Bridgestone Tour B XS v Pro V1 & TP5x

Bridgestone Tour B XS Ball Test

We tested the Bridgestone Tour B XS v Titlesit Pro V1 & Taylormade TP5x on Trackman 4… here’s how we got on.

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Bunker says:

Wait, what do you mean all the testers use Bridgestone? So the big club manufacturers use Bridgestone balls when testing their clubs?

J. 4NASH says:

the real test is into wind and having wind from the back. i find tp5x flys higher for meand went longer then the prov X. the bridgestone is prob the best ball ive played yet. havent got to hit the new ones yet but i loved the B330s. soft and still flew far

Mike Armentrout says:

Looks like the angle of attack on the TP5x hits were significantly more downward compared to the other two and the clubhead speed was also slower for the TP5x hits. For whatever reason your delivery was just a bit different when hitting that batch of balls.

jgcane says:

If tiger plays em, I play them

Simon Hobden says:

is there any difference between these and the older b330s. b330s are now about £20 here in the uk and that is an amazing price

MP60 says:

I bought a sleeve of the Tour B-XS after watching this review and my results were very similar to Ryan’s. I was hitting an 8 iron, 2 iron and driver. The Bridgestone ball went a few yards further than the Pro V1 with the 8 iron and almost 10 yards further with the 2 iron. With the driver the distance was similar. I have Mizuno MPH4s and the Tour B-XS felt amazing off the forged heads.

Eric Smith says:

Im trying them this weekend.

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