Trolley or Carry Bag For Golf

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Trolley or Carry Bag For Golf. More golf QnA with AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield PGA professional. Talking carry bags or pull trolleys and why you might want to use a electric trolley. This is a simple golf answer from one of the interests most popular golf coaches.


konartis8108 says:

I push in the summer and carry in the winter

Clifton Booher says:

QUESTION- You talk highly of the electric trolley and I’d agree with all of your points.  I used to carry, but now I push due to all the points you made.  I’m looking for an electric trolley and everything is made from the UK, I’m here in the USA.  What trolley’s would you recommend? Thanks in advance and keep up the awesome work!!!! Cheers!!!!

Jeff says:

Being American, “Trolley” just sounds so hilarious.

Iain M says:

Trolley for competitive or full round. Carry bag for half round, practice or if it’s very wet underfoot

Vici Martynov says:

Well I started with a simple pull trolley bag when I joined teh club last Christmas (i refuse to have an electric one before i get totally gaga, gawd all that putting up and down and charging – stuff that) but, the weather last spring meant i never got to use it and had to buy a carry bag, and I love it. I just pull it out of the car and i am off at once, no dragging through mud and no walking round ditches and hazards. Of course i cant carry it full of clubs (I have to make some concession to my age) so have had to make a selection. Driver, hybrid, 4 or umbrella, 5, 7, 9 irons, 48/10 and 60/10 wedges and putter. I much prefer the freedom this gives and the surprise benefit was that I got to know these clubs very well indeed. So now its back to the carry bag again till easter, though this year i plan to replace the driver with my 3 wood over winter as that needs more work than any of my other clubs, if i cant drive it past 200 yards by easter it will lose its place in the set never mind the carry bag.

ben whitfield says:

Carry in winter to stay warmer and electric trolley in summer as sweating out with a heavy bag isn’t nice!!

Justin Schmidt says:

I enjoy walking but have several screws and plates in my lower back, so it is a pull cart (in the US trolley means something different). However more and more new courses in the states have long distances between holes assuming everyone will use a cart. This can really wear you down in the summer heat.

Rick Bonoan says:

Besides considering what one “wants” to do on Push vs Pull vs Carry vs Ride, one must also look at what one CAN do.  Last year, I sprained a ligament in my lumbar area slipping on an ice covered side walk (while walking the dog).  After seeing the doctor, going through therapy for three months, hitting the gym, and had a TPI certified Pro rework my swing to be more “back friendly”, I was finally cleared to play some golf.

I decided to carry my bag… after 7 holes, the back was “gone” and I abandoned the round.  I went back to my doctor, physical therapist, and TPI certified golf pro to tell them all about it.  They all asked why I decided to carry instead of renting a push/pull trolley, or even ride an electric cart.  I had to confess that I gave in to the MACHO… that real men carry their bags and the trolleys and carts are for kids, women, and old geezers.

All that thinking got me was another three months of therapy.  The back was somewhat healthy by July and by August, I was out playing… but not before I bought and started using a push cart (Sun Mountain Micro Cart).  I think my “carry” days are forever behind me.  Even if I never feel any pain in my lower back ever again, I’m just not going to risk putting unnecessary added pressure/weight on it by carrying a golf bag full of clubs.

Kenny Herbert says:

Uimhir a hAon

Eduardo Saldaña says:

hey I was wondering if someone could help me. I have a big problem with my driver regarding spin because literal my total distance is the same as my carry distance, all the time my ball gets plugged and has No run on it. Does someone knows what can I do to fix this? I currently game the Jetspeed in 9 degres and the stiff stock shaft PLEASE HELP. Shoulp I change my shaft? PLEASE PLEASE HELP

minesolve says:

Hey Mark , I use Taylormade golf set (all the clubs fake) , the fakes are pretty similar & good quality @ 1/ 5 of the cost…. I like the original club but I couldn’t afford them, still I’m a single handicapper … My question is : Should I worry about the clubs or my golf swing.

Steve Reed says:

Yep all good points, I tend to Carry in the winter as cleaning the trolly post round is annoying and as you said at my home course trollies aren’t allowed within 10-20 yards of the greens (stopped by ropes) and also have to go certain ways on certain holes. I tend to use my trolly more in the Summer as it stops me getting hot and sweaty plus I can carry more water. I do like a buggy too as long as they aren’t path only and/or expensive!

Charles Tear says:

would you use a cart bag to carry for more storage if you didn’t have a trolley and would it be particle

M Sty says:

Hi Mark,
I’m a 8 handicapper and I am currently going through some big swing changes, I got Ping i25 irons custom fitted (yellow dot, stiff shaft, 1 3/4 inches longer) at the start of Summer last year and since then my swing speed has increased and my club delivery has dramatically changed I was wondering if them the custom fitted clubs need to be checked and possibly changed and where do you get the balance of constantly changing your swing and sticking with what you got as tinkering with clubs can cost a lot of money.

Love the vids, thanks


TruthWillBringFreedom says:

Studies show that people that use trollys score lower than people carrying a bag.

Captain Maddog says:

I like walking the course and use a carry bag with 10 clubs which works fine for me.  Plus my son, who is 23 years old & mentally disabled, caddies for me…keeps me fresh and him exercised.  Great father/son combo!

Alexsmoak808 says:

Mark crossfield, random question. Glasses or contacts?

Mike InWimbledon says:

Lightweight push trolleys are so efficient these days they’re no effort to use. They are MUCH easier than electrics, IMHO.

T. White says:

What’s a trolley?  Isa push cart and rolley the same thing or is a trolley a cart?

Russell White says:

Not wanting to make enemies on here but a 19 handicapper shouldn’t need to ask this question! By now you must know if you carry a full bag of clubs etc. you will fatigue before 18 holes are completed. Although golf is incredibly sociable I’m certain that whenever people play they all have the same goal…to complete the round in as few shots as possible. Using a trolley like mark said will keep you much fresher for longer, in terms of fitness, you are still going to expend around 300kcal per hour without a bag on your back.
I’ve had bad knees for the last 18 years(I’m still only 35) and always struggled with 18 holes since I started playing 5 years ago until this year after saving up for an electric trolley. Since then I have knocked 8 shots off my handicap and playing with more consistency than ever before. It’s the best £300 spent on golf equipment so far!

Kenny Herbert says:

Mark Crossfield, a mistake I see a lot of guys making that use carry bags is that they think they can walk anywhere!, I’ve seen them walk through greens and they never think of the extra weight and the damage that it doing to the green!. You have to laugh because a couple of minutes later they are probably saying “watch where you’re walking/mind my line”

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