Callaway Chrome Soft vs Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Balls

Callaway Crome Soft vs Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Balls. Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru talks about the Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball and the Callaway Chrome Soft X golf ball. See what the difference is with this live ball test filmed at Las Colinas Golf and Country Club in Spain. Play your best golf and make sure you use the best golf ball for your golf game.


Station 2Station says:

not buying these spin numbers.

Bigslick904 says:

I game the chromies, switched from the pro v last season.

Tiger Scott says:

I’m a 2 marker and couldn’t tell anything different between them

Graham Broadfoot says:

I have the soft will use them tomorrow for the 1st time, can’t wait playing a links course hopefully will be good in the wind

Joshua OKeefe says:

Mark, have you ever gamed the Srixon Z-star XV?? Lovely ball, would love to see a video on them. Maybe a chrome soft vs z-star xv video?

Tomislav Gaspar says:

Just tested the Chrome soft x for the first time yesterday and I really felt a big difference. Maybe additionally because I gamed the old Chrome softs. Especially of the tee I had the feeling to have a better control over the balls.

Jeremy says:

Chrome Soft!

Paul Houghton says:

I really like chrome soft and truvis when I can get them.  But don’t really think they are a winter ball?  Using Titleist DT Solos and Srixon AD 333 tours until it warms up considerably!  Always enjoy the reviews Mark

CG Mat says:

This time of year I play a slightly harder ball, once April comes switch to the softer ball

Todd Hartman says:

I wish I could hit 4 balls in a row down the center of the fairway! Good test, Mark! Regular Chromesofts for me

GolfandFish says:

If you had a higher swing speed you would see more difference. Its made for higher swing speeds. 🙂

Ben Lodrick-Osborne says:

chrome soft all the way

Sud Man says:

You’ve confirmed what I suspected. I felt no difference at the store putting on the carpet. # dryenivornment

Timothy Wattrus says:

whats this guys handicap cause he not good at all

Charles Stonebridge says:

What? around 262 yds and 2200 rpm? no way!

Patrick Kelly says:

Mark please let lockey hit the chips and pitches in these reviews

Sammy Whammy says:

4:29-4:40 – YOUTUBEGOLD!

Darren Muir says:

I can tell you what’s making those spin numbers low the guy swinging the club seriously

James Jr says:

Not sure if I’d move to the X version. I game the yellow black truvis and enjoy it. Although right now I have some Kirkland balls that I’ll finish off before going back to my yellow black truvis. If the X comes in truvis I’d give it a try but I’m sure the target for the X probably wouldn’t go for the truvis colors.

Rocky Graziano says:

It takes you forever to hit the ball.Every time you’re about to hit it,you stop and start talking.Love your videos but that is soooooooo annoying!

Dhruv S. says:

I just got a 3 pack of the chrome soft x yesterday.. Putting the balls feels like you are hitting a pillow

ATC235 says:

I love the feel of the Crome soft and the soccer ball look. Never tried the x. Also you can get them on sale for $20 ( not often) lol

DjSidewayz07 says:

New launch monitor review? Any new features? Love the videos!

Jay Severson says:

I love the truves

Brian Chowaniec says:

Can you do a zstar and zstar xv comparison?

Rocco E says:

Soft mark..

PkGam says:

Huh… I didn’t know they were making an “X”. Can’t’ believe I missed that news. But yeah, if there isn’t any difference, I’d likely gravitate towards the softer-feeling one as it’s what I like to hear on contact.

Also, if you only have a very limited number of balls on hand to test, you might not want to do it around water. XD

Nick Zadd says:

Hated the sound of the original chrome soft to the point I couldn’t play it. The x might be the ticket.

Marshall Sangster says:

Hi Mark, just a quick point about the truvis. The human eye is far less sensitive to colour differentiation than black & white perception in the peripheral vision. Especially red-green and blue-yellow, as a consequence a white ball with red dots will be more difficult to spot out of your peripheral vision when looking for it in the rough! So maybe not to so truvis after all?

Waqar Ghulam says:

Should have started with a driver.

Baxy85 says:

Really interested in trying the chome soft. Have just started gaming srixon ad333 tour and finding them a bit hard. Might be due to the temperature though.

Sean Glackin says:

Love the videos mark keep them coming. I’m glad I’m not the only one that can’t chip for shit lol

bhatchcc says:

Your new on course testing has been great. Love the ball tracking and drones.

Ange Gooner says:

Must be something wrong with those balls Mark, aren’t they all supposed to go 300 yards to be any good? In all seriousness you continue to offer truth and logic in content where others #don’tliketotalkaboutit , #cheersbruh #logicdetroystrolls

Nick Hough says:

Surely Callaway can you more than one piffling sleeve Ambassabruh???!!! 😮 😮

Aussie Mike says:

To me the X felt harder but I had a few massive zoren spins which too me from pin high to front of green and off green. Same distance.  Prefer the normal chromes.

Brian Devitt says:

Say what you want about Marks chipping but he is very solid with the Driver and a very good putter.

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