Rick Shiels takes you on a tour of his current golf club set up! See what golf clubs Rick Shiels uses as of January 2nd 2016!
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nick sissine says:

what happened to the Hogan TK15 wedges?

Colin Selfridge says:

How do I get my hands on one of your old tour bags ?

Pierre Cuinat says:

70g for driver, 55 g for wood, haha that really doesnt make sense !!! not a good choice

Rick Shiels Golf says:

Stay connect with me here also

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Marc Taplin says:

Rick, what happened to the scor wedges?

Andrew Olson says:

You need to get a heavier shaft in your 3 wood, those are way too light which is what is causing your accuracy issues off of the tee

Beta Vulgaris says:

I only have 3 clubs which aren’t hand me downs. Here goes:

Driver: Callaway X-Hot 10.5
3 Wood: Callaway X
Hybrid: Adams DHy Pro 24
Spalding 3i
5-PW Mizuno Zoid Comp CT
SW Spalding something or other (cheap, massive head, but hits nicely)
Titleist 60 Tour Preferred wedge
Putter: Rife somethingorother.

adritch says:

All those pink castles! Coach Lockey would be proud, lol.

Kourtney Knowles says:

why u game the hogan irons and not the wedges I dont understand in my opinion their wedges are the best part of their company. I think you should try putting a much heavier shaft in your 3 wood. 80-100 grams.

Robbie Kelleher says:

I think u should use the odessey backstrike marxman putter

Spencer Oxendine says:

Titleist 915 d2 7.75 degree. Titleist 915 f.d 3 wood. Titleist 816 21 degree hybrid. Srixon z745 irons 4-9 irons. 46, 50, 54, 58 degree wedges in titleist sm5 chrome finish. Putter is Scotty Cameron golo3

安佐 says:

Driver: Nike Vapor Pro adj8.5° Blue 65S
3 wood: Nike Vapor Speed adj 14° Fubuki Z70X
Hybrid: Nike Vapor Flex 21° Tour AD prototype C spec
Irons: Nike Vapor Pro #4-P DG X100
Wedges: Nike VR Forge 52° 60° ENGAGE 56° DG S400
Putter: Nike Method B2|01 34″ Super Stroke Slim 2.0
Ball: Nike PD

Nothing to complain about Nike

Mrbigolnuts says:

I saw Rick take out an Areo Burner hybrid at the British Masters Pro-Am and absolutely drill it. Going to the driving iron? Its a heaver shot than the hybrid, suprising. What about the Taylor Made M1 3 wood? no good? Those Ben Hogans need a polish…..wheres the love?

Josh Charlebois says:

Driver – Callaway XR pro – 9.5′
3 & 5 wood: callaway razr x black
Irons: callaway x2 hot pro
wedges: callaway md3 52′ 54′ 58′ ( weird gapping I know but it works)
putter: odyssey versa
ball: nike RZN Platinum

Graeme Hodges says:

Would love to get a set of the Hogan Fort Worths, but unless they set up a UK distribution/fitting facility there’s no way I’m paying nearly a grand on clubs configured by their on-line fitting process, having them shipped from the US and then dealing with customs and import fees. They don’t take lie angle into account for one thing, and in other respects they seem to work off average club distances and make generalised assumptions. My current irons are set up between 2 and 3 degrees flat, but you can never be sure when switching manufacturer that lie angles will transfer.If I could get fitted for a set I’d be all over them, but a trip to America is just not practical. Until then I’ll stick with my twenty-five year old TP9s.

Anthony Parker says:

Really like your videos and the Rob Potter Mid Handicapper reviews. I have the Callaway XR driver, 3 wood and 3 Hybrid; a Orlimar Sport Cannon driver (for warm up); Taylormade Rocket Bladez HP set irons 4-PW, 50 deg AW; Snake Eyes SL4w 60 deg wedge; and one putter i have had since the 80’s- Mizuno 0602 blade putter.

matt weidner says:

Love the videos Rick, I’ve taken your recommendations a lot of the time.

Driver Titleist 915 D3 9.5 degree Diamana S+ 60 gram X flex
Hybrid Taylormade Burner 19 degree 60 gram stiff soon to be changed out by the Titleist 816 H1 19 degree with the aldila Rogue silver 85H X Flex
3 iron Titleist 712U KBS Tour 90 Stiff
4 iron Titleist 716 T-MB KBS Tour 90 Stiff
5-PW iron Edel irons KBS Tour 90 Stiff
52 + 57 degree wedge Edel Driver grind

Seriously look into Edel wedges and putters if you are thinking of changing up any part of your game the wedges, irons, and putters are fit to each player specifically and they have really enhanced my confidence as well as ball striking.

