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Who Can Use A Tour Golf Bag AskGolfGuru, more Q&A’s from AskGolfGuru PGA professional Mark Crossfield. This time we are talking tour bags and who can pull them off. This ids a Q&A video on Mark’s Q&A golf video channel answering golf questions from golfers all around the world. Play your best golf with simple and easy to understand golf tips, drills and instruction.


Lesmc1of3 says:

Some tour bags are designed solely for carrying. What I mean by that is when they are put on a trolley with all the pockets at the front, the name on the side, Callaway, Titleist whatever, is upside down. Be careful which one you buy.

Spencer Sayavong says:

Thanks alot because i just bought a new adams tour bag and im a junior with a 13 handicap and ive always wanted one but i thought people would make fun of me so i watched this video and it helps alot. now i dont care if people think i look silly because i can put so many things in it! Thanks alot mark!!!

Leif Sinclair says:

I am only going to get one when I win a small pro tournament.

theMANxGOLFER says:

Mark, you made some parents very unhappy.

Mark Cook says:

A friend of mine was given an officially licensed golf bag sporting his footy teams colours and logo everyone in the club gave him a hard time (didn’t help they they were losing). They weren’t serious, just poking fun, it only lasted the first day he used it then it didn’t matter. In the end it’s just a bag.

golfninja says:

Big & heavy, great as long as someone else is carrying it for you and you’re shooting par 🙂 That said, well remember wondering the same, should I shouldn’t I as a junior so understand just where this question is coming from. In the end I stayed with my ‘scratch sack’ and saved the money to go towards a new set of irons.
Plus remember in my matchplay comps especially, from the 10th me & my pencil bag always had the energy to keep going & beat all those labouring with the weighty tour bags who never looked quite so cool when spraying it about all over the place because they were so tired.

Maxdelch says:

Thanks for your help, I tell them you said I can have one 🙂

chrisSkylin3 says:

I’ve got a Cleveland Staff cart bag. It is just like a normal tour staff bag but it doesn’t have that protruding hump on the back of it. It fits perfectly on my push buggy and it doesn’t weigh too much. I believe TaylorMade make something like it as well.

Jason Alcock says:

Player at my home club picked up an old (90’ies) Paul McGinley tour bag.

There was a little bit of friendly ribbing, but overall it was kinda cool and decent homage. Also it was bomb proof, good value and eco friendly thing to do!

Andrew Foulds says:

They need to change the your golf travel advert to….. Tell them mark sent you, ha ha

mattandhisnikon says:

How sad that we live in a society where people are so worried about what bag they use for fear of judgement and mocking.

marXman9573 says:

Right then Im off to get my name put on mine, and tell them you said I could

Casper Toot says:

whats tour bag?>

Richie Dela Merced says:

I use one and it so nice to use in your cart. You have room for everything you need. So easy to pull clubs out of it as well. 

swbrett1 says:

Mark said you could!!
Love that

stu says:

use mine so I can fit everything I need in it. Waterproofs, jumpers, food, water. Clubs don’t smash together so much 

Jeremy Wiltshire says:

Tour bags are great. You can carry as much as you want in it there a lot of fun. Look like a pro feel like a pro play like a pro.

I have one orange cobra like Ricky has I feel great bring it out.

Dan Bridge says:

I just got myself a tour bag for a few reasons. the main reason being I have always wanted one. I don’t care too much about what people will think or say about me, at least I don’t as much now I am a bit older. no one would really care if I used the exact same clubs as a pro golfer, or the same equipment used by any pro sportsman or athlete, so why should the golf bag I use be any different? the other reason I bought a tour bag is because I was sick of this modern obsession with bags that are as light as possible. ok so if you are carrying your bag around 18 holes then you want it to be as light as possible. but when you are using a trolley, an electric trolley or a golf cart, why does the weight of the bag matter? I had a Nike sport cart II before, although it was light it was so flimsy and offered very little club protection. it was almost as light as a stand bag. and the final reason I bought a tour bag is because it was on sale for half price, maybe because the store was trying to get rid of it before new stock comes in, maybe because no one else wanted it, I can’t say for sure but I’m certainly not complaining about such a bargain. my advice is do what you want to do and don’t worry about what anyone else says thinks or does.

Taylor Zalewski says:

I’d say get a bag that fits your needs. 99% of the time I ride a cart, so I got a cart bag. Its awesome, loads of storage and very sturdy. If I’m walking I have a carry bag that’s lightweight (ish) but has less pockets for storage. TBH, I think anyone with a tour bag that’s a non tour player looks like a tool. They’re also huge.

jpjeffery says:

All I want is a bag like the one I’ve got but not made out of the default porous (poly-something) material that lets club handles get wet and has a lining that catches on the grips (whether they’re wet or dry) and ends up coming loose and coming out with each club. If that means I have to use a tour bag then so be it…although surely that’s not the only kind of bag that’s actually waterproof is it?

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