What’s in Ricks Golf Bag?

What’s In My Golf Bag?
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MIGEL- NOREEN Valadez says:

Oh Oh, Rick? Do you know you have 15 clubs in the bag. 2 stroke penalty!

Justin Scheve says:

Love the videos +RickShielsPGAGolf What type of golf ball do you use and why?
Do you have a preference or do you feel all premium golf balls will perform about the same? I like the Titleist Pro V1x. It performs best around the green for me because I tend to miss most greens. Thanks!

William Van den Bergh says:

I hear you breaking all the distance records with the i25… Why do you put the G30 in the bag?

titan90000 says:

Nice setup, I have always been a fan of Ping.  Currently gaming a G25 driver, fairway and hybrid, along with a Ping Greyhawk putter. Irons I am gaming Mizuno MP-62, older but still in good shape. If I were to go back to Ping irons it would be the S series, nice looking irons.

Ian Shepherd says:

I went with the Titleist sm5 Vokey wedges but both are the best 2 wedges in the game Cleveland and Vokey so either would work for me…

Llew Jones says:

love all your clubs rick Iv’ e just been fitted for my taylormade sldr love it

Haider Hussain says:

hey rick can u pls do a video on the nike matter b1 07 putter. thanks

Harry McTaggart says:

Great stuff Rick. Can you do a video on what wedges are best in the market?

Alex Nuschke says:

I just recently purchased the 2014 Adams DHY 18′ club as well. Mine looks a little different in the back, but same club. Question: do you feel like it covers enough yardage to replace a 3-wood and 5-wood. I was going to take out only my 5-wood in place of it (keep my 3-wood), but I notice you don’t have any fairway woods.

Austin Miller says:

What happened to the Mini Driver!?

Sam Ostravich says:

don’t get me wrong but i think i counted 15 clubs not 14

Adam Huckeby says:

Looking forward to the 915 reviews Rick.  Would also be interested in a 913 G30 comparison.

Stephen Tranter says:

Hi Rich, just wondering if you ever considered the Adams Hybrid DHY pro in 21 or 24 Deg?

Cheers stephen.

Jay Smith says:

I have the same putter

Jason Vickers says:

Rick i thought you was only allowed 14 clubs in the bag??

redlinejcw says:

Missed the old theme music. So much better.

Peter Rodriguez says:

Awesome bag. Beast mode rick for 2015. Watch out peter finch

Matthew Rampersad says:

I don’t have any of these clubs, but am considering the SLDR driver. Or hopefully a RSI driver!? LOL

Anthony Loiselle says:

i love how these clubs are seen as old but they are still so good looking. would die for a set like that

Nicola Amos says:

I think it was a greate video and I think it is very good advise about what to get fou 2014 and 2015 and I use the taylormade SLDR and the taylormade R15 and the sldr 3 wood and us kids golf irons and wedges and putters.

Zack Kubik says:

What are those wedges bounces?

Jake says:

Every time I hear “Cleveland RTX”, I always think “Roosterteeth is doing RTX in Cleveland?”  XP

Robert Morley says:

good series of videos, Rick.  Do you have any on balls?  Most of what I’ve seen are about clubs or technique.

TheXXApolloXx says:

What driver would you recommend for an absolute beginner, Nike Covert 2.0 or Callaway x2 hot

Golfnovice24 says:

I love the feel of a nice solid shaft too! Sorry rick i had to

Joe Yamsuan says:

We have the same taste.

Mediocre Golfer says:

All since sold on ebay

Warren Hennessy says:

Just picked up the wedges, Rick. I couldn’t believe the spin… almost rolled a 2/3 shot with my 52 back off the green.

Nixon Whitney says:

So you don’t mind what golf brands you use just as long as you can hit it.

Matthew Collins says:

Nice bag. Very nice. Lose the old man trolley and its all good. What ball you playing?

Darren Cohen says:

Hi Rick, what driver were you using for the night match against Me and My Golf? Was that the new R15? Have you switched over to that from your SLDR? Great vid, thanks man! 

Hannibalcortez13 says:

Good video. Question about drivers. How often do you think a golfer should update their driver to take advantage of technology? My driver is about to be 7 years old and i’m wondering if it’s time to update. Thanks.

vince guest says:

Nice tour issue raw wedges.Why don’t they bring these RTG’s to retail?

leandrogutierres says:

Is it too much if I ask you to send me all the way down to Brazil as a gift the ping driver? 😀 great vids! Keep it up, bud!

gbvoul says:

Ping is mostly know for their putters, and that’s 1 of only a few clubs in rick’s bag that isn’t Ping.

Lee (formerly Cahnt) says:

2 drivers, one from each of the companies who treated Rick to a nice tour of their facilities to showcase their drivers…….hmmm, bit of a cop out? lol

Thomas Kim says:

Rick, you should try out Fourteen’s wedges; they’re great.

944own says:

Are any of these clubs still in the bag.

Shaunyboy10 says:

Not a fan of this bag personally. I think a bag should not contain 2 drivers, I must have an OCD when it comes to WITB there should be D 2W 3/4H Irons PW and 3 wedges. Not a fan of a jumbled up set but whatever works for you. 

Jaellan Cruz says:

Nice set Rick! I have a similar set except for jpx 850 forged irons and a really old scotty putter. I just recently picked up the adams dhy and was wondering if you had the stock blue aldila shaft or had it custom?

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