Keep up the good work, and good luck in the quest for the Open

Alex Yip says:

Titleist 915 d3 10
Taylor made r15
Adams red
Mizuno jpx 900 tour
Taylor made milled grind
Scotty Cameron Newport 2

kaballas123 says:

Thumbs up for the rugby ball in the background? You and Finch getting your scrimmage on

Ron Burgundy says:

Driver: m1 460 Oban kiyoshi tour limited X Flex
3 Wood: Titleist 915 FD Oban Devotion X Flex
2 Iron: Taylormade UDI Graphite Design Tour adii7
4-9: Titleist mb 716 Project x 95
46-50-54-60: Titleist Sm6 project x 95
Putter: Scotty Cameron 009 prototype Scotty grip

Jeremy Iverson says:

Driver: r15 9.5
3wood: sldr sq
5 wood: rbz stage 2
4 hybrid: taylormade rescue 11
Irons: mizuno jpx 850
Wedges: mizuno tp4
Putter: Odessy white ice

Mark Blankenship says:

Is there a reason that everyone else decided that anyone cared enough about them to do their own “What’s in the Bag” in the comments? Literally no one but you and the person you just beat care what you have.

Jason Warlond says:

Rick, did you get a chance to hit the Hogan Ptx irons at the PGA Show? If so, comments please? Any chance they’ll make it into the bag over the current Hogans?

Derek Harmon says:

Driver: Taylormade M1 460 – Kuro Kage 80TX
3 wood: Taylormade Burner TP – Miyazaki Kusala Black 82X tour issue
5 wood: Taylormade V Steel – Proforce V2 77X
3 iron: Mizuno MP62 DGX100
5-PW: Callaway Apex MB C-Taper X
52,56,60: Edel Wedges C-Taper X
Putter: Piretti Matera
Ball: Pro V1X

Taylormade has had the best woods in the game for the last 10+ years! It’s just a shame they have to come out with new stuff every 6 months..

Mark Blankenship says:

Rick, I appreciate your honesty with the 3 wood issues. I suffer from the same problem. I solve it differently, however. I just don’t use a tee with my 3 wood. Any reason you don’t just hit the Adams off the deck in tee boxes? Give the ground a good thump and set it on the tiny mound.

C - MAC says:

Driver: TaylorMade R15 TP Black 9.5°
3 Wood: Tour Edge Exotics original 2006 model
3 Hybrid: Adams Idea Tech A4 Boxer 19°
4 Hybrid: Adams Idea Tech A4 Boxer 22°
5 Hybrid: Nicklaus Polarity 27°
Irons: 6-PW Nicklaus Polarity HCT
Wedges: Adams Idea Tech A4 Forged 50,55,60°
Putter: Rife Barbados 2.0
Balls: Wilson FG Tour, Top Flite D2+ Straight
Garmin Approach G6
Nikon LaserCaddy 500G
BAGBOY Clip-Lok Cart Bag

Andrew Parry says:

Thinking of changing the Hogans? Say it ain’t so! I still play Hogan Apex Plus which I’ve had for about 16 years. You’d have to pry them from my cold, lifeless hands (or the R&A might if they finally ban them in a few years).

ActnFly says:

Rick, can you please tell me if you still have that putter in the bag? This is not a joke i used a scotty for 3 years now. picked up a callie yes putter at my local golf shop and i will never go back to the scotty. This thing is insane

Will Simervile says:

Ben hogan irons are shit

Cheng Xiao says:

Trash irons lol

Kieran Phoenix says:

Rick why do you have the 50, 56, 60 set up? Just curious

Peter Thomson says:

Rick- what happened with the transition from Ping 56 (?) to Hogan’s. You end up on reflection happy with that move?

Luke Ellis says:

Driver: Nike Covert 10.5° –
3 wood: Ping G10 15° –
Irons: Mizuno MP- H5 3-PW
Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM4 52.56 & 60.07
Putter: Ping Anser

StormZ On Pc says:

I’m new to golfing can anyone tell me what a hybrid does?!

Krish Nathan says:

Rick have you considered switching to the psi tours as you said they feel better than your hogans?

Martin Royle says:

SLDR Drive and 3 Wood both in Aldila Tour Blue Shaft,
SLDR Rescue 19 & 24 both in the Tp X Stiff Fukijima,
RSI 2 Irons in the 105 Stiff
52 Degree Taylor Made Wedge
56 Degree Vokey
60 Degree Taylormade Wedge
64 Degree Swilken 64
2 Ball Putter.

