Nike Performance Hybrid Carry Bag

This is a product review of the 2014 Nike Performance Hybrid Carry Golf Bag. You can view a run down of all of the features, pockets, and accessories that this model has to offer. The Nike Performance Hybrid Carry Golf Bag features specialized compartments and durable materials to keep your gear organized and protected on the course. A cushioned double strap with mesh lining provides ventilation and even weight distribution when carrying the bag.


Benjamin Durand says:

Strap through is for the golf cart starp. Thia os a great bag.

fiascolupo says:

Do all the dividers go right to the bottom of the bag?

ThisLadWayne says:

nice review also

David Elston says:

A lefty!  Only a few of us out there 🙂

Btw, the rubber grip at the bottom is nice to hold with your left hand when walking with it.  

Ryan Kwon says:

I got this bag as a replacement for my previous nike bag with the same 14 way divider. Unfortunately, it still has the same problem. The bag is too tall for my putter. Sure it goes in, but my headcover keeps falling off as it keeps fighting against the bag. I can’t believe Nike hasn’t address this issue yet.

Michael Rolton says:

Thanks for the vid. Great to have everything explained and demonstrated. All the best.

speed0383 says:

Did it come with a rain hood/cover? I realized that mine didnt. Was it in one of the pockets for you? or did it come shipped separately?

Stephen O'Brien says:

What’s the loop beside the handle with picture of a flag on it for?

TheHelitubby says:

Are there loops/velcro on the outside to attach an umbrella?  Living in the UK…we never leave home without one 🙂
Great video, thanks for your effort.

Edward Dunn says:

Good review. Wondering did the rain cover come with the bag?

Michael Breto says:

the strap through is for strapping to your cart.  great vid thanks!!

Bru21om says:

Thank you so much for the in-depth review! Have also had a previous Nike bag and was planning on getting this model for the last couple weeks!

Chorizosabroso says:

the strap hole is primarily for pulling cart strap through it to secure your bag to golf carts and push or pull carts. but my towel does rest in their all the time so its not flapping all over the place! i love the pockets on your bag!

blazingdan says:

Very helpful!  Thanks.

Wm. Sturman says:

A kdigg: really nice video IMO. Helpful in me making my choice between this and the Air Sport. Like the individual club slots and just about everything else. Broke my neck in 2-places and am 70-100% paralyzed from the chest down. Need a lightweight bag that stands like yours. It has places for both my canes and other things. Gonna try like hell to play in the 2015 Disabled Golfers British Open. Keep a watch on that and my Nike Hybrid bag I’m ordering today in part, due to your review. Thanks much.

Gergo Bacskai says:

Also there is an umbrella holder … see 1.42-2.00 on the left bottom

ThisLadWayne says:

the second neoprene near the freezer pocket is just so u can store a constant water bottle you are using.

Kyle Elecanal says:

Nice review! I was wondering if that color of the style bag gets dirty easily?

Tommy Badowski says:

Thank you for a great review! Just like yourself i want to see the bag before i buy. Upgrading for the same reasons as you so this will most definitely be a buy.

Andrew Viera says:

I’m left handed too

Shea McClure says:

Thanks for the video.

Jason Nortwich says:

great review

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