Ogio Silencer Bag

In this weeks episode I review the new Ogio Silencer Stand and Cart bags.

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Ken B says:

great review. thanks. and I am glad that you did the movement test because if i tried those moves with a bag on my back, i would never be able to play golf again!!

shane omac says:

I have had a ogio bag for one year and it the worst bag I have had I went though two I had to take one back the legs constantly come off and I don’t throw it or beat the crap outta of it rip easy because when the legs come off it has fallen the worst bags ever!!!!!

Wildan Ramadhani says:

I use caddy all the time anyway.. so.. it doesnt matter

BF golf says:

Ok I stayed for the whole video, when do I get my free tv?

TJ Shine says:

Did you mention the price of these?  Golf bag prices are getting STUPID and the quality of the materials is getting worse. My father has his 40 year old back that the strap just broke, my 5 year old Sun Mountain straps are already Dry Rotting through!

Mark Hedetniemi says:

Nice review — complimentary to positive aspects, while identifying possible future improvements. Cartwheels need some work.

spinball6363 says:

If I were to get paired with someone with these bags I’d immediately think “here comes a 5 hour round”.

Kevin M. McNabb says:

Great review. If I ever decide to give up my Ben Hogan cart bag from 1978 then I will have to get one of these. True story. Still using Apex blades from 78 too. All anniversary gifts from my wife.

Rob B says:

I’ve been using the ogio silencer cart bag every weekend for 2 years. Still looks new. The best benefit of the bag is not having to use head covers!

Pizza Earth, Pancakes and other Mashed Potatoes says:

That may be an ugly couch, but it’s a beautiful sweater

Swansong 007 says:

Useless test. You failed big time to show how they clang together and how to load a club

Paige Esposito says:

Great review, very accurate. I actually owned the silencer cart bag and sold it to get the stand bag. Not having the grab handle was definitely annoying to me. I actually like the club layout that the stand bag has too. I never carry, but I often walk with a push cart. The stand bag fits on the cart nicely and the clubs are layed out perfectly where the card bag seemed to be upside down. I agree that the stand bag does seems to be made a little better too. Both bags are awesome though.

Danny Macpherson says:

The Movement test hahahahahaha

Mike Reiter says:

Im Scratching you…………Still scratching !!!!

Shaun Spreen says:

Most impressive part of the video is the fact you own The Princess Bride on blu-ray. Are the RUS more stunning in HD?

Carlo Oller says:

Loved the gumnastic moves!

And the all terrain boat!

Mike Lem says:

Im reading reviews which say the bottom of the bag doesn’t fit in a cart. Is that true?

Joe Sparrow says:

Take my money

Andrew Strang says:

I have an ogio silencer bag it is the best just don’t like the self close flap for balls other than that been great for 4 yrs now

BeachBow says:

You should have shown the attachment of the stand to the bag. Plastic, metal… etc… Also, those elastic straps? How long before they quit stretching? And can you buy a replacement? How much?

wooddude69 says:

Considering buying the cart bag as I want the extra storage but don’t use a cart. Has anyone used the cart bag on a push/electric trolly?

Alan Heseltine says:

LOL great review Randy, I don’t know of any other YouTuber that would be able to make a bag review as entertaining as you, fantastic mate.

Bob Stanko says:

Great review! While I loved my silencer bag when I got it about 6 to 7 months ago, the bag has really started to see wear quickly. I’ve played about 40 rounds with it and the top seam is now coming apart which is annoying for a higher priced bag. Additionally, I’ve noticed that the clubs no longer grip as well as they did when I first got the bag, basically went from the silencer to the slightly quiet bag.

H.A. Young says:

great vid, going to make this bag on my Christmas list, lol.

Andrew DeG says:

Love the movement test! Great cart-wheel dude.

Richard Johnson says:

What if you use a tracking system like accros or game golf?

Cinnamon Mon says:

Hi Randy. How easy was it to get the clubs in and out of the cart bag? I can imagine being a bit discombobulated after a bad few holes and boiling over if it’s a struggle to get a club in or out!!

DJNoobAlot says:

i got jumbo grips and its fine.

Mark Hedetniemi says:

Quick question. Are the slots big enough for oversized grips? Would you anticipate damage to GameGolf tags on the grip ends?

Usee says:

Meanwhile I have tested the Silencer Stand bag in the waterproof version…
…and it is the most useful bag I ever owned!
THANKS Randy for your review!

Aldo Bartra says:

Princess Bride, Best movie ever. “Anybody got a peanut”.

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