What’s New In My Golf Bag In 2017

In this video golf tip, Australian PGA Golf Professional Brian Fitzgerald “The Golf Doctor” shows you two new additions to his golf bag for 2017.
There has been a couple of changes since I saw you last.
So we are into a new year. And there has been some equipment changes in my golf bag.So I’m still using my Mizuno MP 25 irons. That hasn’t changed.I still have my Mizuno MP T5 wedges. There is a new model the T7 wedges. But I’m really happy with my T5’s so I am reluctant to change them.I might wait a little bit longer and I might upgrade the wedges later in the year.So So the big changes I have made to my bag. Um oh by the way I’ve got a 3 iron, a 4 iron, 5 iron, 6, 7, 8, 9 and pitching wedge. I have got a 50 degree with 7 degrees of bounce MP T5 wedge. I’ve got a 55 degree, 9 degrees of bounce T5 wedge. And I have got a 60 degree 6 degree bounce T5 sand wedge or lob wedge.I have got my JPX EZ 3 hybrid. Now I have made this a little longer. So you may be thinking he has got a 3 hybrid and a 3 iron aren’t they the same thing.
I am using the 3 hybrid to hit a little bit further. So I am trying to create something like a 2 iron or a 1 iron. So I have souped it up a little bit.I have got my JPX EZ 3 wood. So that hasn’t changed. It is set to a standard 15 degrees. So I don’t really fiddle with that. 15 degrees works really well for me.So the first of the changes is I got my hands on a JPX 900 Driver. So you may have seen the JPX 900 Driver review I made late last year. And I’ll put a link at the top of the page if you are interested. This is the best driver I have ever owned. So it has got a lot of customisation to it and optimisation. So I have got it set to the lowest centre sorry to the highest centre of gravity that I can to lower my ball flight.Ah, I’ve got it set to the neutral position there with the little slider and I am using it at 8.5 degrees of loft.This driver really does go.
I think it is the hottest driver on the planet. Some people are telling me the Titleist is. And a couple of other people are telling me the Callaway is. I’ve tested both and this is the best driver for me. So I can whole heartedly endorse it. I think so much of this driver that I have bought it.So i physically paid money for this driver. So that’s what I think of the driver.I could have waited a little bit longer and got it for free as part of my contract being a Mizuno brand ambassador. But I really want this driver. So that is what i think of that.You may have also seen a review of the Giant putter review I did late last year and I will put a link to the top of the page of this one. But I finished up going for the SeeMore Giant M1T. So it is not quite as big as the one you saw me use in the product review. It’s a little bit smaller. But I just love this putter.
It is made of high grade aircraft aluminium. It’s got a milled face. It’s got a couple of copper weights to increase the weight. The aluminium is quite a lightweight material. t’s quite a short putter. Because I am vertically challenged. I have short legs if you haven’t noticed. And it’s actually down there at 32 inches. So with my putter at 32 inches my arms hang freely and I can swing the putter in a pendulum style. And I have got this nice 1.52 RoseMark grip.
So they’re really the big changes I have made to my equipment and
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Donald Lang says:

why the seemore m1t instead of the seemore FGPt.

Colm Nolan says:

I went for the jpx850 driver as it was more forgiving but I love the jpx900

JAG sixtyfive says:

Just ordered the new Mizuno JPX900 Driver, as well as the JPX900 Fairways in 15* and 18*. JPX900 Hotmetal Irons 4,5,6, and JPX900 Forged irons 7-PW, and new Mizuno Tour Bag. Fingers crossed they’ll be delivered some time back end of next week.

John Shuff says:

Brian, with your putter at 32″ did you have Seemore add any additional weight to the head?

Simon rodham says:

15 clubs

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