Titleist TS3 Driver Review After 3 Months In The Bag!

Titleist TS3 Driver Review After 3 Months In The Bag! Ive been gaming the Titleist TS3 for 3 months now and I thought it only right I report back and tell you all how its been going. Is it the Longest driver of 2018? will it be the longest driver of 2019? how will it cope against The Taylormade M5 and Taylormade M6 Drivers in 2019? or The Callaway Epic Flash Driver? Would The Titleist TS3 work for a mid handicap golfer? or even a high handicap golfer? maybe the titleist ts3 is a driver primarily for low handicaps? Will it be staying in my bag going into 2019? lets find out. and lets do it now.


Simon Hobbs says:

I used to love my Ping G10, but fell for all the new technology, so now have a TM M1, do I love it, nope. Would be great to see 910 D3 up against TS3…great videos James, keep them coming.

James Sawyer says:

I was fitted trying several drivers.  5 major brands and the Ping G400 Max was It.

Boo Stanley says:

could you talk about how you got started in golf, tournaments and how you became a teaching pro?

Chris Dixon says:

Could you test the Krank Golf driver?

Brent Reed says:

I’m in the same boat. It’s early days with my fitted TS3, but I’m loving the extra speed and distance … especially for suboptimal strikes. The tech is for real. The sound is different than my previous 913D3 and I prefer the new acoustics that are less tinny. Brand loyalty is a fleeting thing these days as each crop gets more enticing. However; I typically stick with a driver for 5-ish years and will likely do the same this time around.

matthew jarvis says:

So by the end of this video you have actually said nothing.

Account confirmed says:

What excites me for 2019 is the 25 lessons I’ve had this year after a 10 year break from golf and how every time I go to a lesson thinking I don’t know what I can possibly get from it, yet I come away del lighted that I’ve learned something more and 8m str8king the ball better. Roll on 2019 and if better clubs come along so much the better, but it’s the lessons and the practice that’ll produce the year I’m hoping for. Cheers James keep up the content

Robert Morley says:

I bet the 2019 drivers will be fantastic and no longer than any for the last few years.

Boo Stanley says:

doesn’t it snow there? how’s the swing changes coming?

Station 2Station says:

4 rounds with TS3 and I went back to my G400 set to 8.6°. The sound of the Titleisy was not pleasing and it felt hard. G400 ball speed was higher and the ball melts into the face. Didn’t like the TS3 head shape either.

Robert Salazar says:

excellent review! in the states most golf stores like world wide golf shop give us 90 days to return a club if we don’t like it. so I like the 3 months! also I enjoy the humor! keep up the great work!

Roy Mongar says:

James I was thinking about how drivers are tested I know all drivers are under PGA rules and there is no hotter face then the other so it comes down to club speed and accuracy off the face but I was just fitted for a TS3 driver gained 26yd’s over my Cobra driver and ball dispersion was a lot better my club speed did not change it stayed at 121 and the shaft on the TS3 was 1inch shorter (?) my smash factor was about the same on both 1.5 to 1.47 what gained me 26 yd’s ? (Both were tested with a snell black ball)

The Weekend Hack says:

Always solid b roll by James

allo cromeau says:

Ill stick with my R15 Tp 430 and my Jetspeed Tp
For distance and forgivness a long way before changing for anything new

stepyourgameup playa says:

I love my TS3, I hit a toe drive yesterday and it still carried long enough to keep me out of trouble. My old M1 couldn’t do that

Philip S says:

What makes everyone think that the new clubs will give you that ‘fuzzy feeling’, they may feel the same or worse.

Alan Proctor says:

I tried the TS3, Rogue and M3 James. For me the M3 was the better club and is now in the bag. Another cool video, keep it going! Just need to solve my 3 wood conundrum now, can’t find one I love. Any 3 wood reviews coming up?

Richard Woods says:

905 was ahead of the game. 910 was good but it’s been down hill since. Personally I have been a callaway man in recent years but.. then changed to the 440 m3.. can’t see me changing any time soon. Although I do like that titleist has finally brought out a club that’s on par (ish) with tm and callaway.

Halen The Cockatoo says:

Damn that 2 putt!!

BeachBow says:

I’m bought a used R15 and it gets the job done. All these new drivers? Just too much $$$ for them. Maybe in a few years I’ll look at upgrading, but not now. JM2C. Your videos are getting better and better!! Very entertaining as well as informative.

Mike Crowley says:

Love your videos, my daily check in lately. I know it has to be difficult to put out a daily video, well done.

Tye Eggleston says:

James, glad to see you had a nice day to play golf. Great review on the TS3. I am more of a Calloway guy, but you use what works best for you.

Tony Vacca says:

Just started watching the video James. Love the idea of a full review after playing the club for a bit. These types of reviews are gold. Well done!!!

Robin McGregor says:

Got the same driver as oggy VERY happy to keep it in the bag, going to hit some balls cheers

Peter Vieira says:

How about the new Wilson Driver. WOuld like to see you hit it,

daniel c says:

I know what you mean James, I have a 2016 m1, now I hit it miles, and when swinging well I hit fairways, but I’ve always been meh about it. It’s like hate relationship I guess. But my irons, ping i200’s, well I LOVE them. Can’t wait to get one out of the bag each time, but my driver ….. yeh whatever I will hit it, can’t wait for new drivers this year and will be buying one. New that LOVING feeling on the tea again!

Paul Bown says:

Love watching the videos, it reminds me of home. Moved from the uk to Australia 8 years a go.
Got the TS3 myself it flat out performs and isn’t so in your face as the hyped up Taylormade and Callaway
If I could improve it maybe a more muted feel like the mixed composite models

Martyn Edwards says:

Just switched from G400 Max to TS2
Main reason the extra adjustability which definitely straightens me out
The TS2 sounds a heck of a lot better too

Seve Doogue says:

I don’t game a driver I have a RBZ 3 wood and 5 wood but I would love to have one even though I can hit my 3 wood 260-270 yards but I might get more yards with a driver maybe 10-30 yards extra. Great video by the way

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