All but 1 clubs new since September and Irons, Woods and Rescues were bought after seeing Rick Sheils reviews! Just awaiting the M2 Driver in the tour issue aldila rogue 125 msi 70 2.5 tour x driver shaft in the “Quest” for 380 Yards!!!!!

Stuart Grant says:

Sound more like a “Whats coming out the bag” Rick, sorry mate, couldn’t resist.

Sebastian Brostrup says:

Do you still use your game golf?

bavake sihota says:

M2 driver tensei blue ck series55 gram shaft
Nike vapor flex 3 wood fx shaft
Callaway apex 3 and 4 hybrids
Taylormade m2 tour irons 5-pw
Edel wedges 60 56 52
Scotty Cameron California Monterey 1.5 1st of 500

Christian Lamont says:

I’m sure you’re aware of this, but Ben Hogan co. is coming out with new irons here soon. they’re supposed to be more forgiving, so maybe they’ll be the ones you’re looking for.

frankiegong13 says:

Driver: titleist 910 d3 8.5 (tour ad di 6x)
3 wood: nike sq long neck 13 degree (fubuki 83x)
Irons: titleist 681 t stamp 2-pw( dynamic gold s400)
Wedges: titleist Vokey 52 and 56( dynamic gold s200)
Putter: Scotty Cameron Newport 2

Neil Brown says:

Driver:- Ping Anser 8.5 deg Diamana whiteboard 70g extra stiff
3 Wood:- Titleist 910F 15 deg Diamana whiteboard 72g stiff flex
3 Hybrid:- Titleist 910H 19deg Diamana whiteboard 80g stiff flex
Irons:- Titleist 712MB 3-9 iron Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100
Wedges:- Vokey Raw Tour Finish TVD M Grind 46, 52, 56, & 60 project x 6.5

Uncle Dan says:

Rick for me I will give you the best tip for a putter 1- try a lot for a hold day 2- there is olway one that you feel good and work good 3- take that putter and don’t stop using I’m 4- you well get use to that putter the felling,of the head,the shaft,the grip, the wait, the more you use it the better you will be 1,2,3,4 years it will fell like it is part of yourself that is just my opinion now players change there equipment to often how you want to get use equipment is your toll and for me you need time to get use to your equipment and went you stay to get use you change again and again and again golfer need to think of that it is all about winning.companies new more money new more money new more money how the players get use to equipment

T-rav29 says:

Hi Rick,Love videos and reviews… Could you do a head to head of the m1 to the titlest 915?? I know you already did the long drive but it Would be interesting to see the numbers on those two drivers…

Jeff Doan says:

2009 TaylorMade White TMX Tour Stand Bag

TaylorMade R1 TP Driver Aldila RIP Phenom 65g Stiff Flex 8-12* Adj.
TaylorMade Burner Superfast 2.0 Matrix Ozik XCON 4.8 Stiff Flex 15*
2011 TaylorMade 2 Rescue FCT Hybrid TaylorMade S Flex 65g 16*
2011 TaylorMade 3 Rescue FCT Hybrid TaylorMade S Flex 65g 18*

2009 TaylorMade Tour Preferred 3-PW
FCM Rifle 6.0 Steel Shafts
GP Red/Black New Decade Multicompound Double Taped Grips

Titleist Vokey
56.10 SM5 M Grind Dynamic Golf Onyx Tour Issue S400
60.08 SM5 M Grind Dynamic Golf Onyx Tour Issue S400
(Both SM5’s have black heads on black shafts with red custom lettering with white accents)
64.07 Tour Chrome SM C-C Wedge Flex Shaft (Condition of Competition)
Original Titleist Grips

Titleist Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2.6 35” with Scotty Cameron Red/White Custom Shop Grip with 2012 Select Putter Black and Red Headcover including 2x10g & 2x40g Weights
Back up putter:
Titleist Minty Black Pearl Scotty Cameron Studio Design No5 35” with Black Dancing Cameron Grip & Scotty Cameron Screaming Yellow Studio Design Headcover Complete with “Pivot” Divot Tool

Spare Clubs:
2011 TaylorMade 4 Rescue FCT Hybrid Mitsubishi Javlyn FX
2009 TaylorMade RAC
GP Red/Black New Decade Multi-compound Double Taped Grips

I wash them after every use, my Scotty No.5 is oiled so it doesn’t rust and all my headcovers are waterproofed. I love golf.

Álvaro Ybáñez says:

Get a GoPro, Rick… xD

dj madjik says:

What’s in your bag now Rick? (you mentioned you had some changes to do before your run at the open

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