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jonathan vazquez says:

Rick…. Top ten golf balls of 2017 please.

andy foster says:

Best ball on the market and has been for years 330 s

Rich C says:

Just hurry up and test the mp-18!!

Cheezburger 61 says:

A test of more affordable balls would be great……we need to see what ball is the truly best for the money for us everyday golfers. Some Wilson, Top Flite, Maxfli and other bargain balls ……I’m sure there is a diamond in the rough out there somewhere.

TalkyMcTalkFace says:

330 rxs is my favourite ball, feels great off the face of forged irons.

danny collins says:

Sorry to disagree but I think it would be better to see if you test the “under 105mph” ball. Would be nice to see the difference if any from the over 105 ball when hit by a speed over 105.

Dan Edes says:

Hey Rick I am finding these reviews very interesting. Do you mind testing the Wilson staff range?

TJ Shine says:

Rick, I appreciate what you’re saying, but here in amateur land the ball really makes a difference off the ball. I think you will see this once you get Rob Potter involved with his slower swing.  With my draw Pro-V’s go much further LEFT than a Calloway Chrome Soft or TM TP5.  Looking forward to seeing Rob hit these!And have him hit ALL the popular balls.

955HamiltoN says:

I really would like to see a comparison between the NXT Tour and NXT Tour S, then we have the Velocity and the DT Trusoft

Ronsingsandpullsup says:

All golf balls are the same

camelCase says:

I love and hate these reviews, only because I’m starting to come to the realization that I’m going to have to pay the money to get better performance :/

Michael Tory says:

Thought Bridgestone had pulled out of the UK?

Stephen Guenthner says:

B330 is the best ball ever made!

Jack F says:

If you’re going to speak against the 105mph barrier, then you need to be testing all 4 balls as a result. Also, if you’re going to have your friend (who swings at less than 105mph) test the B330RX and B330RXS, he should also test the B330 and B330S, just to show if there IS truly a difference in the categories from a MPH side.

My reasoning is that if the RX or RXS are softer and spin the same (or more) as the S and perform equally otherwise, those two balls may be preferred by players solely on a feel basis.

randy underwood says:

don’t be a swing speed snob. i h8 that. and 90% of us don’t swing over 105! so this vid is useless to us.

Bobby LeBlanc says:

Let down of immense proportion lol….. I have waiting for this review in particular for so long from my favorite reviewer… Was so jacked when I saw the link….. However my swing speed is right about 105 so I play the Rx (red box lol ) was so curious about full shot comparison against the b330s (blue box)…… In particular with driver…. When he said ok let’s put this one to bed and dropped the boxes I was like you have to be kidding me…. Oh well maybe someone else will review the line as a whole …. Potter swings too slow for my interest in this review… Keep up the great work though my brother your normally spot on…. Cheers

B Ritt says:

I’ve been exclusive to the B330 for two years now, best ball ever in my opinion.

Nicolas Østergaard says:

Hi Rick, I think the name of the ball(330) refers to the number of dimples on it. Anyway, great review as always!

Jesse Ford says:

330 dimples ?

Gavin and Jack Tucker says:

The B330RX and B330RXS are great balls.

Jeff Lambeth says:

I tried the rxs out this year and I could tell a big difference in the wind especially in a crosswind. There’s usually a lot of crosswind on my course and the ball wouldn’t move as much as the pro-v1x I used to use. Keep up the great reviews you do for us!!

Paul Houghton says:

Good review Rick, I’ve ordered a box to try!

Andrew Lamie says:

The 330 comes from the number of dimples on the golf ball, it has nothing to do with the number of golf ball fittings. Great video, my go to ball is the B330, my only gripe is how older models scuff so easily. the company has definitely improved on with the newest model.

Guy Harcourt says:

Get Dobby back on the channel please Rick!

jamiem1973 says:

Been waiting a long time for this one. Disappointed you didn’t hit the RX. Wanted to see if there really was a difference.

dean house says:

would like to see a Wilson ball review sometime this year or next year…

Luis Ramirez says:

Hi Rick, you should include the Bridgestone E6 in Robs test. They say they fit almost all players to that ball and not the B series.


Please get Rob on the new E6 balls PLEASE!

Anthony Jackson says:

Rick thanks for the reviews but I would disagree with SOME of your testing. I play the B330 (or the Srixon Z XV ) and while I would agree the B330 is a firmer when compared to the say the Pro V1, however that would be comparing apples to oranges.

The B330 is more comparable to the Pro V1x and while a little firmer and IMO far superior as it offers more feed back and a lot more spin then the Pro V1x. The B330 is also the best wind ball I have ever played (not had a chance to try the TP5).

I would also agree that the B330s is again firmer than a Pro V1I find it to offer a lot more spin (especially on green side chips) and a lot better durability.

Good ball reviews and hope you do the Srixon Z stars soon


I currently play the “Silver” Box and I love them. I’m about 103 swing speed so I might try the “Blue Box” just to see if it makes any difference. All in all, terrific ball and so good it got me off the Srixon V which is also an excellent ball

Jack Abbey says:

It’s B Three-Thirty. . .

Shigeharu Shimizu says:

Rick, thank you for your reviewing Bridgestone balls, B330 series. I use both black and blue now and I think black will be my first choice after I see your review. Thanks a lot!

Alec Sullivan says:

Would be really interested to see Rob test value/game improvement balls… Bridgestone e6 line, Callaway supersoft, titleist DT solo, etc and even the extreme value balls like the Wilson duo or TM distance+. That would be some helpful content!

Ryan Wood says:

Tiger Woods doesn’t play the B330s. He never plays.

oliverfreakout says:

Just bought this in lake versions two weeks ago 😀 The B330RXS, im around the 105 mark, but under with the irons, so think I made the right choice going for that version, dont think the difference is massive though.

Mike Nickel says:

You should have hit the other pair to see if there was a difference since one set is for under 105 and one over 105.

William Wichert says:

the 330 is for the number of dimples

Keegan Cook says:

Rick! hi from Cape Town, South Africa. Bud, please have a look at the new Wilson Staff FG Tour ball. Would love to see what you think of it. I play off a 3, and have been gaming mainly the TP5 – but I thoroughly enjoyed the FG TOUR ball. Anyways shot for the great content you legend 🙂

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