difference in stopping distances between the balls and double the spin difference. I understand the variables are so difficult to control [our performance] that it may not mean that much but would this difference increase further with a much lower trajectory into the green?

Ciaran Connor says:

Please review the Vice Pro and Pro plus golf balls. Plenty will want to see this review, ta..

Logan Kelch says:

I understand what you’re getting at as strike is king. What you put into the ball from your strike will depend on how the ball reacts, but are you saying a premium ball will perform better then a cheaper ball even if the strike isn’t there (more consistent)? I’m a mid handicap golfer and some days the strike is there and others it isn’t. Will a premium ball change my game enough for me to notice?

ripyerballs says:

Hi Mark On course report from yesterday on the Callaway Supersoft balls.

Mid Handicap review I play Off Hcp10 Swing Speed Driver 85mph Age 60

Driver: This ball helped me drop my spin down which helped me greatly on my wild shots off the tee as they appeared not to curve as much as a tour ball which I have previously used. I picked up 20 yards carry on a perfect strike, but on normal strike i would say 7 to 10 yards. The Dry Test Spin Numbers Pro V1 Driver 3500rpm avg Callaway Supersoft 2000 avg

Irons: Mixed, felt lovely of the face but flew my first 3 greens all of centre strikes which worried me slightly so on the next couple of greens I went down 1 club, the next one was spot on. after that I just played 1 club less into the greens and that worked fine, I was striking my Irons really well yesterday so I am playing Thursday If I find a difference I will post again.

Wedges: Felt lovely and soft off the face, spin is subject my strike and the shot I am trying to play around the greens, I had no problem stopping the ball but the greens are still very soft, In the summer I would guess you would not have as much spin as a Tour ball?

Putter: It was a dream for me off the putter face so soft which I really love as I use a Wilson 8802 blade putter and feel to get the pace for me is everything

I was very impressed with my first outing with this ball at that sort of price point, If anything changes dramatically tomorrow I will post again


K4crasher says:

Good video, as always. Perhaps you could let us know what you think the wear characteristics of the balls you are testing might be? It can get quite expensive if the skin of balls cut up quickly.

Benjamin Smith says:

They are my favorite balls for the price. I use the 90% of the time when I play. I also love that they make different colors (pink, orange, yellow, blue). They do feel soft with the irons and still feel really nice with woods. And at almost half the price of the “premium” balls. It’s pretty tough to beat.

1976axerhand says:

vn.what is the little machine used there? ??? thx

Brandon Butler says:

Pro v1 vs chrome soft which is better

SuperR0551 says:

Thanks for this Mark. I like these balls very much and use them over Chromies for the simple reason of cost. Being a 17 handicapper I don’t have the consistency that you do so can’t justify the added expenditure of premium balls. Good to see that you like them too. Keep up the good content brah! click click

Rich maine golf says:

For the price these are excellent balls, I tend to play these or the srixon ad333. I never buy premium balls because I don’t like chucking £5 notes into ponds #justsayinbruh

Paul Piccini says:

Switched to these last season from the “high price point” golf balls. Love them. I love the soft feel around the green, when I putt and I find they actually spin less for me and my ball flight has been more consistent when I hit the club square.
Perfect for the mid to high handicap player. And the price is an added feature. Thanks for reviewing them Mark !

Jack Jarvis says:

Yip yip yip

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