Australian PGA Professional Alan Staines & Avid Golfer Steve “RICHO” Richardson do some golf ball testing at virginia golf club. All the 11 golf balls tested were blacked out and richo used putter, chipped and hit these ball and gave them a rating.


Ali tests the premium golf balls from 2015 from Nike, Titleist, TaylorMade, Srixon and Callaway to see which ball was best.

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julian hughes says:

Great test …..
I remember someone saying to me play with the best ball you can afford cough cough Al…100% correct … loved this guys

fantasyrookie says:

The Qstar tested better than the Zstar?

Dave Bucks says:

brilliant test cheers

Gerry Manley says:

Have you tested any other make of golf ball like the mizuno mpx,Nike crush extreme or the Wilson dx2

Craig Murry says:

taylor made balls

Corey Meverden says:

Love where the channel is going… Keep it up Al and Richo!

Tiger Scott says:

Where did the callaway chrome come?

Lanky Schnitzel a.k.a Big Shrimpin' says:

Isn’t Q-Star just the AD333 repackaged??

Clifford Holloway says:

interesting test guys, thanks

Woden of the Angles says:

This is a great video idea. Definitely do the other lads too! And yourself Al.

As for ball condition – don’t some of the pro’s use heated pockets for their balls at the British Open to get them warm.. Or is that a myth…?

grumpy2159 says:

with the number of balls Richo loses cost will have to come into it.

Aussie Taffia says:

did you have chrome soft or z-stars in the test??

J-dog says:

great test!

Quinton Walsh says:

This was brilliant! I buy the “best” balls used. That way it is cheaper.
Would like to know the other balls in the test too though.

Streetdrive 420 says:

You should try the volvik vivid

Darren Clark says:

Snell putting is a suprise, as it feels dead with my putter. The Snell off the teee and short game though is awesome.

Ian Ward says:

Great review… thanks for this guys. We wants more! 🙂

Alan Heseltine says:

I was waiting for this, great job guys and very interesting. I will definitely be trying some different options this year to see if they make any differences to my game. Thanks for the info fellas.

Mark Richardson says:

great test going try it myself

James Dwyer says:

Q Star was a bit of a surprise, good cheaper option for people who may lose a few.

A test Idea for you. A performance /distance comparison between lower compression balls, and ones suited to higher club head speeds. Does it really make any difference? And the reverse, is there any advantage either way for someone with slower swing speeds in either stye of ball? I think some of us, me particularly, think it makes more difference than it really does.

StuVlogs says:

very interesting… ball change for Richo in the near future?

Zac Hayden says:

Like the Vid boys! Personally I like the Foremost X3! Haven’t had the chance to test Snell. I’m going between V1 and Chrome Soft at the moment…As I’m a marketing slave! I actually play better with whatever ball I find in the tree line. Maybe because I’m not scared of losing it. Ball fitting should be green to tee!

Bell Music says:

great job boys thanks

Andy Lade says:

Funnily I just bought a dozen Taylormade tp. If it ever stops raining I’ll let you know what they’re like.

metamurph says:

QStar “standard” not the new Tour correct? There are so many balls out there it starts to get tough. Would be cool to put this into a spreadsheet and then you can start adding in the different guys results and if you put your “protocol” down, hmmm a community set of input could happen.

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